Hi friend! Yay for Friday!  We have a full, fun weekend ahead and it kicks off with James and I going to Game 1 of the World Series tonight!  I’m so excited to get to share this historic occasion with him.  He’s a huge Astros fan and getting to go to a World Series game is a true joy for him.  I’ve never been to one, so it will be a treat for me too!  And with my favorite little guy! ♥

Saturday will be a mix of birthday and Halloween parties and then, guess what’s on Sunday?!

My half marathon!

I’m so ready to just DO IT!  Running hasn’t gotten any easier for me, and I know those 13.1 miles will be really hard, but I’m so glad it’s finally here and I can participate in a race with other runners!  I won’t be setting any speed records, my goal is just to finish and run as much of it as I can!

We had a fun week on the blog, if you missed it, I shared several new outfits from Nordstrom.  I was so happy to hear that my secret to getting things done resonated with you – thank you for your comments on that one.

I was also live on Amazon sharing neutral Fall outfits that are both work & weekend friendly and Goodies has some fun Thanksgiving finds!


I always love seeing what y’all are loving and here’s what topped your list this week!

Fashion | One Shoulder Top, Quarter Zip Pullover, Wit & Wisdom Jeans

Amazon Fashion | Short Ribbed Camis (set of 3), Beachy Pullover, Lace Trim Top

Beauty | Ali-Shaun’s ‘cat nip’ Lotion, T3 Hairdryer Brush (on sale),  Nail Strengthener

Home | E Cloth, Sheets, Vintage Inspired Bells (also here)


Have you heard the statistic that we only wear 20% of our closet, 80% of the time?  Is that true for you? Since I work from home and honestly don’t get out much during the day except for school pick up/drop off and the gym, it could easily be true for me.  It’s easy to throw on the same pair of jeans and t-shirt day after day.

But y’all, I have so many CUTE clothes in my closet! Not as many as you may think because I return a lot of what I buy and also donate a ton to keep my closet from overflowing.  By the way – a closet tour is coming soon!

When I place a big order for a try on session (yes, I buy the clothes), if I just try the clothes on at home and don’t plan on wearing them again- back they go.

I could not possibly keep everything I order because it would be too much for one person!  But, since part of my job is to show you new outfits, ways to style existing pieces and be able to link things that are currently in stock, I have to order new inventory each month.

That being said, there are some things I keep, some pieces I love that I can’t bear to part with, and many tried and true things I wear often.

But, left to my own devices, I often reach for the same thing everyday and was really feeling like that’s such a WASTE of the clothes I do own.  It’s also not doing anything for my self esteem which always FEELS BETTER when I take a few minutes to put on something cute for the day.

So, this month, I challenged myself to GET DRESSED and share with you what I’m wearing each day.  I’ve been posting these photos on Instagram Stories and it’s actually been a fun little self-imposed project for me.

It’s helping me let go of a few more things I know I’ll never wear, and actually wear the things I like, but usually don’t reach for.

Here’s my October recap of what I wore this month, but I didn’t take many pics of my workout outfits.  And I think I missed a few weekends.


Size Reference : I’m 5’1/110 lbs 

Our October weather was a mixed bag of hot and cold days, with a few rainy ones thrown in, so my tops and shoes reflect the day’s climate.  But, I still tended to wear jeans most days – even to the Girl Scout talk and church with the kids.  I was happy to mix up the style of jeans though and a blazer or jacket is an easy way to make a jeans outfit look more polished.

Maybe next month I should wear some of my dresses – even if I am just at home.  Why not?!


