Pioneer Woman

Although her blog is wildly popular, I wasn’t really familiar with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummund, until I found her cookbook while browsing Barnes & Noble with my husband and son on a recent Saturday morning.

I love Ree’s story of how she met her Marlboro Man and he rescued her from the hectic pace of city life in exchange for life on a ranch.  Our lives seem impossibly different as I live in the 4th largest city in the U.S. and she lives in a small town ranch.  But I just enjoy her so much!  Not to mention that she is a photographer with amazing talent for capturing beautiful real-life images.  Her tutorials are awesome too.

This weekend I recorded and watched her new show on Food Network.  She cooked the kind of food that I know my husband wishes I would cook for him (chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes – with lots of butter – and gravy from the grease drippings, and sausage breakfast sandwiches).   I think it would make my hubby so happy, so I’m gonna surprise him and cook it for him this week:)

Did you catch the show too?  What did you think?  

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  1. I have been waiting for the show since she announced it, then my husband up and decided we need to run to Home Depot 20 minutes before it started. insert BIG sigh!Next week I guess.

  2. I set my DVR to record the show but still ended up watching it live. Loved it! I will continue to watch this series on Food Network too.

    I thought that Ree is a natural even though she says she hates to see herself on TV. I loved catching views of the ranch and their life, including the family.

    Although I know my husband would love those recipes, there was so much butter and fat!!! I would probably make the tomato salad but not much else from this first show. But I still enjoy watching it and I'm sure there will be some recipes from future episodes I would try.

  3. I've heard about her too, but never knew much about her either. I'll have to check out her show! I can also relate to how your husband wishes you'd make those sort of dishes. haha My husband gets excited when I'm away for a night so he can eat whatever his heart desires for dinner! I have surprised him before and made biscuits and gravy for breakfast (something I would never choose!), and he loved it. so funny!

  4. I sure do love this woman; she's so fantastic. I thought the show was great this past Saturday and I even liked when she guest starred on Paula's show. Have you read her book "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"? If you havn't you've got to pick up a copy!

  5. I love Ree. Her blog is a daily read for me and I thought her show was really good. Loved the behind the scenes glimpse into life on a ranch.

    Her recipes are so good and easy. Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes is definitely a once in awhile dish tho… so much fat! LOL

  6. love her! i'm a big fan of her blog, and of her food–i've cooked several of her recipes and they're delicious. i was excited to watch her show (and i blogged about it too) and i loved it, though i'm not sure if i will ever be able to make those mashed potatoes (wow) because i think they will be TOO good.

  7. Love the show! I've been reading Ree's blog for a year now, and received the cookbook from my son. He knew I was a fan. Her country style of cooking is what I learned from my mother growing up in Texas. I know how to make chicken fried steak and gravy but rarely do. I guess you burn enough calories working on a ranch to eat that kind of down-home cooking.

  8. I'm going to be honest and go against everyone here, I am NOT a fan of Pioneer Woman. I used to follow her blog and at first loved it. Then I found that I didn't like the way she treated the family animals (like running over the dog and laughing about it after) and I really don't agree with people using photo shop on every photo of their kids – aren't you meant to love them just the way they are?! Not having a dig at the rest of you, just not my thing really!
    Anyway, moan over! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I don't read her blog religiously but I happened to make her "best lasagna you'll ever eat", and it seriously is the best I've ever had. I've made it for many people and it always gets rave reviews.

  10. so funny, I just picked up a few books from goodwill to stack here and there and came across her book about her lovestory…it caught my eye because the cover is so pretty. I'm reading it now and have since checked out her blog.

  11. So funny I almost wrote a post on her today too! Loved the show and love her cookbook. Her stuffed jalapenos are amazing. My hubby would crap his pants if I made chicken fried steak or those breakfast sandwiches- maybe for his birthday!

  12. I haven't watched it yet but I'm dying to. I adore her and have made several of her recipes!

  13. i adore her! but was so disapointed that her show wasnt on this past saturday… dont tell me Hawaii is a week later than everyone else?!?! I did find it on the tv listing for this weekend though and i dvr'ed it already! Very excited shes so sweet!

  14. Ok I am going to go against the crowd here. I thought her show was terrible – she is not meant to be on tv! I used to be a fan and read her website, bought the book, etc but the "city girl moves to the middle of nowhere" shtick gets old really fast considering she married into a multi-millionaire ranching dynasty. I like that she has Tasty Kitchen and the recipe section but she never provides anything beyond her shtick. Occasionally I will still keep up with her site but when you dig a little further, she loses her luster.

    Ok rant over. I do love your blog and enjoy reading your posts! Your house is beautiful.

  15. I missed the first 10 minutes but watched the rest. I really liked seeing their ranch, it is beautiful. I just don't see how she has all the time to do everything she does. I really don't understand how the family is not overweight with those fried foods, but I guess they work it off on the ranch:) I liked the show and will watch it again this week.

  16. I've read her blog off and on, but I caught her show this weekend and fell in love! Probably the last person on the planet, but I really wanna check out more of her blog. Her cookin' is exactly what my hubby loves to. Although I don't cook like that either. Southern as they come he is!

  17. Unfortunately I missed the show…but Iโ€™m hoping that it will re-run so I can DVR it! Have you made any of the recipes from the book yet?

  18. I have been following her blog. I think she's an amazing woman. Unfortunatley, I missed the show! Last Christmas I made her Nantucket Cranberry Pie which was delicious and a huge hit with our guests! I love to cook and will try more of her recipes. Let us know how your meal comes out, Megan.

  19. Oh dang I missed the show! My hubs mom and step-mom cook like that for him all the time (and they're a million times better at it than I am) so I don't even bother. My cooking style is a little more Giada-esque (I wish!) with some Spanish and Japanese thrown in. It's what I grew up with. I never had "real gravy" until I met my Kentucky-raised hub ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I have been following her blog for a while now. I absolutely love her! She has totally revolutionized my cooking. Every single one of her recipes that I have tried, has had great success and rave reviews at our house;)

  21. So behind on my blogs and trying to catch up now, but yes – I saw the first one, missed the second one due to Irene and just saw the third one. I LOVE her show and recipes!!! I made her Peach Whiskey Barbeque Chicken with mashed potatoes & biscuits – posted on her blog recently – for my husband, and they were drool-worthy!

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