Starburst Mirror (Update to Master Bedroom)

It’s a long process, but we are slowly but surely working on turning our master bedroom and sitting area from a dark, cold area into the sanctuary that we want the room to feel like.  I’ve been trying to lighten up the space and started by replacing our brown leather bed with an upholstered bed.

And in the sitting room, we need to go lighter too.

The sitting room has been totally neglected, except for lining the bookshelves with a silvery paisley fabric.  I haven’t even styled the shelves yet!  And the NY bridge photo that was a gift for my husband felt too dark and rectangular for the room.  We need curves.  After pinning this Martha Stewart starburst mirror twice on Pinterest, I figured it was time to buy it!  It was only $35 and it’s 30 x 30 inches, available at Home Depot. 
I know starburst mirrors are everywhere, but they were nowhere in my home, and I haven’t tired of seeing them.  I think the mirror is a good size for the space and I like how the star of the mirror breaks up all the straight lines of the TV, windows and frames.   

I’m working on replacing the black frames with metallic.  I used two $5 frames from WalMart and kept the original mat.  I have two more that will go where James’ photograph is now.  I also need to lower them. (hubby will love more holes in the walls:) 
We are getting there.
I’d love to relocate the leather chairs and replace them with something softer . . . 

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love your master. I would love to have my own little personal oasis off of my room. With many teenage boys coming to hang out at my house an escape like that would be a dream. Love it!

  2. You're bedroom is so pretty! I love the sitting area and think the leather chair looks great with the dark contrast. Thanks for the tip on the mirror at Home Depot… I might have to make a trip over there during lunch today! Have a great weekend!

  3. Just bought two of these after seeing you pin them…not TOO much of a stalker. I'm picking them up tonight and can't wait to hang them in our master bedroom!

  4. I love it…the mirror definitely softens the space up! And what is it with hubby's and holes in the wall…mine too gets very irritated with me and my tendency to move picture frames ; )

  5. Its looking great Megan! And girl you can not have too many sunburst mirrors! I have 5 (they are spread out throughout the house of course.) Miss you girl! We need to get together soon! Maybe a Saturday shopping day & some Starbucks!

  6. I bought that mirror too! With absolutely no where to put it, and 107 other mirrors in my house (I guess I'm vain?!), but I'm determined to find a spot! I love it in your sitting room! and I want a full shot of the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love those frames. I used those in our dining room. Are you loving your new bed? So pretty. And I like the pint size leather chair for James!

  8. You room looks great so far. I love the upholstered bed and the lamp. They look great together!

    I am obsessed with the sunburst mirror. I have been looking for the perfect mirror for above our bed and that may just be it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love your room ! That's awesome that you have a sitting room to hang out in! Everything is looking great!

  10. I totally have that same MS mirror from Home Depot. (You probably, noticed, but she has a whole line of cute stuff there.)

    Mine's in my living room.


  11. I really like a different Hide TV. I've been thinking of doing this to mine for a while now, it's possible this makes I am applying it now. 🙂 Love your blog and browsed around for a while. Thank you 🙂

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