Pretty Trays for the Kitchen

I might be a little tray crazy (and basket crazy) for that matter.  I’ve never counted, but if I was forced to do so, I’m sure I could count at least 50 baskets and trays in our home.  In my defense, things look tidier and more collected when contained on a tray or in a basket.

Yesterday, I showed you how I cleaned out our “junk drawer” which then inspired me to deep clean our countertops.   I admit to getting anxious when our counters get too cluttered and my OCD side takes over and just clears everything off to start fresh.  I wipe all the surfaces down really well and only put back the minimum to keep the kitchen looking clean and simple.  Ahhh, I can breathe again:)

This time, I put my white Container Store tray near the kitchen sink to hold our dish soap, hand soap, and the little faux potted plant I made.  It instantly make the countertop look neater.

The dish soap is decanted in a glass bottle from Home Goods probably meant for olive oil.  But it looks so much prettier than my plastic bottle of Dawn.  
I also really enjoy keeping a small votive of live flowers or something like this tree clipping from our backyard at the kitchen sink.  It seems to make doing dishes a little happier.  
I’m also smitten with this wooden, square tray from Crate & Barrel that holds my most often-used cooking utensils and salt and pepper shakers.  
I added a little DIY framed art as a backdrop.  It’s a calendar page framed in a Target frame.  
And since I’ve been on a cleaning/organizing kick lately, I wanted to share this older post with you about my TOP 3 things you can do to make you feel more organized.  
Whenever I need to feel organized quickly, I do at least one of these things.  Hope it helps you too! 
Have a great weekend!

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I too am a basket and tray type girl. I have my soap and other things on a square dish from World Market next to my sink. I think I need to add that cute white tray to my collection soI'm off to the Container Store.

  2. I never get tired of seeing your beautiful kitchen. It's just so fresh and pretty. Really like the sweet tray idea. May have to try that. Thanks, girl.

  3. Hi there! I've just found your blog via pinterest, and I'm really enjoying reading it! Your organisation ideas are very inspiring! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Eleanor xxx

  4. It's the small touches that matter. I'm also a huge fan of baskets! But, I think I need to incorporate more trays into our household decor.. you've hooked me! Hope you and your little man are well. I can't believe how big our boys are! 🙂

  5. I have our dishsoap in something similar! Looks so much prettier! Everything looks so tidy….and those pillows on your mudroom bench are awesome!! hello?? Teach me to sew!!

  6. Where did you buy that tiny little vase that you have by your sink with a leave clipping in it? I love it!

    I've never seen such a cute tiny vase!

    I'd love to buy one too!

    ~ Ali

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  8. Is your soap tray made of ceramic?

    Also, I have my dishsoap in an olive oil decanter but it comes out realllllly slowly. Have you had this problem? I wonder if certain brands of dishsoap are runnier?

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