The Secret to a Flat Tummy

Now that I have your attention!, it’s really true that there’s no substitute for the effort of eating clean and exercising for transforming your shape.  I shared the results of my 40-Day Challenge yesterday, and even though things are feeling good on the fitness front, I still have loose tummy skin from two pregnancies that keeps me from feeling confident in some body conscious clothing.  
You can always opt for looser around the middle clothes or styles that cinch you at the smallest part of your waist, just under your chest, or you can wear every woman’s little fashion secret- shapewear! Even if you’re petite, the best shapewear can make you feel more secure in your clothes.  They instantly suck you in and make you feel all taut and firm instead of loose and jiggly! 
I have the ‘higher power’ Spanx that are basically short shorts with a high waist shaper that goes up just below your chest to hold that part of you in.  If you don’t like the shorts, they come in an underwear version.  I always opt for the nude color because I figure I can wear those with everything, but they have black too.  I don’t wear them all the time, but when I need it, I’m happy to have it!

The other undergarment I cannot live without is my strapless bra.  I’ve tried so many brands and styles of strapless bra over the years and was never crazy about any of them until I got this one.  It’s comfortable, stays in place, and most importantly, keeps the girls up! And by the way, I only have one and it’s the same one I’ve had for years and it’s still good as new.  I wash it in the washing machine on no particular setting and have have dried it in the dryer when I’ve forgotten to pull it out to air dry. 
If you have a good strapless bra, it opens up the wardrobe options available.  I wear mine all the time as you can see below (without actually seeing it)! 

And did you know that Nordstrom has fully trained bra fitters? I highly recommend a bra fitting if you’ve never had one.  You might be surprised at how much better you’ll look and how much more comfortable you’ll be when you’re wearing the right size and style bra for your shape.  It’s crazy how many of us are wearing the wrong size bra!  
I often also reach for my bandeaux bra (if something is too low cut or I want another layer- I’ll wear it over a regular bra if I need more lift).  And I mentioned yesterday, that this sports style racerback bra is great at home or just running around in because it hides the bra straps with racerback tank tops. 
I got this cold shoulder dress during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but the weather is only now starting to cooperate for me to wear it!  It’s got thicker shoulder straps so I’m wearing a racerback bra with it, but the strapless bra would work too.  

Dress (similar in blacksimilar | Keyhole Dress (under $50)OTK Boots | similar Crossbody

But can we just talk about these OTK boots for a minute?!?! Daaaang! Aren’t they sexy?! #brownchickenbrowncow 😉 
Ever since trying on over-the-knee boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I’ve been wanting a slimmer grey pair.  These are exactly what I had in mind and they feel great on. 

I learned when trying on this super tall style of boot that they may look good on, but unless they have stretch or give or a slit behind the knee, you can’t bend your knee in them!  Makes it kind of difficult to sit down!  
These boots have an open cut in the back behind your knee that makes them easily bendable! The heel is slightly chunky and not too high, so they’re also easy to walk in. They come in black, bordeaux and grey. I also have this pair in brown, and they are a more rustic chic vibe. 

If you’re not feeling good about a particular part of you body, accentuate the parts you like!  My belly may not be the best, but I like my athletic (short) legs!  With OTK boots, a short dress doesn’t seem quite as short because only a bit of leg shows.  A looser fitting dress with OTK boots is a little less siren-inducing than a body con dress would be.  
And everyone has shoulders worth showing off!
I’ll show you more ways to wear your OTK boots soon!

So ladies, do you swear by shapewear or prefer to go without? And are you a fan of the OTK boot? 

keep in touch! 

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  1. You had me at flat tummy…I still get asked if I'm expecting due to my diastasis recti. My last child turned 4 in August 🙁 I'm really having to learn to be Zen about it and not let it get me down. Love Spanx for that. Need to look into the brief version of them. You look so beautiful in that outfit as always. Unfortunately, I need no new clothes or boots. Have a great day!

    1. I have DR too and keep putting off doing the exercises for it, even though I have heard they work! I gotta get on that and then I'll do a post about it for ya! My girlfriend has been doing the exercises daily for a couple months and has seen a big improvement!

  2. I have only worn shapewear once but I prefer not to because I don't want to be "fake" but after having my first baby, I'm slowing changing my outlook on it which I honestly don't even know where I got that negative outlook from.

  3. Thanks for the tips without being 'preachy'. My baby is 9 months and I still have a tummy that I'm working on "and everyone has shoulders worth showing off" is quite positive! You look great as always.

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