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Recently a reader contacted me for some help with her living room, and I prepared a design board for her.  She wanted to keep her wall paint color and two sofas and ottoman, but was willing to part with the rug.  I just love the features in the room- soaring beamed ceilings, stone fireplace, big windows, and dark hardwood floors.  In fact, Jimmy and I seriously considered buying a house with a similar floor plan before deciding to build instead.  Client’s Room BEFORE image image DESIGN BOARD I prepared the board with three different rugs to give her a few choices and see how each one would change the look of the room.  #1 image I advised her to replace the “B” with the window pane mirror and place the console table behind the couch with a pair of lamps.  Adding a pair of accent chairs and table helped balance the space and break up the set of leather furniture while adding additional seating.  The drapes would be lined with the decorative trim (a little tip from A Well Dressed Home), which I kept neutral so that she could change out the colors of the accessories fairly easily.  Finally, if she wanted to add some dimension to the fireplace wall (which she indicated she was thinking of painting) I suggested doing a mild stencil and then adding a large mirror.  This was a fun project and I am so thrilled that she liked it!  I made sure to search for items that were affordable since we’re all on a budget these days:) #2 image #3 image *If you are interested in having me create a design board for you, please contact me for rates.  And speaking of design boards, Ten June graciously gifted one to me for our storage dump media room.  It’s a future space for my hubby to watch sports and play video games, and, like I told Michelle, do whatever it is men do in a large room full of electronics!  I think she’s going to post it on Tuesday:)  I really love her ideas (especially the colors!) Which board (rug) do like best, if at all??

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  1. Wow this is really good..I would go with 1 or 3..totally different looks with the rugs..I would luve to see pics of what she does…
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Look at all of you talented gals…design board extraordinaires!!! I love that room, and your boards are all great for it. I may need you to whip me one up!!!

  3. I'm so excited to hear you'll do design boards. I'm truly in love with every design aspect of your home. I'm struggling with my living room and my husband being SO picky! I will definitely need to reach out. I like the second board. Those blues will really pop with the wood. Great job!

  4. I actually love them all. I'm torn on the rugs, b/c I love the color of the second two…but I like the fact that the first one was neutral. For me, it would be more cost effective to go with the neutral, so I could change out accessories.

    Great job! I love your style, Megan. 🙂

  5. I'm loving this post it's the same direction I'm looking to go in my family room and I just found a rug like #3 and now I kind of get a feel for how it will look in my room!!!

  6. #2! It will brighten up the room and will be the focal point… The other rugs are nice but will become "background" but #2 will look delicious…

  7. I like #1 and #3 the best. The light blue rug #2 with the heavy leather sofa bothers me. Maybe in person it might balance but they aren't mixing well for me online. Although I do like the rug itself. I am desiring for some of the pillows to have texture and not match. Otherwise cool room!

  8. I'm drawn toward #3. I think it pulls all of the elements together the best and unifies the space. All three looks are great though. It's amazing how simply changing out the rug can change the whole look.

  9. I like #3 best, and I love that round side table! Hopefully your client will send you some "after" pictures for you to share with us. I'm sure the room will look a lot cozier once your ideas are implemented.

  10. You did such a great job, they all look so good! I'm more drawn to number 1 & number 3. I love the layout of this room…it's so classic and casual.

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