Upholstered Headboard

Our bedroom is on my list of rooms in our house that I’d really like to revamp.  We brought to our new home the furniture we had in our old townhouse and it doesn’t reflect the look I’d like to achieve, so some changes are in order.  
I plan to replace our dark square leather headboard for a curved upholstered headboard.  I think it will soften the room and give it a more romantic, peaceful quality that I’m after.

The leather club chair and ottoman need to go too.  They are just too heavy for the space. 

The bedroom below from Love This Life is one of my favorites.   I love the monochromatic look that is still interesting.  The gorgeous paneled ceiling and floor to ceiling windows don’t hurt either!

The Ashley Goforth designed bedroom is another one of my favorites.
And I’ve always admired this peek at the bedroom below.

I’ve seen some gorgeous DIY upholstered headboards, but I’m not that ambitious, so I’ve been searching the different varieties for sale.  We have a king bed, so that’s what I’ve been looking for.

I’m leaning towards the High Fashion Home one because it’s not just the headboard, and it also has nailhead trim.  But I’m not crazy about the price.  What do you think?
keep in touch! 

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  1. I've been shopping for the upholstered headboards too as I hate our bed set. I like the really high nailhead one from West Elm, and I think it's about 599 for king? But I like the ones that have the frame too so I better hit the jackpot soon.

  2. I love upholstered headborads. I think all of those are great options. You might check a place in the Heights. I've gotten lots of nice pieces of custom furniture from different places int he Heights-not cheap, but not as expensive as the typical stores. Oh, or go to Laurie's in Humble/Tomball. I bet you can order one there for 30-45% of the price!

  3. The Crate & Barrel one is my favorite.
    I was coveting one from Pottery Barn, but it was $575 with shipping for a queen size. So I made my own. For less than $45. Of course, that didn't include the upholstered side rails, but I got the feel I was going for. The ones you're looking at would be super easy to make. Even with the nail head trim. If you're interested, this is how I did mine: http://rindymae.blogspot.com/2011/08/diy-upholstered-headboard.html

  4. Completely agree with you, the leather headboard is too heavy for your bedroom, at least on what I can see ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Of all of these, the Crate and Barrel one is my favorite, I'm in love with it! Have you thought of re-upholstering the chair & ottoman?

  5. I am in the same boat! Can't pull the trigger. The first one is gorgeous! I love it.

  6. I love them all! I agree with the other posters that it is really easy to DIY them if you are so inclined. Do you happen to leave near a Pottery Barn outlet? I live about an hour from one and every time I have been there (which is a lot) they have various upholstered headboards from West Elm, PB, PB Teen and Williams Sonoma. Can't wait to see what you do with the space, especially because I love all of those inspiration pix you posted and my bedroom is also on my list!

  7. I own the one from Sears (although I bought it from Overstock.com) and couldn't love it more! It is identical to the C&B bed but for less than half the price. It's built well and looks gorgeous. Just think about what you could do with an extra $800!

  8. I love an upholstered headboard. I would consider the bedding you plan to use before purchasing…will it cover the bottom? If so it would be wasted money buying a piece that is more than just the headboard itself.

  9. Amanda took the words right out of my mouth – I saw the same upholstered headboard sale via Joss and Main and they had some fab headboards for much better prices! I love, love, LOVE upholstered headboards – good luck!

  10. the joss and main ends today! go check it out they have a sandstone linen total bed like the one you like for like $700 (its skyline furniture) good reviews…. fun! fun! xoxo shel

  11. I love upholstered headboards. I recently traded in my dark wood sleigh bed for the Lewis Upholstered headboard from Pottery Barn. It really opened the room up. I also made a DIY version for one of my guest bedrooms. Once I figured out what I was doing, it was a pretty simple project.

  12. Love having an upholstered headboard – ours is custom made from Lewis and Sheron here in Atlanta. We wanted it extra tall (6'!) and it was only $600. (We have just the headboard – we use a bedskirt to tie the whole bed together.)

    Don't forget craigslist – we always have great luck there!

  13. Yes, checkout CSN.com, I found a tufted one on there for a fraction of the cost, and I added my own nailhead trim around the footboard, super easy to do and I'm very happy with it.

  14. I just got the Raleigh upholstered headboard with nailheads from PB and LOVE it. All of your choices would be great! I think they had some on Joss & Main last week? Love it!

  15. Its probably too late- but Joss & Main is having an upholstered bed sale going on right now! I think its ending today! but they have amazing prices on their beds!

  16. Ooh love upholstered headboards and love all of these! I like the Crate and Barrel one here a lot! And I think Emily is right- there is a less expensive version at West Elm. Just gorgeous!

  17. Love all of your inspiration shots… so serene and pretty! My fave is the Crate & Barrel bed… love the soft curve and just the right amount of nailhead… I also like the color better than the High Fashion Home one.

  18. I know you want a curved shape, but you could recover your existing one in a lighter fabric for the meantime? Maybe see how the rest of the room develops before making such a huge investment? I love your choice though!

  19. I'm thinking you should let some of us bid on the leather headboard, chair, etc. and then you'd have extra money to pay for the new headboard! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the leather – but understand being ready for a change.

  20. I just ordered a upholstered bed and cannot wait for it to be delivered! And a friend of mine has that Crate and Barrel bed you posted. It's lovely in person!

  21. Hi I have been following your blog now for a long time but this is the first time I have ever posted. I sure hope I am doing this right.

    I purchased my upholstered bed at Bassett Furniture. Not sure if there is one around you. I liked that I could pick out the fabric and I decided also to add nailhead trim.

  22. We got our cream tufted head board online! I only payed 350.00 bucks!! We have a cal-king! I love it! Do you want a bed? Or would you do just a head board? If you want the name of the Place I got it from…let me know! Ill get the info for you! I am in the process of finishing my bedroom! Check it out on my blog!

  23. We have the Collete bed from C&B. I love it and usually rethink big purchases like that, but haven't looked back for a second!

  24. Wow those are some great beds! I'm curious about the sears knock-off of the C&B Colette. Would you mind linking up to it? I can't seem to find it on their website. Thanks!

  25. Hey Megan… just thought I'd let you know that Joss & Main has a couple of these type beds today… a tufted wingback style for $600 and a nailhead trim for $500.

  26. I really like your inspiration pictures and the High Fashion headboard. At first I thought it seemed like a lot but then I think of our bedroom furniture and that is probably in line with what we spent. Sometimes I wish I hadn't spent as much b/c now I feel married to it and I am not sure I will want it forever. Just something to think about. I love the white monochromatic look though.

  27. So love the headboard. It all looks so good. I love the other images of bedrooms and want to steal a lot of those ideas. We just made a headboard today and I posted it on my blog. Hope to finish it out like some of these rooms!

  28. Seriously try overstock. I bought my nailhead linen headboard on there 3 years ago and I swear to you I think I paid around 350 for it…STEAL!!! Love the blog!

  29. I appreciate all of the great suggestions on here – but, I"m wondering if you all realize that [on the C&B Colette Bed] the [tall] flared legs actually make the Colette Bed look extremely elegant. I've gone to the sites suggested by others to find the EXACT same Colette Bed and have yet to find it. The Lauren Bed is the closest thing, however, the legs are not as tall as the legs on the Colette Bed. The O.co bed that is most similar has short thick wide, slightly tapered legs. It makes the bed look much heavier. This is why I will probably purchase the Colette Bed within the next couple of months.

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