Dining Room Plan- Backordered!

I have procrastinated long enough on getting our dining room put together so I spent some time yesterday looking for a rug and drapes for the room.  We’ve been in our house for over a year, and when I finally decided on drapes and was ready to pull the trigger on ordering them, I realized they aren’t available for shipping until NOVEMBER 7!  Ug!  I want them now!  But if I’ve waited this long, does it really matter?  I’m going to look a little more and decide on something this weekend.  

Here are the ones I originally wanted, Concorde Medallion Panel from Ballard Designs (Indigo).
But, I also really love Kristen’s (6th Street Design School) living room drapes, which are made from this fabric. I could order it and have them made??  The blue seems more vibrant, which I really like.  
I’m thinking a trip to the fabric store is in order for the weekend to help me decide!

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  1. I actually made my own drapes (no sew!) using that Ikat Calico Corners fabric. It was not that difficult. I just used permanent no-sew seam tape and carefully cut and measured 🙂 You can check out my blog for the pix … I think I posted the tutorial back in August. The fabric is gorgeous and the print sooo lovely!

  2. At least you've narrowed it down to two that you like! Both are fabulous, so either way you can't go wrong. I love the design on both. I still can't figure out which direction I want to go in our dining room, but I need drapes really badly!

  3. I have the same ones from Ballard and I LOVE them. They are heavier weight fabric than I thought they'd be and super nice quality- for sure worth the November wait!

  4. I had to chuckle because the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago with curtains for our dining room. Finally got together the money and backordered for a month! I just got them and they were worth the wait 🙂

    I prefer the blue, but the black are more versatile if you ever change decor.

  5. Backorders are the worst! I love block-print-y fabrics! Both are lovely, but I'd probably choose the Ballard ones.

  6. Boo on backordering. I hear ya about delaying the decor of a dining room. We moved in June 2010 and my dining room is still empty. You have motivated me to get moving on it!

  7. Yuck for backorders…but don't jump the gun or you'll just end up replacing them 6 months from now, and Jimmy will really think you've lost it! 😉

  8. I ordered the same panels a while back in the green and I agree with Sarah…they are thick and nice quality. Just a heads up, they are a pretty rustic-feeling fabric, and extremely creamy or off-white, almost tan in the background. The photo you show is pretty accurate, but when I first ordered them the photo they used on the site made them look bright white.

    You might want to order a swatch from Ballard while you are waiting, if you can, to see if you like it!

  9. Worst message when online shopping ever. I say go grab the sample if the Ikat and bring it home! You'll know right away. At least you would have the other ones by the holidays if you choose to wait. I am not helping am I?

  10. Sounds like the perfect reason to go to High Fashion! Hope you find something you like even better — can't wait to hear about what you find! And I hope James is feeling better!

  11. I have the calico print for a huge pillow on my couch and I love it. In person the background color is a bit more beige than white. At first made me not sure but now I love!

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