What’s in My Bag?

I believe we can tell a little bit about each other by what we carry in our bags.  I like to keep mine well-organized, but it doesn’t always stay that way.  Every few weeks I have to empty everything out, and get rid of unnecessary papers, receipts, trash, and old snacks for James.  After a thorough purse purge, I feel 10 times better!

Here’s a peek at my “must-haves” that I always carry in my bag:

1 Tory Burch Tote
2 Tory Burch pink Wallet
3 Blog business cards via Made By Girl
4 Kleenex
5 Curel hand lotion 
6 Toothbrush and Toothpaste 
7 Mascara for touch-ups
8 Michael Kors gold makeup case
9 Juicy Tubes lip gloss
10 iPhone with Tory Burch case
11 Notepad and Papermate pens (my fave!)
I think the only thing I left out was my favorite Sugarfree Bubble Yum gum, which I buy several at a time, although I don’t like to chew it very long.  Just enough to keep me from eating dessert after lunch everyday. 
* * * * * 

My friend Courtney’s (A Thoughtful PlaceJoss & Main Curator’s Collection is going live today!  I can’t wait to see what she chose (and make some purchases for myself!)

You need to be a member to shop the Joss & Main site, but it’s FREE to join, you just need an invite, which I’ve included for you HERE.   If you sign up through my invite and make a purchase, Joss & Main provides me with a $15 credit to their shop.  So, if you’ve signed up and made a purchase through my invitation- Thank You!!  They’ll give you $15 too, when your friends sign up and make a purchase via your invite.  And the shopping cycle continues:) 

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  1. You would shriek in horror if you saw what's in my bag. It's like the great abyss! I should do a post on that. . . 🙂 You're always so stylish.

  2. Good stuff…and such pretty bags and wallet!! mine is a wreck! I have the same notepads 🙂

  3. I love how everything is so coordinated. This look similar to my bag except that I have a brush and a "card caddy" thing for frequent customer cards, coupons, etc.

  4. I am super snoopy with other people's handbags so I LOVE this!!! Your TB wallet is adorable. Thank you so much for the sweet shout out to J & M. You are awesome.

  5. When I was single and crazy (with no kiddos) I had a HUGE purse. After daughter number one, my purse shrunk to a mid size. Now that I have two little girls I carry the smallest handbag Coach makes, lol. The only think I carry aside from standard purse stuff (wallet, coin purse, keys, iPhone w/ baby proof OtterBox case etc.) is Burt's Bees all natural tinted lip balm and BB's almond milk hand cream. LOOOOVE that stuff! Your purse is adorable! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I love all of your bag goodies. I wish I could say mine was that neat….Mine is filled with receipts. Thanks for inspiring me to clean out my bag. Happy Monday!

  7. World's most organised bag award! I wish I could part with all the things in my bag I really don't need everyday! Never thought to carry toothpaste and a toothbrush though, I guess it'd come in pretty useful, thanks for the inspiration! Consider me a new follower 😀

    Ali xx

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