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If you are following my tweets, @honeywerehome you know that I scored two awesome mirrors over the weekend at Hobby Lobby. I had my heart set on the Celeste Mirror at Williams Sonoma Home, but at $250 (on SALE) I was hoping to find another less expensive option.  image I searched all over the web and found a nearly identical version at QVC for $80, but sadly, it was sold out. image Imagine my surprise when I walked into Hobby Lobby this weekend and spotted this for $65 (50% of $130):  image It has two rings as opposed to three and a larger mirror, but because the Hob Lob version is smaller in diameter (32 as opposed to 38 inches) I was able to buy two to flank our living room media cabinet. image Here’s the progression.  We started with our white built in and a pair of tall woven vases from Z Gallerie. image I added sticks to the vases and painted the back of the media cabinet Jamestown Blue by Sherwin Williams.  The blue didn’t photograph very well in this picture.  Of course, I’m always fiddling with accessorizing the shelves. Media Cabinet Redo 001 And now with the new mirrors.  Initially, I loved it, but now (after photographing it) I’m not sure I’m loving them in this location- might look too cluttered behind the sticks?   I’m going to live with it for a while and consider other appropriate places for them too. image Later, I tried removing the vases, but I don’t think that works.  image  What would you do: 1) Keep the mirrors and vases as is? 2) Keep the mirrors, remove the vases? 3) Move the mirrors to another location? Something else altogether??  Thanks for your input!

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  1. I love to score a great knock off! Hobby Lobby is a gold mine. I'm liking the Mirror only photo. The visual weight makes the room feel lighter with the large vases removed. I also love the blue what a fantastic idea! Keep up the inpsiring blogging.

  2. O.K…this is my professional opinion. I've studied all of the options, and I like the vases with the sticks…without the mirrors. This is why: mirrors attract attention, they're focal points, and with the mirrors and the vases it's too much. The entertainment center is the main focal point, and it looks fine to have both vases on either side, but when you add the mirrors it becomes a little cluttered. Too much of a good thing. Those mirrors are very cool, and they deserve to be in a place where they can be center stage. Or maybe just one mirror with a grouping of other items. I hope that helps.
    Susan : )

  3. I think either the vases should move or the mirrors should move. I think the mirrors are great and could be better used somewhere where you need some light reflection- but it seems like you don't really have that problem in your gorgeous house! But i do agree that it looks a little cluttered with both.

  4. What about moving the mirrors up a little higher? I think that would make them seem less crowded. It's kind of like they are hiding behind the sticks. Even in the pic with the vases and sticks missing they seem a little low.

  5. how about taking a shelf out of the entertainment center right at the level you have the mirrors and hang the mirrors inside of the entertainment center….you can still put some things on the shelf in front of the mirrors…..you'll get light reflection and see both the mirrors AND the vases! yay! 🙂

  6. I'd say keep the mirrors and the vases, but lose the sticks. I don't think that either the mirrors or the vases are enough on their own, but the sticks make it too cluttered.

  7. I like the mirrors, they're a little less expected. I think either try the mirrors and vases without the sticks or place something shorter under them. I don't know why but I immediately thought of a trunk/ottoman/stack of boxes or something to balance the circles. Though I love the idea of the texture in the vases.

  8. Love both the mirrors & the vases however I would move the mirrors some place else as the space looks cluttered but the vases with the sticks look perfect next to the cabinet!

  9. hepp the mirrors, lose the vases… maybe add a cool pair of small bentood chairs or bamboo/regency style chairs. that way it takes upt he space without blocking hte mirror and you have extra chairs if you need them.

  10. Love the mirrors, and I like something under them maybe not the vases/sticks. Possibly something softer?

  11. Totally just my two cents, I love the mirrors but I like the room with the sticks and without the mirrors the best — find another fabulous place for the mirrors, maybe? It looks a bit too cluttered and I think the mirrors fight for attention with everything else… find a spot where they can be the focal point 🙂 LOVE them though! Excellent, excellent find 🙂

  12. I was wondering how it looked with the vases and mirrors without the sticks. Although I'm leaning towards no mirrors and keeping the vases with the sticks. 🙂

  13. I think that I would keep that vases with the sticks and move the mirrors elsewhere. Your home is beautiful and you decorate very well!

  14. First, love the term "Hob Lob" — totally stealing that from you. And I am loving those new silver vases on your bookshelf!

    On to your question, what about the mirrors and vases with no sticks? (I keep scrolling up and down through the pictures trying to picture vases sans sticks with the mirrors.) I really like the mirrors where they are — such a great find!

  15. Oh man Meagan, you are going to have info overload with all of the comments on this one. 🙂

    I will put in my 2 cents because no one else has suggested my idea yet… I would keep one mirror on the right side and one vase with sticks on the opposite side.

