New Living Room Drapes

After living in our new home for 8 moths, we finally have added drapes to the living room and breakfast room!   It was one of those things that has taken a while to get to!  (A few stealthy readers cracked me up by spotting the drapes in the photos of James’ party!) The new addition has really changed the way the rooms look and feel and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. 
The wall housing our living room windows was way too long for even an extended drapery rod, so I purchased two short rods (24-48 inches) for the far ends.  I refrained from adding drapes in the middle because there is only about four inches of wall space between the windows and I didn’t want to block the natural light.

Adding the drapery rods about two inches below the crown molding meant loooong drapes- 111 inches to skim the floor.  The living room drapes were done first and are 113 inches, which puddle a bit, so they need to be hemmed.
Also, my seamstress (also known as my babysitter’s mother!) sewed the lining separate from the actual drapes, so plan to use some stitch witchery to hold them together where they are gaping.  She made rod pockets for the top at 4 1/2 inches.  The drapery rods are from West Elm.  I love the sleek look.  
I purchased the drapery fabric (Windsor Smith Pelagos Fabric in Mist) at High Fashion Home for about $15 per yard.  I purchased their entire inventory (15 yards) and was then told that the fabric was being discontinued.  I don’t know if that’s true, but since I didn’t want to pay the big dollars I saw it selling for elsewhere, we cut the width in half for the drapes for the two breakfast room windows (otherwise, we wouldn’t have had enough fabric).   
I even made a small lumbar pillow, but am searching now for coordinating fabrics to make some new sofa pillows.
Living Room-  BEFORE


Living Room- AFTER (p.s. I think I’m going to relocate those round mirrors)


Breakfast Room- BEFORE
Breakfast Room- AFTER (really draws the eye up:)


I am so thankful to my seamstress for sewing these for me!!!  I think she did an awesome job.  And it only took her a few days!

Update: We’ve made lots of improvements to our home since this post was published!  It’s crazy to look back and see how far I’ve come with my photography too.  I’d consider deleting this post because the pictures are so bad, but this is really where I started and it’s real life, so it stays.  And it makes the progress look that much better! 

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  1. They look lovely! Before you go ahead with stitch witchering, have you considered stick on velcro instead? If you attach on the back of the curtain and the front of the lining, then you can just pull the 2 apart when it comes to washing. Means you don't have to do both together all the time. Just a thought.

  2. Wow Megan, they really make the room! Great choice, I love the fabric.

    Happy Birthday to your one year old…the party was adorable.

  3. It's so pretty!
    I love the fabric, they add so much to the room!

  4. Megan…love really lifts that space so much..and great choice of fabric..good skills lovely x

  5. I noticed those drapes too but I KNEW you must be blogging about them soon. I'm a homebuilder's wife so I notice the most minute changes. Wait, is that spelled correct? Minute but it sounds like minooot…


    I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Those turned out great! That fabric is perfection. And I love the idea of the two shorter rods for the living room window. Fabulous!

  7. I did totally notice those drapes in the birthday picture but forgot to ask about them so I am glad other readers did. I love the design and color!

  8. Hi Megan,

    I have similiar windows in my family room and love how you did not extend a rod all the way across. Love the fabric and just wondering how many inches wide are the panels? Thanks!

  9. wait !! You're in HOUSTON! I'm delurking so I can scream out loud that I'm in houston! wow! I read your blog all the time! Small world!

    Love them!

  10. They make such a huge difference. They turned out beautifully. You must be thrilled!

  11. PS. . .I love that it's the fabric from so me of your inspiration photos for your family room back in July! That's awesome.

  12. They look awesome Megan. Love your solution for the long window. Your seamstress did a wonderful job, too bad I don't live in the area!

  13. They are wonderful… adding quite a bit of warmth to the room. As for the linning. Proper drapes have the lining fabric attached at the sides but are open at the bottom so that as they fall out they may be adjusted. Some fabrics will grow up to an inch or more over the first month that you have them hanging! So before you go to using the ~witch to stitch~ you might give them some time to hang out 🙂

    Maddie- former drape sewing wench

  14. It looks beautiful! Great fabric! I wish I was in the Houston area to be able to hire your seamstress. We are in need of some drapes and window seat cushions. I am not ready to tackle the big sewing projects quite yet.

  15. Love the fabric! It is amazing how window treatments really finish a room. Enjoy your day!

  16. Excited for this new addition to your spaces. Drapes can certainly make or break a space. It all flows so well. She certainly did a wonderful job.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  17. I LOVE these! I have been in my house for over a year now and don't have drapes up yet :/
    I love how unafraid you are of prints and patterns too. I am also a lover of prints, so I love how you always find the most modern, sleek ones. 🙂

  18. What a huge difference. Great pattern. I love wandering around HIgh Fashion, I could just look at all the fabrics for days.

  19. The rooms LOOKS amazing! Those drapes add such depth. I love the color and pattern. You have such fabulous taste. 🙂


  20. wow!!! i love the fabric choice, love how high you hung them…and love the new angles of the house I'm seeing! I think the round mirrors would look great stacked vertically!

    I can't believe the difference drapes make…especially in your breakfast room!! And you sure got your house cleaned up quickly after the party! Isn't it 'new toy' central right now?!?!!?

  21. Lovey love love these drapes! They make this space look so warm and inviting too! Now I think I need to do the same!

  22. Just stumbled across your beautiful blog and I am LOVING it:) Thanks for sharing your creativity in your home and Jame's birthday… WOW!

    Looking forward to being your newest follower x

  23. Gorgeous as always…I am just so in love with that fabric, subtle yet FABULOUS!!! And how adorable was baby James' B-day?!? So, so darling, especially the sweet pictures of the little man and his cake (c;

  24. I loooove that fabric! gorgeous!! It's so crazy how much drapes transform a room, isn't it? I'm stuck in a rental right now so I don't want to waste the money on fabric, but the stark windows are so depressing.

  25. I would like info on your seamstress, please! We are fixing to move soon, and I'm so excited to get started, especially with drapes, they totally make the room! I'm located in spring/the woodlands area

  26. I would like info on your seamstress, please! We are fixing to move soon, and I'm so excited to get started, especially with drapes, they totally make the room! I'm located in spring/the woodlands area

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