Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sneak Peek Inside (Second Floor)

Come on upstairs:

As you make your way upstairs, you first find the Laundry Room (installing jewlery harware!):

To the left is the Nursery:

And Nursery Bathroom:

Across from the Nursery is the Master Bedroom and Sitting Room:

Here's the view from the Sitting Room into the Master Bathroom:

Master Bathroom:

Master Closet (Hers) swoon!:

Master Closet (His):

View from Master and Nursery towards two rear bedrooms:

Media Room:  I thought the paint was going to be more navy but Jimmy liked it as is so we are leaving it.

Guest Room 1 (My Office):

Guest Room 2:

View from rear bedrooms, looking toward Master and Nursery:


  1. I love the lighting fixture in your closet. Can you share where it's from?

    BEAUTIFUL house!

  2. My master bath & yours have a similar layout (even the same bathtub with window above)! What did you put on this window? It's the only natural light in the room so I don't want to put something on that blocks it out. It's also the only opportunity for a pop of color/pattern in the bathroom so it will be the focal point.


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