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Inspired by some of my creative girlfriends, and with desire to thank James’ teachers for being a blessing while we transition him from home with babysitter to daycare, I picked up a few Starbuck’s gift cards as a small “thank you”.

Using mini notecards and envelops, I created a message for each teacher that said “Thank You for making school fun” to include with the $10 gift card.

The envelops were created with my favorite “Honey Script” font.

I hope they like them!  

On the way home from school yesterday, James and I stopped at Starbuck’s and had a little date.  He insisted on bringing Monkey and wubby (his blanket) inside too.  He ordered the chocolate milk and I had an iced tall 2-pump mocha.  We sat on the patio and chatted, “cheersings” our drinks too many times because he thinks its funny and I’m addicted to the sound of his laugh and the way he looks when he can’t contain the laughter.  It was a sweet 15 minute stop on the way home that just might become a weekly tradition.

Man, I love this kid!!!  So, do you have any special “dates” with your kiddos?  I remember loving hearing about Cassie’s holiday dates with her kids last year.  It’s such a precious thing to be able to create and enjoy these moments with our kids and family.  

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  1. In our house, during the school year, we have Fun Fridays. They usually involves something simple, baking cookies together, watching a movie or show we recorded during the week, going by the ice cream store and getting an ice cream cone and sit and enjoy it by the fountain as the boys throw pennies for their wishes, etc. We're making memories.

  2. Definitely make it a tradition. I've been making the same Friday Starbucks stop with my 3 and 5 yr old for the last year. Then it's movie night with popcorn and m&m's…I like to get them all sugared up for the weekend:) We ALL love it!

  3. aston and i had a brief stop by at crave cupcakes last week to celebrate end of summer!

    awww james is going to love school!

  4. These cards are so sweet, pretty and thoughtful !

    And I love that you had a Starbucks date with your little man. These are moments he's going to remember and cherish <3

    Bisous !

  5. I know the teachers will appreciate the gift cards and the personalized note! Love that you all had a "date" at Starbucks…he is so cute. We've had several variations over the years. When the girls were in middle school,they didn't start school til 9am…so we would have a "date" at Caribou once a week. And, when Elie was in high school cheering (prior to driving herself) we would stop along with her fried that carpooled with us at McDonalds for what the girls later named, Fries on Wednesday. They thought it was funny because it wasn't "Fry-Day". I think kids love the unexpected "dates" and really do remember them when they are older.

  6. Oh, how sweet! My girls love it when we go to the free/cheap kids' movies during the summer. On Monday, we had to go into the "old towne" area of our town so I could get pictures for today's post. We walked around, ate a diner, and had a blast!

    One tip with the juice/milk boxes: Flip the "wings" on the top sides up for him to hold. Makes for less spills. My 3 year old still squeezes juice boxes too hard, so the wings are great. 🙂

  7. I love the idea of making a date tradition with your kids! I have done the Starbucks date with my older son and he loves it! Makes him feel so special, however we are totally random about this and with the oldest starting Kinder I think I need to do these more often! By the way cute pics of your son, looks like he had a great time!

  8. Meggie — my favorite blog pimp!! thanks for the links. 🙂

    so so sweet…enjoy these times, they fly so fast!! now when i have 'day dates' with my kids, i'm amazed and shocked at the little people they are…they have things to talk about and ideas to contribute!??!! when did that happen?!!?

    Oh, and sweet teacher gifts! I followed Court's advice and sent little bouquets of flowers last week. #kissass

  9. So sweet. I think that technically Lilly and I have "dates" most everyday since we're always out and about 😉

  10. Hi, just jumped over from Serenity Now ! What a great cute little teacher note! My son is just 5 and still in PK and this is a great idea 🙂 Just went through your site and holy smokes your closet is ORGANIZED! I was thinking it was a magazine shot and nope , it's your CLOSET! Just joined via friend connect ~ I'm a new blogger (4 weeks) & am getting my site up and running…slow process as I'm not familiar with all this technology!

  11. Megan, this is my first time visiting your blog.

    I read your interview over at Amanda's blog and decided to stop by.

    I'm intrigued by many kinds of blogs and consider myself very well read.

    So yours is a nice one to add. And I will plan to stop by more often.

  12. He is so cute, and definately you should make this a tradition. This is special time for you and him. The cards you made are so cute and such a nice idea. I'm sure the teacher's will love them.

  13. How sweet. We usually give Target giftcards with a little homemade treat to say thanks. I think the teachers really appreciate it.

    I try to do dates with the girls as often as I can. Or, at least have them pick the activities we do. Before school started, I took one whole day and let them plan a "Mommy & Girls" day. It was their idea of a perfect day & we all loved it.

  14. I take the boys on dates often, each by themselves. Monkey loves to go to the coffeeshop with me, and Moose finally is walking in public with ease…

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