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Hi friend! I hope your week is going amazing! We have another baseball game today, and it’s way out in The Woodlands, so that will be a trek.

And fun news, my son & I just booked our annual mother/son trip for the end of May. Any guesses where we’re going?? I’ll share at the bottom of the post. 😉 So far, we’ve been to Minneapolis and Miami.

New Spring Decor

Today’s post is a roundup of some lovely decor items I’ve been seeing at affordable retailers like Walmart and Wayfair.

Walmart decor


I have the vase and it looks really pretty on a tray with just a candle and decorative matches.

Bodysuit, Jeans, Tray, Vase, Cloche

BodysuitJeansTrayClocheVaseSimilar CandleConsole

I’m always drawn to green and florals this time of year. I’m even going to start trying my hand at gardening this month! I bought two raised garden beds and Elliott assembled them over the weekend. I will definitely keep you posted as I get going and share my progress along the way.

The framed botanical prints caught my eye and I thought they would look beautiful as a gallery or you could split them up into different rooms of your house.

Hydrangeas are my favorite! I have a live plant in my backyard that’s actually doing well!

Wayfair Decor


Mother/Son Trip

We’re going to . . . San Diego!!! James is excited to take in two baseball games. We’ll get to see the Padres play the Yankees and the Marlins. I’m so looking forward to this alone time with my favorite boy!


Jordan didn’t want to be left out last year, so we did our first annual Mom & Daughter trip and we drove to The Woodland’s Resort and stayed for two days. She said she wants to go to Galveston this year, so we’ll make that happen this summer.

The school year will be winding down soon. My son graduates 8th grade in 4 weeks!

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Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. San Diego is awesome! I would recommend snorkeling at La Jolla with the sea lions (truly an incredible experience), touring the Midway, and the Hotel del Coronado (Icouldn’t afford to stay there but you can get ice cream in their beautiful lobby and beach access). Old Town San Diego is fun but mainly for shopping “touristy” stuff. Have you been to San Diego? I know you will LOVE it!

    1. I’ve wanted to visit the Hotel del Coronado too, we’ll be staying at a much less expensive hotel within walking distance of the stadium! I appreciate your suggestions of what to do, I’ve never been!

  2. What does HS decision look like in your area? I have an 8th grade son and was curious how that process differs in TX from the midwest. I totally understand if that is private info and you are not comfortable discussing (my son is SUPER private) but thought I would ask.

    1. Oh girl, this was stressful, but also exciting. Big changes! There are lots of good private high schools here but they are all different. Some are co-ed, some boys only. My son had to take the ISEE test and then there are applications, letters of recommendations, etc. It was a long process and my son applied to three schools and thankfully, got accepted to all of them. He did the shadow day where you spend time at each school with a current student and we also visited. He was torn between two, and FINALLY made a decision the day before the deadline! The new high school will be a bit of a drive for me, so not looking forward to that, but hopefully, we can carpool. There are several kids I know going to that school next year. Sending you good vibes for your 8th grade son!

  3. Yay for San Diego! My hometown. There is so much to see and do downtown, you’ll love it. Definitely bring a light sweater just in case May Gray hits when you’re here.

  4. I have been following you for years and why don’t you age? I love all of these regardless of you getting younger looking, lol

  5. We’re Padres season ticket holders! You’ll have a great time in San Diego, definitely plan for cooler nights. When we first moved here we did a Seal Tour (land/water in one vehicle) and took a Hornblower tour that took us under the Coronado Bridge to see the Navy ships, that was really cool. There’s also a fun boat called the Patriot Jet Boat that does fast spins and kicks up water. Enjoy, we love it here!

  6. Hi! You will love SD – it is beautiful and fun – my adopted home. You mentioned the Hotel Del – you can take a ferry from downtown across to Coronado: The area where you pick up the ferry is about 25 min walk from Petco – great stadium. It is along Harbor Drive with the Midway museum and the Maritime museum. You can just walk by these places and see cool ships. I highly recommend Torrey Pines State Park: There are (safe) cliff walks with insane views. Just ask me anything about SD. And so special to do it with your son. Hiedi

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