Halloween Costume & Blog Announcement

First, let me apologize for having to truncate my posts (causing readers to have to click the somewhat annoying “read more” to read the post in its entirety) because my blog content has been stolen by some unidentified person with a domain registered in India.  Thank you Leanne for letting me know- I had no idea.  Back in August 2012, several well-known bloggers started truncating their posts because “scraper sites” had been stealing their blog content.  I never worried about my content being stolen and didn’t want my readers to have to deal with that extra step of having to click a link to read the whole post, so I never did that with mine (and I still read truncated blogs). But I have chosen to truncate now too.  My health blog- every word and photo has been scraped and is now appearing as original content on another blog.  So annoying! And the worst part is, I haven’t yet figured out what I can do about it.  So, I just wanted to explain why I’m now also truncating my posts here- apparently this makes it much harder for the thieves to copy the content.  I’m happy to share by blog posts and photos with links back to my blog and credit given, but this is completely different.  I hope you’ll keep reading even with the truncation.  My apologies!     
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So as not to give any more energy to that unfortunate situation, I’m turning my attention to Halloween which is, yikes, tomorrow! 

We went to a costume party over the weekend at our friends’ block party. They do it up right every year with hay rides, bounce houses, slides, DJ, delicious food (Greek this time) and drinks.  Everyone (including and especially the kids) have a blast. 

My little storm trooper didn’t know what to think of a brunette mama at first. 🙂 So fun to get to look different for a night!  I got my costume at a local store in Houston, Frankels, but also found it on Amazon HERE.  THIS looks like the wig I found. 
Have a fun and safe Halloween!  

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On Honey We’re Healthy I’m sharing some tips to help you finish 2013 healthy and strong including two of my go-to healthy recipes.
I also shared my pregnancy weight loss journey on the great website What To Expect.  If you’d like to read it, you can do so HERE

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  1. I love your costume and your son's too! My 2 year old balks at anything other than a fireman hat so fireman it is!!! I'm so sorry to hear about your blog. I know that's frustrating. I had my Facebook hacked by someone in India a couple years ago. I got it back but I can't help but feel strange knowing there's someone out there with my pictures and information.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your blog identity being stolen. The very same thing happened to my blog a few months back and I was so weirded out (and felt so violated!) that I "suspended" my blog for the time being. I was able to get the fake site taken down by contacting Blogger directly. You fill out a copyright form and another one to prove your identity and they handle the rest. The fake blog was taken down 2 weeks later. Good luck!

  3. Sorry to hear that Megan. I just don't get people like that!!! Ranks right up there with all hackers and those who have nothing better to do than leave spam emails, comments or anonymous negative ones as well. Get a life…your own!!!
    Your costume was amazing. You look fabulous as a blonde or brunette, lucky you. James is adorable as always.

  4. Ugh. That is terrible about your blog content being stolen. That has never occurred to me. Guess we'll have to be more aware and may have to try truncating as well! Your costumes are awesome btw!

  5. Boo on people who can't be creative on their own, they have to steal it from others. I love J's expression!!! And you, my dear, look amazing!

  6. yikes sorry about the blog! I truncate too but more so people can scroll through posts faster but a little because of that too- scary! I love the way your son is looking up at you! So cute! You look great!!


  7. This picture is amazing!! So many ways to add a caption… "and then little James realized why all his buddies preferred to play at his house after school." or "Man, Mom's accessories are getting out of control!"

  8. I'd be curious to hear how she found out about the duped blog! I always worry about that, but wouldn't have the slightest idea about how to find out or track if it was happening! So sorry to hear…it's annoying and frustrating…and violating!! But I hope you guys still have a great Halloween!! XO

    1. She was featured on Honey We're Healthy and saw in her Analytics that she was getting a lot of traffic from another site and when she visited that site, she saw all the posts.

  9. I've had that happen to me before with scraper sites as well. How did you truncate it on blogger?

    Love your costume! Totally didn't recognize you! So fun, love how James is looking at you.

    1. To truncate in Blogger, click on the icon that looks like a torn piece of paper in your post where you want the page break. The icon is at the top where you would click to add a photo. James cracks me up!

  10. Cute costumes. I would be furious about the blog content being stolen. I had something similar happened to me last year or so. A major tropical coconut oil vendor stole my blog content and then added a sensational headline and said "his" tropical coconut oil " cured" my son of paralysis except it looked like I had written the headline. My son was never paralyzed to boot. When I asked him to stop using that post he got angry with me and told me I shouldn't get so upset with him. He took the web page down however now I make sure I use Now Foods whenever I talk about the coconut oil since that's the only brand that I use. It still is upsetting to me. Early on in my blog, I had a physician who had a blog that was stealing some of my blog content. It was aggravating.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your blog! Hard to imagine people having the audacity to steal your work. Love your blogs and btw- perfect costumes! Frankel's is amazing!

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