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Well, life has been super busy around here lately and although I have fantasies of cooking healthy and delicious Barefoot Contessa-type meals for my family, it’s not gonna happen this week.  So, My Fit Foods to the rescue!

My Fit Foods is pre-cooked packaged healthy meals that you just heat up for a couple minutes and they are ready to eat.  My husband is tying to eat healthier too, so he’s game for it this week.  We bought enough for each of us for lunch and dinner.  I buy the small and he gets the medium or large (a large would be about enough for two meals for me).  Normally, I might just buy a couple a week to take to work for lunch so I don’t have to go out or bring leftovers.

One of my favorite meals is the Atlantic Baked Salmon with quinoa and broccoli.  But I also really like the salmon cakes, chicken wrap, and chili.  They have breakfasts too and tons of choices.

The nutrition information is provided on each package, like this for my salmon:
All of the meals are based on a  40% low glycemic carbohydrates, 40% lean protein, and 20% healthy fat.  

I know My Fit Foods is in Texas and opening a location in Phoenix too.  I’m wondering if there’s something similar where you live, and if so, have you tried it?  What do you think?  I remember before I tried it, the thought of pre-packaged foods sounded pretty bad, but they are actually good and you can’t beat the convenience.   p.s.  I’m not being compensation by MFF for this post- I just wanted to share:)

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  1. Nic- these aren't frozen, they are refrigerated. I agree that I like the protein content. You can read more about their nutrition on their website, I think they mention gluten too. But seriously, I commend you for preparing ALL of your family's food. That is a major task and kudos to you girl.

  2. I've never tried their fish, but I love a bunch of their other meals. They really are good! I also tried Snap (on Kirby) recently and was impressed with them too.

  3. Food and health must be in the air tonight. I haven't tried anything like this because I am gluten-free, but I do miss the ease of popping in a frozen meal.

    I feel like a 1950s housewife chained to my kitchen for all 21 meals a week. lol…

    This begs the question: what is health eating? I just tweeted this…is it raw? organic? gluten-free? vegan? real food?

    I dunno…but I am glad these meals are high in protein and have low GI veggies… the sodium content looks decent too given that many a frozen product is loaded with salts…

    Hope you find good balance in your life and kitchen.

  4. This looks amazing! I would use it for all of my work lunches if they had something similar in SA – unfortunately we don't even have something similar to Lean Cuisine here – any frozen food (which is hard to come by) in MAC N Cheese or something else super unhealthy :/


  5. I wish there was a company that I knew of in my area that had this. I live alone and I don't like cooking for one, so I end up eating out all of the time. I'm pretty sure that if I had this option I'd eat a lot better than I do, even the lean cuisine that I eat isn't really that healthy — nor does it taste very good.

  6. My husband and I are fans of My Fit Foods and swing by there to grab a dinner on nights when we don't have time to cook. I do think they are pricey, but for the convenience of getting a hot, healthy meal in a hurry, we think it's worth it on those occassions. Also, we can both pick out what we want and in the size that we want, which I generally lean towards the medium fish meals, and he gets the large chili or turkey meatloaf.

  7. Recently I've been either too busy or too lazy to cook and have relied on MFF for many dinners. I like that they are fresh, healthy and fast. I tend to get the chicken tikka masala or the chicken enchiladas, so I'll have to try your suggestions next time.

  8. I used to eat MFF all the time! Then I got pregnant and only ate junk! My favorite is their lean lemon turkey. I've tried several times to replicate the recipe…I can get close but theirs is sooo good!

  9. I would LOVE to be able to do this but I can't seem to find anyone that does this near where I live (GA) I will ck and see if this company is in GA too but I a doubt it. Are they really good???

  10. I'm jealous! We don't have anything remotely similar to MFF in Toledo, OH. Guess I'll just have to cook in advance lol. Love you blog and posts!

  11. We seriously love MyFitFoods! Our HEB in Sugar Land has a MyFitFoods now…it is perfection. Shop for the kiddos and pick up lunch for me and my husband.

    And they are so good! I could eat the Breakfast Tacos for every meal. The only meal that we don't care for is Wes's Country Dinner. Just a tip!

  12. Great job! I've heard of these but never tried them. I've lost around 25 lbs. I have found that eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch has helped so much you can't even imagine. I'm not bored with it. I just love what I do and the results. You should try EAS carb balance shakes for breakfast then at lunch I eat two different options. Mesquite chicken precooked from Sam's dice it up with gorganzolla cheese and a diced up granny smith apple, I put a little bit of light italian dressing. I use to have lettuce too but it is so good without. This has to be my favorite meal, my husband, and both boys (7) love it. The boys even ask for it in their lunch! My other option is apple chicken sausage again from Sam's in a low carb whole wheat tortilla with honey mustard and a little sweet relish. I have hooked many people on these meals at work. I say taking out the options and only having a narrow choice takes away any crazy bad eating I might do. I know it sounds strange but I'm in such a habit now. On the weekends I vary a little but strangely enough I'm always craving the usual items.

    These items are all easy to get and have on hand, just grab and go.

  13. hmm cant wait for this to open in Phx.. I have been looking online and researching meal delivery systems.. I need to loose some weight.. I am going to try these out when it opens..thanks for the suggestion

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