    On the side with the mirror you could place a smaller super cute chair angled toward your sectional. If you don't want to spend the $ on a chair you could do a decorative trunk that you could store blankets or toys, magazines, etc. inside in that corner instead. You could put one of your throws on top of the trunk for some texture/color.

    It looks fine with both sides matching but they don't have to match… I say mix it up! Hope this helps! 🙂

  16. I love the mirrors! Keep'em and get rid of the vases use them in another place. But, I like it without the vases.

  17. I'd keep the mirrors and vases…get rid of the sticks. I hope you used the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon, sounds like you got an awesome deal!

  18. I'm loving it with the mirrors, vases and sticks but what if you just removed the sticks and left the mirror and vases. Maybe you would feel like it's less cluttered and then you could really see those super cute mirrors. I actually really like it with all of the stuff, but go with whatever you love. It's always a great idea to try things on for a bit just to make sure how you really feel about them!

  19. Love the mirrors but it's a little busy w the media cabinet, mirrors, vases and sticks. I'd do the vase/stick combo if you need symmetry BUT how about something less bulky on the couch side and the mirror/vase/sticks on the other?

  20. Keep the vases and sticks- remove the mirrors. OR you could get 2 fiddle fig trees and put them on either side of the bookcases! Now that would look amazing!

  21. I like the vases and sticks. Could you use the mirrors together vertically someplace? They are very cool.
    Mary Ann

  22. Definitely keep the mirrors. I think they look really great there! I don't think the vase/mirror combo is too cluttered, but if you do maybe move the mirrors up a bit or trim the branches down a little?

  23. I like the mirrors being round and the sticks straight.. its a nice juxtaposition. Moving them up a bit higher might make them look less cluttered if you thought they looked that way– personally i think they look fine where they are…

    Great job!

  24. You must keep the vases and sticks…adds great height and contrast. I actually like the mirrors behind…ads dimension, but I know that's not a popular choice! Good luck! I know you'll make the right decision! 🙂

  25. The vases with the sticks! The mirrors are great!
    Did you try the mirrors with the vases without the sticks?
    Have a nice day:)

  26. Love the mirrors, hate the sticks. And the mirrors + vases alone would probably be weird.

    I think you should play around with little bench or stool options. They don't have to be identical. Maybe a bar cart on one side, even.

  27. LOVE those mirrors. I would keep them and flank the built-in with some soft ottomans to use as extra seating.


    🙂 Laura

  28. I love the mirrors! Keep those for sure. My suggestion is to move the woven vases and maybe put an ottoman under each mirror, or a chair. I think the mirrors look great next to your entertainment center; a better option to my eye than just the vases and sticks. But I do think something needs to be underneath each mirror. I think another seating option would work great.

  29. Love the mirrors on each side! and what a great deal!! I say remove the sticks and leave the vases or remove the vases all together. You could do some cute garden stools there? I really like the mirrors flanking the built-ins! You have great taste, Megan!

  30. I think that mirrors – vases = a nice change! They look nice on their own; you're just used to seeing something large take up the space so it will take time for your eyes to adjust. The mirrors are a great find!

  31. LOVE the mirrors! I would maybe try them with the vases but sans the sticks?

    I also wanted to let you know that I got the version you were looking for but in more of a goldtone from Home Goods for $25. I know it's after the fact but if you were interested 🙂

  32. I love Hobby Lobby! Woo! I love the mirrors, so I say move the vases somewhere else and put maybe a smaller vase with tall grass in one corner, and then in the other corner maybe something shorter and wider, like a red stool/chair or a magazine rack. 🙂

  33. Wow…looks like you've gotten more than enough feedback and just as many solutions! The mirrors are fabulous. I don't think they look too crowded, but do wonder what they are reflecting (good or bad). Also, I would keep vases but no sticks. Or possibly put something else under them, such as a small chair/bench.

  34. I took pictures of that mirror last time I was at hobby lobby! I thought the exact same thing! I would probably use stools underneath the mirrors. I think the sticks kind of take away from the mirror. I do love that you painted the inside of the cabinet!

  35. LOVE those mirrors, Megan – they are absolutely gorgeous!! I personally like the vases rather than the mirrors — but what if you put something shorter in the vases and kept both mirrors and both vases?? Just a though 🙂

  36. I'm voting for keeping the vases and sticks but moving the mirrors. 🙂 Also wanted to say I love the blue you painted in the shelving!

  37. Love both but I think it looks too cluttered with both. So I say move the mirrors and keep the vases there. Great find!

