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Hi friend! Welcome to a fresh, new week! What did you think of the Super Bowl? I’m a huge Usher fan, so of course I loved his halftime show. He’s just so dang talented!

I grew up in California and my family are big 49ers fans, so that’s who I was rooting for. It was looking so promising for them right up until that overtime!

Wayfair Home Decor

Our pool is almost done – actually the pool IS done, but the turf, landscaping and fence still need to be finished. Since we extended the patio, we have more room for enjoying the space and for entertaining and having friends and family over.

I’ve been looking for patio furniture, and don’t want to spend a fortune, so one of the retailers I’ve been searching is Wayfair. They have an incredible selection of quality pieces at very reasonable prices. I haven’t settled on any patio furniture yet, but I did go down the Wayfair rabbit trail on home decor.

For every room of your house, they have the most stylish pieces. Whether you’re looking to revamp your bedroom, bathroom or living room, they have items for every taste and budget.

Wayfair Home Decor | Bedroom

Wayfair Bedroom Decor

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I’m crazy for this bed and have considered a 4-poster bed in my own room, but the chandelier would interfere with it in my case. This bed is such a beautiful mix of upholstery and iron and as I type this 60% off! It was nearly $1,700 and now it’s $590 for a king!

The deep blue nightstands would look awesome in our guest room, the blue is so pretty and such a statement that pairs perfectly with the blue trimmed linens and accent pillows. Those nightstands come in more colors – including a sage green, lavender, and fun yellow.

Remember when sunburst mirrors were all the rage? This one is updated in a new, modern style. I’m also crazy for the neutral abstract framed art and Becki Owens textured rug.

Wayfair Home Decor | Bathroom

Wayfair Bathroom Decor


This rug had me at hello! Soooo pretty with the pinks and blues! The runner is on sale for around $50, but it comes in larger sizes too.

You can have fun styling your bathroom making it into a relaxing place to unwind at the end of a long day. Sometimes we don’t think to add artwork or plants to the bathroom, but it can make the room look layered and interesting.

With pretty and functional storage, your everyday things look more high end and elevated.

And if you have a shower rod, the curtain tends to be on the biggest design elements in the room. This neutral striped shower curtain is lovely! And coordinates perfectly with the subtly hued towels.

See my primary bathroom here.

Wayfair Home Decor | Living Room

Wafair Living Room Decor

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In my patio, I have my eye on black iron furniture that will coordinate well with our black trimmed windows and doors and the black fence. I thought I’d be going with light wood, but the black looks so good.

Similar with this black iron coffee table and candle sticks. Having such a dark color creates a nice contrast with other lighter pieces in a room like the chair, side table and rug.

Bring in some texture with a basket or woven tray. I like the shape and size of this one, plus it has those cute handles.

The look is finished off with the soothing landscape artwork, unique standing lamp and fun throw pillow.

Of the three rooms I shared, do you have a fave? I’d love to hear. On Tuesday, the turf in our backyard should be installed and I’ll be sharing on Stories until I can get another blog post for you. I can’t wait to show you the pool and backyard all finished!

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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