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Hi friend! Happy Monday! Welcome to a fresh, new week!  We had such a good weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday on Saturday.  I love it when we can all get together and hang out, just spending time together.   All of the cousins are getting so big!

And the training session for our new puppy, Luke went really well too.  Honestly, it was more of a training session for me and the kids.  I wanted to learn tools for getting Luke to stop jumping up on Jordan and the dog trainer Russell helped tremendously.  The first lesson also taught Luke how to go to his “place” and now I just have to practice with him to help reinforce it.

I’m putting together a puppy update post and will be sure to include everything we’re doing and learning soon!

Walmart Fall Decor

WreathPumpkinsDoor MatPersonalized Collar/Leash

Maltipoo Puppy

I swear, his cute little face just kills me!


Are you getting anxious for Fall to be upon us?  I know I am! I put away my Spring decor and pulled out the Fall decor bins a couple of weekends ago.  Since we moved into this house in March, this will be our first Fall and Winter here.  Lots of new spaces to decorate and new ways to style the decor!

I found some super cute Fall decor items at Walmart and I love how inexpensive they are.

Walmart Fall Decor


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Fall Wreath

I bought this natural Fall wreath at Walmart and wanted to put in on our oven vent hood, but while this wreath is pretty in person, I think that kitchen space needs something larger.

Fall Garland

I bought two of the same style six-foot garland for our fireplace mantle.  I layered the two garlands together to create a fuller effect.  Each garland is under $10, so not a big investment.

Although the TV takes up most of the space here, there is room for the garland and I even ended up adding two tall candlesticks after I took this picture.  I’m now trying to find where I put my twinkle lights because I think that will be so pretty intertwined with the garland.

I swear, I’m so excited about fires this Winter.  I’ve never had a fireplace before – or a mantle to decorate!


Walmart is also killing it with their Fall fashion pieces.  How cute are the items below?!  I just ordered the plaid top, colorblock pullover and hat!

Walmart Fall Fashion


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If you’re looking for Amazon fashion, go here for my latest Amazon outfit haul.  It’s a good one!  And enter my September Loves GIVEAWAY here.

Now let’s go kick Monday’s booty!

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