Organized Spices (Take Two)

One of the things I’ve been meaning to tackle for awhile is organizing my spice drawer.  About two years ago, I emptied all my mis-matched spice containers into 4.5 ounce glass containers (from Crate & Barrel) and affixed clear labels to them.  You can see the original post, from July 2010, here.  (Wow, one of my first posts- so funny to look back!).  My spices were prettily displayed on my countertop on a lazy susan and we were getting along very well.

Until I wanted to clear my counter space, and relocated the spice jars to the top drawer near our stove.  Problem was, I couldn’t see what the spices were without picking them up.  Kind of a problem.  I saw Martha Stewart’s new line of organizational items at Staples over the weekend and picked up some labels.  The small round labels I used for the spice jars fit perfectly, and although it’s hard to tell in my photos, they have an aqua border on them.

It’s so much better being able to open the door and know what I’m looking at.  And of course I alphabetized them. 

I didn’t see how I could feed these labels through the printer, so my handwriting had to do.  I used my all-time-favorite-pen, a fine point sharpie.

The awesome thing about these jars is that the mouth is wide enough to fit a tablespoon into for easy measuring. 


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  1. Great idea!
    I have one of the lazy susan thingys with my spices. 🙁 I only have 4 drawers in my kitchen, and very little cabinet space. So, unfortunately everything is on the counter. When I see these beautiful kitchens, I just have to wonder where they keep everything? My cabinets are full of serving pieces, I’m begging hubs to build some shelves in my laundry room so I can store the pieces I use less often!

  2. This is also on my list of things to do! Thanks for posting about the jars and labels! I'm glad I'm not the only one that would alphabetize them as well 🙂

  3. Cute! I too am on a counter-clearing kick of late. I saw the flyer about the new Martha line at Staples, but haven't been in to see the goods yet. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just found your blog, and I cannot wait to keep reading. It is beautiful!

    I have those same spice organizers with little slips of papers tucked into them, too. Great idea to organize and label them!

  5. So pretty! And I don't know why you'd ever use a labelmaker or print your labels when you have such BEAUTIFUL handwriting. 🙂

  6. Megan, you have beautiful writing! This is a wonderful idea for organzing spices. Love the little jars and the fact that the opening is wide enough for a tablespoon. I need to pop into Staples for these labels. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Not sure if I should love you or hate you for this…I've been needing a spice jar solution forever, but now that you've given me the perfect solution it's one more thing to add to my ever-growing to-do list ; ) Looks great!

  8. Very cute…but what stops me from doing this is expiration dates for the spices. I'd have to write it on the labels..and then the labels would have to come off when the spice got refilled.

  9. Thanks for the nice comments on my handwriting! You made me smile today:)

    The glass jars were found at Crate & Barrel and I think Target sells them too.

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