Cowhide Rug LOVE (Our Updated Living Room)

For about a year now, I’ve been wanting to add a cowhide rug to our living room, collecting images on Pinterest, and generally swooning every time I saw one layered over a natural rug.  After I bought a round rug for under our stairs, and two new runners for the kitchen, my husband was teasing over the weekend and said, “We have so many rugs, we now have a rug on a rug!”  Yes, that’s true.  I’ve been doing everything I can (short of buying this beauty) to try to obscure the baby-safe ottoman we have now:)  I think the layered rug, or “rug on a rug” helps:)

I knew I wanted a light cowhide rug as opposed to black and white, and found one recently for a decent price at Z Gallerie.  It’s so soft and gorgeous in person, but not nearly as gray as the Z Gallerie online picture.  It’s more greige and cream. 

Speaking of rugs, the rug our cowhide rests on was an investment I’m so glad I made.  I still love this chevron patterned natural fiber rug from Crate & Barrel.  It was one of the first big purchases I made for our new home when we moved in two years ago and I’m still crazy about it.  It’s really soft and we haven’t had any problem with stains yet. 

And since I had my camera out, I thought I’d show you that our Fiddle Leaf Fig is still thriving.  I check the water level once a week, but have only watered it once or twice (in a month).  It arrived very well-watered and I’ve been told that if it isn’t in direct sunlight, it won’t drink as much, and overwatering is bad.  
And if you read yesterday’s post, you know I’m adding pops of the color lime everywhere.  The apples in this silver bowl are helping add energy to the room, instead of beige overload.  I’d like to also add a couple more colorful pillows to the sofa, but I’m pretty content with what we have now. 

The pillows above are from Home Goods (the lettered one) and Crate & Barrel (the Ikat one).
And I just couldn’t resist giving you a glimpse of the rest of the room, part of our real life, lest you think that a toddler doesn’t also share this living room:)

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  1. First, I love that you included your kids toys in the picture. Makes me feel better!!

    Your home is so gorgeous! I love the all the white. I LOVE white.I love the plant and the new rug too!

  2. The layered rugs really add so much character to the room! Love it! The new tree is so pretty too. Adds great color to the room. Hmmm I have a place I could use a tree. 🙂 And yes of course James has to have his toys!! haha too cute!

  3. I love the layered rug look and yours looks great! I wish we could have rugs in our house. WE removed all of ours a few years ago because they just collected all the hair from our cat and dog. Someday though I am gong to have rugs again.

    Thanks for sharing the picture of all of the toys. I love seeing the real side of life.

  4. Hello! I came to your blog, because your profile photo intrigued me. And now I see that not only one photo is cool! So, I'm glad I found you because your blog is awesome! Good job and please keep posting, because you do it great, and I start following and will visit you with pleasure!
    xx nik

  5. I LOVE it! Ive been dreaming of a cow hide rug too! Im holding off b/c I just bought a chevron rug like two months ago and my hubby would freak if I changed it out again. Yours looks awesome! and love the "real life" shot- we all have to "live" in our homes.

  6. The cowhide rug looks great (kitchen ones do too). LOVE the tree.

    LOL on the toys in the corner; when we built our home many years ago, I had a large oversized closet added to our family room with a pocket door to store all of the "boys toys" (husband and toddler), I had my son's toys on the lower shelves and then some upper shelves to store all of the CDs, etc. It worked great. Most homes don't have a place to store all of these toys.

  7. Oh how I love the pale/albino hides- yours is perfect. And agreed on the fig and watering…I was watering once a week and it was beyond soaked…scaling back ever since.

  8. Looks really pretty in there, Megan. I love the new rug and how it has all come together. Love the pops of lime, too.

  9. LOVE the rug…it's a perfect touch! And the throw pillows are gorgeous. Haha, and the toddler section is totally keeping it real! Love it!

  10. The rug is perfect for that space! I love it over the chevron rug too! And seeing that tree again makes me really want to order one — if only we had a little extra room in our apartment!

  11. I love the rug on rug!! I'm kind of a rug hoarder, too…always looking at them! In in the market for 3 right now. what?! 🙂 Your tree looks great too…nice shiny leaves! Did you put something on them?

  12. One well designed and soooo cozy living room, huge well done. I've recently purchased a similar rug from Cuero Interiors and am mega happy with it, but was just wondering where did you get the ottoman from.

  13. One well designed and soooo cozy living room, huge well done. I've recently purchased a similar rug from Cuero Interiors and am mega happy with it, but was just wondering where did you get the ottoman from.

  14. I love the sense of harmony among the furniture and fixtures in your living room. The cowhide rug you placed gave your living room a different kind of spunk. Your husband might think that you have too many carpets, but the way you placed it works well. Carpets and rugs are indeed a good investment.

  15. Your newest follower! Would love for you to follow back! This living room is fantastic!! Love the rugs, I have been wanting a cowhide too!!

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