Olive Pullover Sweater, Jeans, Mules


Sweater Fit: I’m wearing a Small 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25


Bodysuit, Jeans, Wedges


Bodysuit Fit: I’m wearing an XXS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 24


Striped Long Sleeve Top, Jeans, Wedges


Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25


Sweater Tank in Hot Pink, Straight Leg Jeans, Wedges


Top Fit: I’m wearing a Small 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 


Cropped Tank, Joggers, Slides


Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Joggers Fit: I’m wearing an XS 


Black Tank, Straight leg Jeans, Wedges


Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25


Sweater Vest, Jeans, Sandals

TopLoft JeansSandals

Top Fit: I’m wearing a Small 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 Petite


Pink Tank, Jeans, Wedges

Top  • Loft JeansWedges

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XXS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 Petite


Jacket, Bodysuit, Jeans, Sandals

BodysuitSimilar JacketJeansSandals

Bodysuit Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 


Tunic Sweater, Jeans, Booties

SweaterDaily Ritual JeansBooties

Sweater Fit: I’m wearing a Small  

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 Short 


Tank, Leggings,

TankJacketLulu LeggingsSneakers

Tank Fit: I’m wearing a Small 

Jacket Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Leggings Fit: I’m wearing a 4


Striped Walmart Sweater, Jeans, Booties

 SweaterWit & Wisdom JeansBooties

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 0 


Bodysuit, Rails Top, Jeans, Sneakers

BodysuitButton downJeansSneakers

Bodysuit Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 Petite


Lounge Set Sneakers

Lounge SetSneakers

Lounge Set Fit: I’m wearing a Small 


Black Tee, Jeans, Sneakers


Top Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 


Tee, Blazer, Jeans, Heels


Tee Fit: I’m wearing an XS 

Blazer Fit: I’m wearing an XXS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25  


Striped Sweater, Jeans, Mules


Sweater Fit: I’m wearing an XS

Jeans Fit: I’m wearing a 25 Petite  

If you like this post, let me know and I’ll do one for November too!  I was even thinking I could do more of a capsule wardrobe next time.  What do you think?

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Have a fantastic weekend friend!

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  1. Good luck on your race this weekend! As a veteran of dozens of half marathons I thought I would share what helps me. I walk through every aid station so I can really absorb the water (and not spill it on the ground). I think of my race not as 13 miles, but as the segments in between the aid stations. So if they are every 3 miles for example, I think just a 5k and I can walk and take some liquids. This changed everything for me since it seemed more manageable and I don’t beat myself up for walking since it’s only through the aid stations. It really helps reset my frame of reference. You’ve done all the hard work, your body is ready, I guarantee that you can finish! You just trick your mind into also believing. Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you Sunday!

  2. As a fellow Houstonian, I am thrilled for you to go to the World Series tonight!!! I attended an NBA finals game when my childhood team was playing a few years back, and the energy and excitement at a championship game is bucket list worthy! Also, good luck at your half marathon, you should be so proud of yourself. The link to the chain link mules seems to be broken. And I loved this post!

  3. Love this monthly recap of what you wore. Please keep doing them. I am retired and don’t leave my house that often either so this provides great inspiration of how to perk up my day a little. While the dressier outfits are cute to look at they just aren’t that practical for my stay at home life now and all the casual things you wore were much more likely to be in my closet.

  4. I have relocated to the Chicago area. Morning here are already in the 30s, so I am shivering seeing you in tank tops🤣

  5. Good luck on your race, you’ll probably surprise yourself at how well you’ll do. Running with others fuels adrenaline you didn’t know you had like the crowd at the ball game tonight. Good on you for the willingness to start, you’re already a winner.

    1. I think you’re so right about the energy of the other runners. It’s amazing all the people you see running and giving their all. I’m sure it’ll make me cry at first!

  6. I work from home as well. (I am also seeking part-time remote work). I tried daily to get dress and walk 2 miles.10/18 is my favorite
    You will do amazing on Sunday

  7. I enjoyed your What I Wore This Month. I’m so glad I don’t have to take a picture every day ! I do try to rotate my clothes so there’s that.

    Good luck on your half marathon. You made a goal and are following through with it. What a great example for your kids!
    Can’t wait to hear about it.

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