Favorite Things Party 2023 & What Everyone Brought!

Hi friend! I’m so excited to invite you in to our 2023 Favorite Things Party!  The party was absolutely fantastic and a highlight of the year for me. It’s something we look forward to all year long and this 6th annual party did not disappoint!

Our Favorite Things 2023

Let me start with the list of favorite things since that what most of you are interested in!

It’s always fun to see what everyone brought and why they love it.  So many good finds!  Some of our gals went over the $30 price limit, but some of us were also able to find things over $30 that were on sale, so we stayed on budget.

Ali-Shaun | Folding Eyeglass & Jewelry Case

Katie | Rifle Paper Stationery Set

Leah | Chez Gagne Shower Steamers with clever sayings & Peter Thomas Roth Eye Mask

Tarah V | Grace & Stella Eye Patches and Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Melissa | Jo Malone Cologne

Megan B | Bum Bum Cream and Gua Sha Facial Tool

Angela | Turtleneck Poncho

Tara U | TheraICE Migraine Mask & Hermes Inspired Hair Scarf

Jenny | Elizabeth W Hand Cream & Cb-jeweled Necklace

Manuela | YSL Lipstick Set with Travel Bag

Marianna | Neoprene Tote Bags

Stephanie | Folding Leather Wireless Charging Stand & Lululemon No Show Socks

Jamie | Smart Home WiFi Outlets

Tisha | Bubble Puff Headband & Wrist Band & Portable Phone Charger & Clear Concert/Sports Bag

Tiffani | Facial Ice Roller & Neutrogena Hydro Boost Lip Gloss

Stephanie | Sports Umbrella with Universal Clamp

Bridget | Crate & Barrel Hand Blown Glass Tilt Bowl & Choco Love Chocolate

Rhonda | Bone Cheese Knives & Buzzed Cocktail Napkins

Kelly M | Chanel Inspired Floral Brooch & MangaPin

Anna | Fabric Shaver

Liz | Microgreens Growing Kit

Me | Marble Tray

Mari | Glamour Puss Red Lipstick & Lip Liner

Ashley | TULA Glow + Get It Cooling & Brightening Eye Balm

Erin H | Givenchy Le Roughe Hydrating Lip Balm

Erin | Celine Inspired Belt

Kelly O | Makeup Eraser 7-Day Kit & Diamond Dazzle Jewelry Cleaning Stick

Laura | Anastasia Eyebrow Freeze & Applicator

Kasie | Hat Magnet Holder & Champange Stoppers

Shannon | 15 lb Weighted blanket

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Favorite Things

1234567891011121314 15

Favorite Things


Favorite Things

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Erin Anna Luke & Me

Shannon Me (Merry PJs) & Tisha

Jenny Kasie & Me

Mama Jamie Ali-Shaun Tarah Angela & Me


If you aren’t familiar with a favorite things party, it’s a girls only soiree where everyone brings (5) favorite things for a gift exchange. 

Here’s how our gift exchange works:

Upon arrival, each guest dropped off their wrapped bags and then wrote their name on 5 slips of paper and dropped them in a bowl.

When it was time to exchange gifts, we all drew numbers. These numbers determine the order we present our gifts.

Once we all have a number, Person Number 1 goes up and explains her gift, where she got it and WHY it’s her favorite thing.

She then picks FIVE names out of the bowl. Those five people get Person Number 1’s gift. If you draw your own name or if you draw the same person twice – you put that name back and draw again.

So, everyone comes with 5 gifts and leaves with 5 gifts. We usually do 3 gifts, but this year decided to try five and most people liked it because they got to go home with more gifts.

Ali-Shaun & Tarah

Ali-Shaun & Manuela

Ali-Shaun Pajama Set & Kelly

Amazon Lounge Set

Ali-Shaun & Erin

For extra fun, we also did a few door prizes and drew names for additional gifts.

Gold Bar Cart Similar Snowmen


One of the ways this party is so easy to host is because it’s potluck.  Everyone brings a dish (appetizer, main or dessert) and a drink (usually wine or champaign).

This means that no one person is left with all the heavy lifting when it comes too food and drinks.

Salted Caramel Pots de Creme

I also cooked a pork shoulder in the slow cooker and have been eating leftovers for days! So yummy! There’s a recipe for BBQ sauce included, but I love this one and especially the easy squeeze top.


We’re also supporting our friend Ceci’s annual toy drive, donating toys to give to Texas Children’s Hospital.  Our own Ceci (age 13 and James’ good friend) was a patient there herself for two months when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor years ago.

She is currently doing well, back at school and being monitored, but the experience prompted her to start her own foundation, Ceci Cares.

Each year, they collect and deliver thousands of toys to kids at Christmas. This is just one small portion of the gifts for this year. We love you Ceci (pictured in pink)!.

I’m so thankful for this amazing group of girlfriends. We’ve been in each other’s lives for a long time and have developed such a tight bond. Can you spot Luke in the photo?!

One more thing if you’re considering a party this holiday season- EVERYONE shares UBER so they don’t have to worry about driving home!  Safety first and foremost!

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Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Would love some of the recipes of the pot luck food. So much goodness.
    Just a heads up that in the first line of your post you have 2022 Favorite things party instead of 2023.

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