Book Bin on Wheels

Furniture and crates on casters is a big look right now.  I’ve seen much better DIYers than myself make them from scratch.  I found ours at One Kings Lane.  It’s a mini wooden crate on steel wheels (that do roll) and I put it to use holding some of James’ books.

His books seem to be everywhere lately.  I keep about half of them downstairs so that we can read in the living room.  But we didn’t have a good place for the books.  When they were stored behind the media cabinet doors, it seemed he forgot about them.  So, I wanted to keep them out, but not lose them in the big baskets with the rest of his toys. 

This little cart was the perfect storage solution!  Now he can see his books and they have a specific home, so he knows where to find them and put them away. 

Do you keep your kids’ books in shelves? I think we’re going to need a bookshelf for his room soon. I like those shelves that attach to the wall, but his room has wainscoting, so I don’t think that would work, and he’s too little to reach above the wainscot right now.

For now, keeping his books in this crate and in bins upstairs seems to be working.

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    1. I'd like to, but the wainscot is on every wall, so I'm not sure how that would work. I'll have to post some pics again of his room and see what y'all think.

  1. I keep a small canvas bin on the lower shelf of Clara's bedside table. It can hold a lot, but I try to keep it stocked with just her bedtime favorites. All her other books go on a low stand-alone bookshelf. I'm not sure I should even bother, since they all end up on the floor anyway 🙂

  2. What a cute bin!! I spied Sammy the seal–my girls love that one. 🙂 We have a big built-in bookshelf in the addition, where we keep a lot of the books. And there's a bookcase upstairs too with some chapter books. We also use a magazine rack in their room for books they like to read before bed. It's hard to keep them all corralled when they're little.

  3. Very cute? Our girls were, and still are avid readers. We had two five shelf bookcases in their playroom chockful of books when they were younger. They are all packed up now for safe keeping. Two things I never said no to we're books and art supplies. It instilled a love of reading and creativity.

  4. Our little girl is only eight months old so we just keep her books in her room. I like the idea of keeping some in the living room as well and agree something to contain them would be best.
    Do you have room in his room to turn one of the IKEA book shelves sideways and store his books that way. This way it would only be about fifteen inches off of the ground and then you could put cushions on top to give him a spot to sit on.

  5. Books, books, books. Yes. . they are everywhere. We have the wainscot issue as well so we do bookcases in the closet as well as the room with bins or baskets of books. Baskets downstairs like you as well. LOVE the new rolling cart.

  6. That cart is so cute…love the wheels. I'm a mean mommy, so I like the kids to keep their stuff in their rooms. 🙂 But I dedicated the bottom two shelves in S's room to books, and keep all the thin paperbacks (Berenstein Bears, etc), in a pail in her reading nook.

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