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I’ve been contemplating replacing the current chandelier in our dining room (yes, hubby, I know I chose it originally, and not that long ago) but chalk that up to one of the ‘mistakes’ I made when we built our house.  In my defense, I was the mom of a newborn and chose all the lighting for the entire house in about two hours (with the baby in tow and super fussy at the time).  I should have waited to choose some of our light fixtures since I wasn’t “in love” with all of them, but felt pressured to decide right then.

So, I’m thinking of trying to sell our current chandy (I feel like it’s too heavy and Tuscany-if that’s a word) and replace it with something more like one of these below.



I’m still looking, and will wait to decide until the drapes are hung and the rug is in.  Then, I’ll have a better idea of what will work.  Thoughts?  Do you think the current chandelier should be replaced? I’m sure my husband would love to hear from anyone who thinks it should stay:)

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  1. I hate being rushed making house decisions…I made plenty when we bought our house, and have changed quite a bit since. It happens! While I don't dislike the one you have now, I can see why you want to change it. Especially after seeing the ones you are considering. Personally, I think they fit your style and decor better. Good luck convincing Jimmy!!

  2. While the one you currently have is fine, I don't think it fits the vibe of your home (which is a-maz-ing!!!).
    I say go for it. The first one gets my vote or the one hanging in your closet 😉

  3. I feel your pain, though my rush 'non love' decision was much bigger- carpet (thankfully only for the bedrooms as the rest of the house has wood floors, but i hate looking at it every day! And kick myself for not waiting! I too had a screaming new born, so the decision was made way too quickly for my liking.

    I agree the room would look much more sophisticated with one of the 2 options you suggested. I love the second option best. Its absolutely stunning!

  4. Why dont you remove the glass covers from the light bulbs and get a huge drum shade for over your current chandelier? You could even paint the original chandelier like sherry and john did on young house love.

  5. I feel your pain. We built also. I wish I could yell at some previous owner for picking an ugly light..and it would be easier to replace if it wasn't originally my decision. Husbands just don't get it.

  6. Sorry to the hubby. No help here. I actually am obsessed with the second one. I like how it's more "dressed up" and has a much lighter feel. I was looking at pictures of your house–did this used be be hanging in the hall or is it just very similar? Like you said, I would definitely wait until the drapes and rug are in and at least you can tell said hubby that you're trying to make it work right?!

  7. Ohhh that second one is gorgeous!! haha I can relate – my husband doesn't like it when I want to paint/change anything out, etc… but our house is older and definitely needs a lot of updating, but he still doesn't get it. So new or old, I don't think they ever will! 🙂

  8. Megan, I've been a stalker for a while, and I recently changed our chandelier–that was very similar to your current one. I do think Tuscan-y is a word 🙂 I ended up with this one and it is absolutely gorgeous–http://www.lightingdirect.com/quoizel-lsc5006-5-light-chandelier-ceiling-fixture-from-the-century-collection/p1217514. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  9. I totally understand. I think I took almost 2 hours to pick out all our ceiling fans. It's a major purchase for the house that you don't really plan on changing and you want to get it right the first time. I actually love your chandelier! It's awesome for a formal dining room. I would wait till you put your curtains up. Are you going to paint or is that the color you are sticking with?

  10. I'm no expert, but I love the drum shades (either one). I think it would look great if you did 2 smaller ones instead of just one. Try doing a search for "double chandelier dining room." There are some awesome looks. Of course, it's hard to tell if this would work in your space since I can't tell how large it is.

  11. I would replace it. There's nothing wrong with it; it's a nice fixture, it just doesn't have much personality. I loooove the two that you show here- especially the second one! I just got a new chandelier for our dining room and it makes all the difference in the world! I can totally understand the pressure of picking out lighting for a home that's just been built and only having a very short time to choose.

  12. You are not alone. I did the same thing in our dining room, now regret the chandelier, and slowly easing my husband into replacing it..ha! Good luck deciding. They are both beautiful!

  13. I love the current one and think it suits the formal dining setting and is a classic. But i can understand why y'd like to change to suit the rest of your home decor. if i had a choice i'd go for the 2nd one

  14. I really like the second one! And too funny, we're in the process of replacing one of our lights that I agreed to in the process of building just 3 shorts years ago… oops!

  15. I love the chandelier that you have BUT it doesn't look like it belongs in your house based on your dining furniture & the look of the rest of your house. I like option 2.

  16. While I don't ind your current ones, I love the potential ones soooo much that I think you ought to change it!

  17. I love the first of the two you're looking at 🙂 One of my close friends told me about how she had to make all the decisions on their home in a couple hours as well. I just couldn't do that!

  18. The whole room won't look right unless you change out that chandelier 🙂 I love the new fabric for the curtains, it will bring in so much more color and style.

    James is getting so big! The peanut butter incident was hysterical!

    I would love to have my freezer full of those yummy meals, I wonder if there is someone in our area that does that? I am going to check it out for sure!

  19. i am doing the same…our current chandy is scrolly (is that a word?) and too heavy. I really love the drum but…am leaning more towards some more glam to balance the vintage door in the room.

    It's so hard!! But i love your options!!

  20. Do you mind sharing the sources of those two lights? I love them and something like that woudl be perfect in my home but I have not seen them anywhere.

  21. I really like the 2 options you're looking at to replace the "old" light fixture. I think the other 2 look more like your home/decor-clean lines and simple rather than very ornate. I had a light similar to yours in that it had alot of curvy, scrolly lines..I recently replaced it with a new, clean-lined light and LOVE IT!

  22. Wow, 39 opinions already 🙂 but I wanted to chime in anyway. I love the newer drum pendant-style chandeliers. I say go for it, you should never live with something you don't love (unless there are cost restraints, of course) but if you can fit it in the budget I'd say do it!

  23. Looks like the hubby loses:) But, actually, I think he's okay with it.

    And I realized I failed to list the sources for those light fixtures, sorry! I've updated the post with the info now:)

  24. Not sure if this has already been said but I would look for something that spans horizontally – if that makes sense. The table is long so I would either have a chandelier that covers more of the table or do two light fixture (won't your husband love that one).

  25. my (newfound) motto is don't rush when making house decisions (because i wind up spending more money in the long run when i realize i don't like things.

    chandeliers are always so pretty. they certainly beat my ceiling fans.

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