5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Hi friends!  Hope y’all had a great weekend and are looking forward to Spring Break!  Over the weekend I tried a bit of gardening for the first time ever.  It’s hard work!  We planted some geraniums in our backyard since our yard gets no shade and geraniums can take the direct sunlight.  We were happy to hear at the checkout that they were 50% off too!! image image I’ll be sure to show you the finished result after I get it all done (hopefully next weekend:) In the meantime, my girl Cassie at Hi Sugarplum tagged me in the “5 Things I Can’t Live Without” series and so it’s time to play along:)   I chose 5 things I use pretty much daily. image 1.  Magazines/Catalogs.  As much as I love searching the net for design ideas and reading design blogs, I sometimes feel that I need a break from the computer.  Usually, at night, I’ll grab a magazine and flip through the pages before bed.  2.  Coffee.  I start everyday with a cup of Starbuck’s Espresso Roast proudly brewed at home and enjoyed in a chevron mug. 3.  Soft Pillow.  I sleep with a super soft pillow that I can mush into the perfect position for nestling my head in since I’m a stomach/side sleeper.  I super heart my pillow:)  4.  Cetaphil cleanser.  Since my skin is sensitive, this is the only cleanser for me.  I’ve been using it since my early 20’s when my dermatologist recommended it to me.  It doesn’t lather, which is a bit of a bummer, but it makes my skin so smooth. 5.  Curling Iron.  This is no average curling iron- it has a 2 inch barrel!  Perfect for creating smoothness and some body but without making my hair curly. ******* Of course, I couldn’t live without this face either! (Baby’s first Shipley donut!) image ******** Okay, Courtney (A Thoughtful Place)- You’re It!

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  1. I also use cetaphil because I have sensitive skin 🙂

    James looks like a little adult in his cute little collared button-up!


  2. What a little cutie! I used CeraVe cleanser, which is exactly like Cetaphil and my only beef with it is that it doesn't lather either. Boo! And I thought I wanted a firmer pillow, so bought a nicer one. After a week, I did my best to convince Justin that he wanted it, so I could go back to my softer one! 🙂

  3. Agree with all 5 things! Love Cetaphil, but too hate that it doesn't lather. I really need to get me one of those curling irons!! Can't wait to see how the flowers all turned out.

  4. I am intrigued by the Cetaphil. Do you use it in place of a facial soap or is it more of a cleanser to get make-up off??

    James looks like he's enjoying that donut. My girls always flip out when they get to pick a donut for a treat. 🙂

  5. I am a Cetaphil addict! I only use their products on my face, including the moisturizer. As far as the lathering goes, did you know there's a wash called Daily Facial Cleanser (as opposed to the Gentle Skin Cleanser) that lathers more? It's a clear soap rather than that milky stuff. My husband gets mad when I buy the non-lathering one, and I haven't noticed a difference between the two on my super sensitive skin 🙂

  6. Oh dear sweet baby James!! I am so happy you got to experience your first Shipley's Donut. It should have been when you were closer to 6 months or so, but nonetheless, I am SO glad you have entered the dark side! Muwahhahah!

  7. I have always wondered what that Cetaphil stuff was… Maybe I should try it out since I have extremely sensitive skin!

    Loving those flowers you planted!

  8. LOVE your list…and can't wait for Courtney's!!!

    that pic of james is killing…what a punkin!

  9. Ah! James is SO cute, he looks like a little big man in this picture. What a cutie. I couldn't live without coffee either…I'm not a pleasant person when I don't get my big ol' cup every morning.

  10. We could be 5 essential thing twins except I don't have a mug that chic, and I think I need a better curling iron…looking into this next! As to your son…delish!:)

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