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Jewelry boxes are beautiful and are great for storing a few small things, but I’ve yet to find one that has enough room to house most of my jewelry so that I can actually see it at a glance.   In an effort to utilize all the space in my closet (and in former tiny closets too) I’ve turned to the back of the door as a spot for hanging necklaces.  INSIDE DOOR basket, book, James, walls, J bath 015 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 008 All you need is a door Letters, Necklaces 006 and some 3M Command mini hooks.  I used one per necklace but they are strong enough to hold more than one necklace, especially if it is lightweight. Letters, Necklaces 007  They are super easy to use (simply peel and stick) and supposed to come off clean without damaging the surface.  Letters, Necklaces 011 I started by placing the hooks on the back of the door in a line without being too obsessed about the line being straight.  Then I filled in the “holes” with more hooks until all of my necklaces had their own little “home”. basket, book, James, walls, J bath 011 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 005 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 013  basket, book, James, walls, J bath 007  This helps me so much when I’m getting dressed and can actually see what I have.  (Not that I’m wearing many necklaces these days with James pulling on everything!)  I do have to be a little careful opening and closing the door (it mostly stays open) because the necklaces will swing out and hit the door if you close it too hard. basket, book, James, walls, J bath 014  DRESSER  basket, book, James, walls, J bath 024 The top drawer of my dresser houses smaller accessories, like rings and bracelets.  They are arranged by color in these compartment dividers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. basket, book, James, walls, J bath 023 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 020 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 021 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 022 p.s. the drawers are lined with this wrapping paper from The Container Store. Letters, Necklaces 026 I like to keep a few favorite pieces on top of my dresser where I can see them.  Putting them in pretty bowls or containers makes it extra special.  The small silver bowls and tray are from West Elm. basket, book, James, walls, J bath 016  basket, book, James, walls, J bath 018 basket, book, James, walls, J bath 019 Do you like your accessories where you can see them or do you prefer them hidden away? ********** I’m sharing this post at these fabulous blogs. A Few of My Favorite Things * All Thingz Related * Blue Cricket Design * C.R.A.F.T. * Fingerprints on the Fridge * Infarrantly Creative * Just A Girl * Keeping it Simple * Mad in Crafts * Me and My Bucket * Miss Mustard Seed * New Nostalgia * Remodelaholic * Seven Thirty Three * Serenity Now * Super Stinky Boys * Tatertots and Jello * The Inspired Room * The Shabby Chic Cottage * The Shabby Nest * Thrifty Decor Chick * Today’s Creative Blog * Under the Table and Dreaming

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  1. I love what you did here! My large necklaces are on push pins near my dresser, but that's because I don't have nearly as many as you (I'm loving your collection!). I like the combination of hidden & displayed. Your bracelets are beautiful & I love the silver bowl & tray for display. Great job with the display 🙂

  2. What a great idea! My daughter's would love it too…they have tons of chunky beaded necklaces that are too bulky for normal jewelry holders. Currently mine is in the top drawer of my dresser in jewelry trays from the Container Store, but this would make the necklaces a lot more accessible.

  3. Ahhh . . . Love it. I made a picture frame necklace organizer that was posted on my site in February and it is like art to me. Your idea is great too. I think thought that the fabulous turquoise beaded necklace deserves a place higher on the door. It is my favorite color.

  4. This past weekend my project was to create a jewelry board for inside my closet. Before the are a tnagled mess on one of those necklace trees…and now its all on a nice long fabric covered cork board in my closet.

    Pictures will be posted on my blog tomorrow.

  5. I just bought a bunch of hooks to hang my necklaces on today! How funny. I'm thinking of putting them on the mirror in my bathroom.

  6. Crazy! I have found your blog at the perfect time! I have so much jewelry and have been struggling trying to find a place to house it. Currently, the top of our dresser is covered and making me nuts! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. Looks wonderful! I was just looking for a new way to organize my jewelry, without hiding it all away. THANKS~! Linked for AP Tuesday

  8. Gorgeous, Megan!!! This gives me some great ideas for my new closet. 🙂
    Are you just LOVING your enormous walk-in?!?!?

  9. I'm like you…if I don't see my jewellery I almost forget that I have it. I like it out in the open, and have been using belt racks to organize my necklaces on the closet wall. I like what you did with your door…it all looks so pretty and probably inspires you to wear pieces you haven't touched in a while. I love the idea of displaying favourite pieces in bowls….beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration….my jewellery could stand some reorganization!

  10. The hooks make so much sense! But what patience you have to keep it so pristine. Great, great ideas. I always learn something on good blogs like yours.

    BTW – we have a unique kitchen or laundry backsplash giveaway that might be useful to you or a friend. Please stop by our Giveaway Friday! Jane F.

  11. Your jewelry looks so pretty. I keep mine in my walk-in closet on a peg board. The hooks you use are great! Thanks for sharing. Connie

  12. I loved this post. I am a jewelry junkie. I don't have much "good" jewelry other than my watch and my wedding rings but I have way too much costume jewelry. I just love it what can I say and apparently so do you. 🙂 Nice stuff by the way. 😛
    I would be flattered if you would consider sharing this post on my first linky party ever. I think this is something a lot of readers would enjoy.

  13. This is getting freaky! I have a lot of the same jewels…and I have that exact Container Store wrapping paper (brought it home to possible use in my bookcase backs)

    You have fabulous taste! 😉

    xoxo, c

  14. This is getting freaky! I have a lot of the same jewels…and I have that exact Container Store wrapping paper (brought it home to possible use in my bookcase backs)

    You have fabulous taste! 😉

    xoxo, c

  15. I am loving your organization and am heading to Target to pick up some of those 3M hooks right now. What a great idea! Just became a follower! 🙂

  16. I recently pulled all my jewelry from boxes and got them hung up in framed fabric boards. I LOVE that I can see everything all at once now. I did a mini tutorial if you're interested. The post is called Framed Jewelry Boards on my blog Rindy Mae. :o)

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