Dorm Room Essentials

Hi friends!  I hope you’re doing amazing!  We’re starting to get ready for back-to-school as the kids start next week.  The biggest hurdle is going to be waking up early consistently since we’re currently all over the place with that.  Some days we’re up pretty early, and other days like yesterday, we slept until 8:00 a.m.  We only woke up because Grandma arrived!  I like to wake up early, about 5:30 a.m., so I’m actually looking forward to it!

This year, I have one child going into Kindergarten and one going into 6th grade. We have several years until my oldest goes to collage, but I know those years go fast!

I know many of you are sending your kids off to college and I can’t even imagine the mix of emotions you must be feeling.

You can’t know exactly how it’s going to feel until you’re there, but I’ve had friends go through it and it’s been intense.  I imagine it’s a combination of being exceedingly proud of the young men and women you have raised, pain/grief at not having your child living at home anymore, and maybe even a twinge of guilt that you feel excited about regaining a bit of freedom for yourself.

It’s okay to feel everything you feel and also healthy to let yourself feel it all.  When we bottle it up is when we get into trouble.  I’m sending you all so much strength and love as you proceed into this next chapter.  I hope it’s full of love and growth and joy!


I think my nesting instinct will want to take over when it’s time to move my kids into their college homes.  It will feel like I’m doing something to help them and give them a good start as they learn to live on their own- for real.

To help transition your college student into their new lives on campus, here’s some things that may come in handy:

Dorm Room Essentials


1 • I’ll never forget the first time I had coffee, and it was in college!  How cute is this little single serve Keurig?! It’s on sale $20 off and I adore the slim white one too!

2 • I feel like my 11 year-old could even use this mulit-use power strip that comes with 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports, plus a 15 foot cord.  If he’s studying with friends on laptops and using phones, this will be so handy.

3 • We have this extra long power cord, and it’s so nice not to have to sit on the floor to use a device while you’re charging it!

4 • If she’s sharing a bathroom, a shower caddy to contain all her shower essentials will be so helpful.

5 • We hope there’s lots of studying and reading being done in collage, and being comfy on this reading pillow will surely help!

6 • A laptop desk turns anywhere into a convenient place to study.  I use something similar when I’m typing on my laptop while sitting on the couch.  The slots for your phone, drink and other essentials is incredibly handy.

7 • When you don’t have much room, a mini handheld steamer is key!  It takes up hardly any space, but works hard to get all those stubborn wrinkles out- especially when you don’t have mom or dad taking things out of the dryer for you. I remember my college intern telling me how absolutely messy things were when she got to collage.  She was really surprised and definitely missed the cleanliness of home!

8 • Command hooks are perfect for dorm rooms because they leave no damage to the walls and give you extra space to hang hats, backpacks, coats or towels.

9 • Double the storage space in their room with under the bed bins.  They’re clear so he can easily tell what’s inside.

10  • Something you don’t necessarily think about, but definitely want it when you need it is a First Aid Kit. This one has everything they need for minor cuts, scrapes, sprains and burns.

11 • A good night’s sleep is essential and this mattress topper has rave reviews- nearly 50,000 and it’s under $50!

12 • When I stumbled upon this laundry hamper/backpack, I thought, “of yeah” they’re gonna need that!  It’s perfect for transporting loads of laundry to be washed.  It also has a mesh pocket for detergent and dryer sheets.

13 • And yes, I’m sure they are definitely going to miss the fridge at home!  The next best thing is this mini fridge.  It’s stainless steel and even has a freezer compartment!  Also $40 off!

I’d love to hear- when does school start for your kids and what grades are they going into?

Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. My kids started yesterday, a junior and a sophomore! This is very helpful as I am already making a list of dorm room essentials and anticipating that exciting time in our lives and our daughter’s!

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