James’ Picks for Gamers, Plus Gifts for Her & Kids

Hi friend!  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!  I’m popping in for a special post today with gift guides to help you get your holiday shopping done.  I’m about 75% finished, how about you?

For the first gift guide, I called in my tech expert, my 11 year-old son, James.  He’s a whiz at technology and his teachers nicknamed him ‘Tech Support” at school.  His room is set up for gaming, but I also make sure he spends time with the fam, being active, helping around the house, and of course, doing homework.

He was happy to share his picks for kids who like gaming and also described why all of these things make good gifts.

I was gonna call this his Picks for The Gamer, but he corrected me.  No, Mom, it’s not “the gamer” it’s just “gamer”. Okay, well now that we got that out of the way!



I asked James to describe in his own words why he likes each of these things and this is what he said:

Xbox – It has “Next-gen”, which allows you to have more in-depth game play.  For example, if you’re playing Madden, it will tell you the best plays to run and it has better graphics.  It also has more speed and extra game storage.

Nintendo Switch – It’s portable and has good games.  If your friend has one too, you can play games together.

Chromebook –  It’s compact, easy to transport, and a laptop (instead of PC/desktop computer).  The Chromebook is known for being a work laptop and is good for school.  He had to have this for 6th grade this year.

Microphone – I use it to talk to my friends online when I’m playing games with them.  It has better audio quality and I can hear them better.

Gaming Headset– These are noise cancelling headphones and feel really comfortable on your head.  They also have good sound quality.

Keyboard – This keyboard lights up and has good feedback. (Mom asks, what does that mean?) Answer: It means the buttons respond quickly which is especially important in gaming.

Mariokart – You race against 12 other Mario avatars and this one is for Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros – You brawl and your main goal is to unlock characters and get all the characters and beat them in a brawl. (Mom asks, is it a friendly brawl?) Answer: not really.

Madden22James has been asking for this.  It’s a football game that has Next-gen so it looks more realistic.

Minecraft – You build things and try to survive by getting better and better gear.  The best gear is called Netherite and you have to mine for hours to get the entire set.  (Mom asks, Do you have the entire set?) Answer: Yes.  I play with my friends on Minecraft servers.

NBA 2K 22 – It’s a basketball game and you use “My Career” to create your own player, play for your favorite teams, and try to build the best player.

Beats Headphones(Mom asks, why do you need the Beats when you have the other headphones?) Answer: For portable use, they’re also bluetooth so I can use them with my with phone, Cromebook or PC.  James saved up his own money to buy these.

Gaming Chair – It’s REALLY, really comfortable, adjusts up and down and also reclines and I can put my feet up.  And it also swivels and rolls. He got this for Christmas last year.

Tween Boys Room with Gaming Desk

Gaming gifts are hard if you don’t even understand what the words are or what you’re buying!  I hope his descriptions helped you understand a little better why an 11 year-old likes this stuff and wants it for Christmas.

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I know it’s convenient to shop in one place when you’re buying gifts, so all of the things in today’s post are from Walmart.  I love that you can order your groceries and gifts all in one fell swoop! And you know the prices are gonna be good!


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Several of these items have been hits with my kids, including the doll house, bikes (Jordan just took the training wheels off hers!) and basketball hoop (you can raise and lower the backboard, so older and younger kids can both play).   I’m also intrigued by the color chemistry set – it has a ton of great reviews!


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If you’re reading via email, click here to see the shoppable images

I’m hoping to get some wrapping done today and finish up decorating the house.  You can see Part 1 of our Christmas decor here.

Have a fantastic day friend!

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  1. I have to give my 2 cents here just so that if someone buys a Chrome book specifically for a gamer…it is not a gaming laptop. If you have one that you are using already it works fine, but if you have a kid (maybe I should say a teen?) that is super into gaming their heart will be broken. There are several games that they would not be able to use at all because of the poor graphics, they don’t have a whole lot of storage and the CPU is not very powerful. Don’t get me wrong, Chromebooks are a great everyday laptop and you can play some of the best casual games on them! But I would not recommend it to anyone specifically if they are using it for gaming.

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