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Hi ladies!!  I’ve got something extra special for you today! I made it super easy for your honey to get you something you’ll LOVE for Valentine’s Day!  I know they mean well, but sometimes the guys need a little help in the gift giving department, am I right?!  If your sweet man needs a few helpful hints, just copy and paste this link and email it to him! 
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Men, listen up! I know we haven’t met, but your girlfriend/wife/mom/daughter and I are kind of internet besties and I’m here to help you out for Valentine’s Day! Oops! You didn’t realize Valentine’s Day was in less than 2 weeks?!  That’s okay, you’ve probably been focused on the Superbowl.  We’ll keep it our little secret! What’s that? Valentine’s Day is a ‘made-up’ holiday, you say?!  Psssft! Well, she might even agree with you, but she still enjoys any excuse for you to let her know she’s loved and appreciated!  So, even if you don’t believe in this February 14th holiday, just play along and it will all be over in 24-hours!  And trust me, you CANNOT go wrong with one of these gifts, ALONG WITH a sweet note of appreciation for who she is and what she does.  

I made it easy for you and created a collage since I know most guys are visual creatures and below that, the gift item is linked in pink and the reason why she wants it is explained after that!  All of these things are from Nordstrom (not a sponsored post!) so you get free shipping, or if you’re like my husband and often wait til the last minute, they have $15 two-day shipping.

I hope y’all have a very happy Valentine’s day, and if you take my advice, you surely will! 

– M

Watch – Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to spoil her with something special like a new watch. She’ll wear it everyday and think of how sweet you were to get it for her for Valentine’s Day.  You’ll even get extra credit with this particular watch because all her friends will compliment her on it and then she’ll have another opportunity to brag on you for getting it for her! 

Tassel Earrings – These tassel earrings (long or short) come in a bunch of fun colors and will perk up her outfit.  She’s probably over winter by now and these earrings add a perfect pop of color to her outfit and lift her spirits that Spring is on the way. 

Top – Most women love a comfy, soft tee, but this one steps up it’s game with the criss-cross strap in front.  It also comes in other colors, but the pale pink is sweet for V-day.  It fits TTS (true to size), so go into her closet and look at one of her favorite t-shirts to see what size she wears if you’re not sure. It doesn’t take that much effort and we do that for you when we’re buying you button-down shirts for work. Neck size, anyone?? 
Kate Spade Initial Necklace – You definitely cannot go wrong with this petite gold initial necklace.  You have some options as to what initial you want to use too.  You could obviously go with her first name, her last name, kid’s name (new mom’s especially love that) but if she’s a mama to more than one, you’d need more initials.  When my daughter was born (and we also have a son), my husband got me this special initial necklace with two J’s and I cherish it.  The Kate Spade one is really pretty too and I’m sure she’d love it just as much, for under $60
Drop Earrings – She will think these quatrefoil (that’s the design on the earrings) logo earrings are so pretty and lightweight, so they’re easy to wear.  And they’re actually not huge, just the right compliment and change of pace from a regular hoop earring.  They’ve gotten about 150 positive reviews from other ladies who love them, so she’ll be in good company. 
Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Bag – Truthfully, you will be a hero and probably get lucky! with any Rebecca Minkoff bag.  They are on the pricier side, but the quality and style are superb! The red one pictured is actually on sale 40% off, but if you think the red is too specific and you want her to be able to carry the bag more often, go with this one in more neutral colors (they grey/black and mushroom/gold are super pretty if you’re having trouble deciding).  Or this black with gold hardware
Robe – If given the opportunity, most women love to lounge around on weekends in a soft, cozy robe, but they never seem to buy them for themselves.  If you want to make V-Day extra special, you could present her this amazing robe, tell her to stay in bed, and then make her breakfast in bed!  If you have kids and let them help, it will be that much more special.  This robe is a relaxed fit, so if she is small, I’d size one down.  You can choose from 8 colors and everyone who has this robe raves about it! It’s even good for relaxing evenings so she’ll get lots of use out of it.
Kate Spade Striped Tote – This black and white striped nylon tote is awesome! It’s the perfect size, lightweight and will wipe clean beautifully if she gets it dirty.  She’ll also be able to use it all year long! 
iPhone case – This iPhone case is darling!  Will be especially cute if she takes a selfie in the mirror and the case shows up in the pic! 😉  Even if she hates selfies, her phone will look adorable sitting on her desk at work!  This one is for the iphone 7 & 7+, but here you’ll find equally as amazing ones for the 6 & 6+.
Vince Camuto Peep Toe Bootie – If you saw her wearing booties a lot this fall and winter (especially this pair), trust me, she’ll go gaga for this pair of peep toe booties for Spring.  The perforated style says, “hello, Spring” and the nude color will go great with everything!  How cute is the side v-cut out?!?!  You have to preorder these babies though since they aren’t available to ship until Feb 10!

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Sneakers –  We do a lot of running around and even if we like to wear heels, wedges, and booties, sometimes you just need a comfy sneaker.  I have this pair and can vouch for their comfort, quality and cuteness factor.  They are a double bonus because she can workout in them or just go run some errands and her feet will be comfy and she’ll look sporty chic!  I put a couple more pair of cute sneakers in the “shop the look” below. 

Leopard Heels –  Every woman needs a bit of leopard in her life, even a little kick on her feet will be enough to spice up her outfit. This pair is by Sam Edelman and that brand is known for their quality and comfort.  It’s hard to find a great leopard heel, so this one is a treasured find!!

Ok, guys! I hope this made this Valentine’s Day a slam dunk! 

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