Landscaping Complete

The morning I went to the house to check on the progress and found the landscaping complete was such a happy day.  It was about 9:00 a.m. and so very serene and peaceful here.  I am so enjoying praying over this home and thanking God for all of the blessings He has bestowed on our family.  The only things left to finish the exterior are: 1) install shutters; 2) paint the window frames; 3) add house number and mailbox; and 4) install front door.
Here are some other shots:
Looking forward to those backyard barbeques.  There is a rose bush and room for me to plant a small herb garden:)

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Meet Megan

Hi! I’m Megan, mom to a thoughtful teenager and spunky young girl. We call Houston home and recently moved into our dream home. I traded my lawyer hat to become a full-time blogger in 2010. I love sharing my passion for affordable fashion, home decor, organization, & fitness to help inspire you to take care of you!


  1. Hi Megan. Welcome to blog land. I saw your comment over on Domestically Speaking saying that you had questions about linking up to parties. To the best of my knowledge no hostess requires that your post be new. Some put a limit on how many posts you can link up per party and their party rules are usually listed.

    I am sure that there are different ways to go about linking to a party but you must first sign up with Mr Linky. Many bloggers who host parties have the link to Mr. Linky at the bottom of their blog. The instructions can be found at the Mr. Linky website. If it is not a the bottom of MaryAnn's blog just google it.

    It takes a few times to get it down so don't feel bad if you are confused at this stage. I will probably not be the only one to give you directions so hopefully it will make sense after you have read a couple of explanations.

    I love you blog design but I can't read the print on your sidebar (the black band on the right) try making it a little lighter and it should be easier to read.

    Your new house looks great. The lighting fixture in your closet is divine. I can't wait to see it unwrapped.


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