  38. I think that I would go with Option 3- I love the vases and the sticks, but I agree that there might just be a little too much going on on the wall behind the vases…. Maybe find another cool spot for the mirrors- and maybe find a really simple mirror to put behind the vases/sticks?

  39. LOVE the mirrors there. Is there a shot without the sticks. I need to go back and look. I really like the mirrors there and think you can make it work. What great finds!

  40. First, I can't believe you’re got those mirrors at such a great price. They are almost identical!!! I would personally leave the mirrors and move the vases, or at least not put in so high of grass! But I love your room!

  41. Hmmmm…. So many opinions! I guess I'll add mine! I think try the vases with mirrors but no sticks.

  42. LOVE the mirrors! What a great find! 🙂

    I like them with the vases under them … But maybe no sticks? Just vases? I like the idea of chairs on either side too! Armless upholstered?

    Can't wait to see what you decide!


  43. I like it with the sticks and mirrors. I think it gives a nice layered look. No sticks looks like something is missing.

  44. Love it with the sticks, vases, and mirrors. It completes the space and gives it balance and texture. Okay sorry for the design lingo! Can't get away from it I guess. Take care dear!

  45. I can't believe you found those mirrors…they look just like your inspiration, great find Megan! I don't think you need anymore suggestions at this point…you will do something fabulous with them.


  46. I love the mirrors flanking the shelves. I think the first picture looks great, but I also get that it might feel to crowded. How about the vases with no sticks? Your house is beautiful, love your blog!

  47. Keep the mirror and vases. I really like it. I hope you do not mind me asking but how much did you pay for the vases? i just love them!

  48. Megan, I was thinking try moving the mirrors up a bit, to the height of the two outer cabinets, and then see what that does. Try it with the sticks still in the vases at that height. Have fun! Great mirrors!

  49. Keep the mirrors & lose the vases. Maybe add a pair of chairs or a chair on one side and a pouf on the other. Jenny at LGN had a great tip for searching craigslist, just type in "pair" to search for antiques or furniture. You may be able to find a pair of something that would work. Good luck!!

  50. Love the mirrors – i say take away the vases and sticks and put some smaller plants (like a rubber plant) underneath?

    Rachie xo

  51. Well, not knowing other spaces available in your home…it's hard to say 'lose one or the other.'

    I think all of it is a bit busy…that said, I'd move whatever works best somewhere else. Does that make sense?

    And I think I'd like the mirrors stacked on top of each other somewhere…is there a 4' wide piece of wall somewhere you could do that? then leave the vases.

  52. I would keep the mirrors but I would add two smaller colorful ottomans, maybe something blueish to pick up from the back wall of the armoire (?) OR you could move both mirrors to one side and move one vase to the other. So many options…Good luck and let us know how it turns out

  53. I love the mirrors…I think you should just put something lowere below them…I have no idea what…I'm a heck of a lot of help, huh? (c:

  54. The Hob Lob has the best deal on mirrors – seriously! They look great flanking your bookcase. I'm going with remove the sticks and keep the mirrors and vases.

  55. Wow….you have so many ideas! I would say 1st try removing the sticks..just to see. Knowing your little many will be all over the place, I would then say remove the vases and find some chairs…maybe even some ones you can refinish or repaint that lovely blue….food for thought.


  56. Great find! I think I like the Hobby Lobby mirror better than the expensive one!

    I think maybe you should lose the vases….or maybe just one, to make it more eclectic. Maybe add a chair or small table on the more accessible side. And maybe move one of the mirrors, or layer/hang both on the right side.

  57. Remove the basket/sticks from one side only.

    Stack both mirrors in that space. Put a slipper chair under the mirrors.

  58. Keep the mirrors, lose the vases. Just my opinion of course. Maybe something a little lower could be used under them to balance it out? Possibly even the vases without the sticks?

  59. I think mirrors and vases no sticks – crazy how everyone knocks everyone else off – all those mirrors are seriously the same! 🙂

  60. Do you have a spot in the mudroom for the mirror? It's a great find but I prefer the vases and sticks no mirros. Really doesn't look bad with the mirror but prefer it the other way.

    Got my very first ever walk in closet with shelving system today. I am completely overwhelmed. Don't even know where to begin. Am going to print off a picture of your closet for inspiration 🙂

  61. Love the find! I just found the mirror I have been searching for at HomeGoods – so exciting! I love the vases and sticks with no mirrors. It is a little cleaner – the mirrors look a little like they are fighting the sticks.
    But I'm sure you will make it work!

  62. Oh my I love those mirrors!! I say keep the mirrors and move the vases/ sticks somewhere else. I'm just not a fan of putting things on the floor but that's probably because I have 18 month old twin boys that would destroy anything within reach!!
    Love your blog and gorgeous home!

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