Operation Get Lean // Week 3 Recap

Happy Monday y’all!  I am excited to report that after 3 weeks of clean eating (with the exception of cheesecake on my birthday and a terrible Sunday- more on that below) and lifting heavy weights 5 days a week, I am seeing some results!  Here’s the latest picture from my Instagram (@honeywerehome).  I want to show you a real life representation so I don’t use any filter on these pictures.  I’ve only lost about 1 1/2 pounds in 3 weeks (112.5 to 111), but I’m not too concerned with the scale since I know muscle weighs more than fat.  But, I am concerned with buttoning my jeans and I’m not having a problem with that anymore!


5 minute treadmill warmup (speed at 4.0), then go directly to planks – 3 for 1 minute & 30 seconds with a two minute rest in between.  This week I focused on lifting as heavy as I could for 8-10 reps of 3-4 sets, resting about 45 seconds to 1 minute in between sets.  I usually do at least 6 exercises during each workout. 

Monday – Biceps & Triceps, 20 minutes of cardio (18 incline at 2.5 mph – don’t hold on)

Tuesday – Legs, 15 minutes of cardio (18 incline at 2.5 mph – don’t hold on)

Wednesday – Shoulders 20 minutes (sprints 30 seconds on and off at a 7.0 mph) & 5 minutes (18 incline at 2.5 mph – don’t hold on)

Thursday – Back – no cardio

Friday – Off

Saturday – Biceps & Triceps – no cardio

Sunday – off

I’m still on THIS MEAL PLAN.  I did very well Monday through Saturday, but I did indulge in cheesecake on my birthday (Thursday).  Saturday was good, except I drank 3 1/2 glasses of red wine  (which is a lot for me!) and then my son couldn’t sleep, so in the middle of the night I had to go into his tiny bed and “sleep” with him (with the light on!).  Needless to say, I felt pretty bad on Sunday.  
Sunday was a complete BUST food wise.  We went to breakfast around 9:00 and I had a giant pancake with real butter and syrup.  Mmmm!  Ran some errands, came home and napped for an hour from 1:00 – 2:00 until I had to get ready for a Tupperware party at 3:00.  On the way there, I felt so sick/sweaty/shaky, then realized I hadn’t eaten since the pancake.  I made an emergency stop at a gas station and ate a Twix candy bar, still shaky, I rummaged through my purse and found a protein bar. At the party, I ate some brie cheese and crackers and carrots.  Mexican food is always my cure for a hangover, so we went out for dinner and I had bean and cheese nachos.  Later that night, I couldn’t sleep.  I got up around 11pm and ate a bowl of multigrain cheerios and 2 Ghirardelli chocolate and caramel squares.  Ug!  
It happens sometimes, but you just have to start over the next day and not let it get you down. 
We had beautiful weather on Friday and I got to enjoy a nice birthday lunch with my favorite girlfriends outside (half a glass of wine, a burger with no bun, and salad for me). 
Have a great week!

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  1. Such a difference! You're doing great! I have about 40 pounds to lose {thanks to moving and losing my stepdad in the past year…stress = EATING for me!}. I'm training for a half, but I'm also going to start lifting TONIGHT. My husband has a weight bench and a Total Gym and there's no good reason I shouldn't START using those. TONIGHT. 🙂

  2. Keep up the awesome work Megan! NO worries on slipping up now and then. I feel like that's what helps me keep my sanity 🙂 Just encouragement for you to workout super hard at the next session. Really proud of you lady! You should totally try tabata! I am completed addicted to it and have been doing it since my journey. Keep us posted!

  3. Thanks for being honest! I'm so glad to hear that you too have "those days". I was so good about logging my food for over a year. Then I stopped and I cannot get back into it. I start out logging but by lunch, I eat something that I don't want to write down and it goes downhill from there.

  4. girlllll, you look so good! And your Sunday 'bad day' sounds like a regular day to me?!?! How can I get skinny thighs and a tight butt without working out? Or will 2 planks a day get me there? 😉

  5. I had a bad day yesterday too. I think its my PMS and the fact that I tried a new recipe for dinner that sucked. So, I had so have some chips, and cookies. OH BOY, not good at all 🙁

  6. You look FANTASTIC! I've eaten fairly clean for a few years now, but last week I started eating completely clean (with one cheat meal a week). It's great to know that clean eating really does pay off!

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