Back to School

I’m thinking this morning of all those kiddos going back to school.  My heart is going out to all the mommies (and daddies!) that watch tearfully, but proudly as their babies start school for the first time.  My little guy started last week but I can’t quite say it’s “school” since he’s just barely 18 months.  We had to transition from our at-home babysitter because, she too, is returning to school.  I’m happy to report that James is doing so great with his new routine.  When I drop him off in the mornings around 9:00 it’s playground time, which he loves.  When I picked him up the first day, they were playing musical chairs and James was dancing, smiling his head off and laughing!  Such a good sight for an anxious mama.

I tried to get a picture of him on the first day, but he was running around so much, I couldn’t get a good shot:)  He has to wear tennis shoes instead of his usual Crocks, so it makes him look like such a little boy!

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  1. Such a cutie in his tennis shoes! Natalie is going to kindergarten this year (1/2 day) and Michaela Byrd is starting preschool 2 days a week. They're attending a cute little private church program here in town. I think I will probably have a melt-down the first day. I know I'll enjoy the 3 hours to myself, but it will be so weird not to have a little person with me!

  2. So darling. I am glad the transition went so well. He is going to love being around all of those kiddos and the playtime! So cute. I agree . . .the tennis shoes make them look so much older.

  3. so cute! It is so hard leaving them the 1st time. I had to do that 6 weeks ago when Lauren started summer school. Now we are on a 2 week break before the regular school year starts. They have so much fun there!

  4. oh my heart goes out to you megan! ava has been in daycare since she was 8 months old and in 2 different ones. finding the right place for your kiddo can be so hard, i hope that you've found a great place where they love your son.

  5. Awww! Look at those shoes!!! What a little man! So adorable. I'm dreading Beckett's first day of school (well, preschool)… but also kind of excited about the 2 1/2 hours I'll have ALL ON MY OWN!!!

  6. I can't even talk about it yet! 🙂
    james looks so cute in his tennies with his little haircut!!!!!

    and omg, you broke the 3000 mark!!! I knew you when you had 250! 😉

  7. James is the cutest little guy! How adorable he is with his little tennis shoes! I bet that was a good sight when you picked him and he was happy and having fun. I'm sure he loves playing with all the other kids. He is such a doll, Megan.

  8. oh my gosh Megan- he's getting so big. He's losing his little baby face and getting a big boy face- so cute!!! love the little shoes!

  9. Aww! Reid starts after Labor Day – he will be going two mornings a week. He will love it but I still can't wrap my head around it. Lacey goes to pre-k tomorrow! Glad James is adjusting so well. 🙂

  10. He's such a little man now! The shoes are great. So glad he's doing well with the transition!! I'd totally babysit him if I lived near you (:

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