Hello friends!  I hope you had a joyous Christmas yesterday!  I was up super late on Christmas Eve because James was too excited to sleep.  I think he finally fell asleep around midnight after I lay down with him. Then Jordan woke up at 5am!  I kept her in bed with me until James woke up at 6 am, but the sheer excitement and joy of the morning made it all worth it.  You can see a bit of it on my Stories.  It really melted my heart.

We had a really wonderful morning together and I want to share more of that with you tomorrow after I have a chance to download my pics and get my thoughts together.  I feel beyond blessed with my family and friends and your support throughout this last year and my whole blogging journey.

If you missed it, I’m giving away my December Loves and you can enter here!  It’s a small way to give back, but I hope it blesses one of you!

Today, I’m rounding up some of the best after-Christmas Sales.  Lots of us are gifted gift cards or spend so much time and energy buying gifts for others that we don’t spoil ourselves.  I hope you got spoiled rotten, but in case you need an extra dose, here ya go! 😉


HALF YEARLY SALE save up to 50% on women, men’s, kids, and home

Two best sellers not to miss:

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan was $116, now $77

Cozy Chic Cardigan was $108, now $64

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - leopard cami with a cream cardigan and black jeans with black boots

Lace Trim Cami was $39, now $23 • Cardigan was $69, now $34

Lace Trim Cami was $39, now $23 • Cardigan

Lace Trim Cami was $39, now $23 • CardiganAmazon Skinny JeansSimilar OTK Boots


Stripe Sweater was $45, now $26 • Flare JeansHeels

Stripe Sweater was $45, now $26

Sweater was $49, now $29 • Amazon Skinny JeansSimilar Booties

Sweater was $49, now $29

Sweater was $79, now $49 • Amazon Skinny JeansLeopard Booties was $199, now $119

Sweater was $79, now $39 • Flare JeansHeels

Sweater was $79, now $39

Sweater was $39, now $29 • Jeans

Tunic was $69, now $49 • Leggings • Boots

Striped Sweater and Jeans

Striped Sweater was $59, now $35

Striped Sweater and Jeans

Sweater was $59, now $35 •  Flare Jeans •  Belt • Star Necklace • ChokerBracelets was $49, now $39

Winter outfit - fair isle sweater and jeans

Fair Isle Sweater

Sweater • JeansBlack Boots • Wedge Sneakers

Wubby Fleece Pullover

Teddy Bear Fleece was $78, now $49

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - white fluffy pullover with army green pants and black slides

Crop Skinny Jeans was $68, now $40 • Sherpa Jacket • Wedge Sneaker

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - white top with Jeans and boots and a cream cardigan

Hooded Cardigan was $69, now $41

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - BP lace Cami with Thread and Supply Sherpa Jackets with jeans and wedges

 Lace Trim Cami Quilted Jacket was $88, now $53 • Bootie

White Sweater • Red Sweater • Megan’s Pants • Ali-Shaun’s Pants  • Wedge Sneakers

Fair Isle Pajamas

Fair Isle Pajamas was $59, now $35

Pajamas was $98, now $58

Megan’s Pajamas • Ali-Shaun’s Pajamas • White Beanie • Grey Beanie

Flannel PJ’s was $62, now $37

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Barefoot Dreams Blankets

Barefoot Dreams Blanket was $180, now $134

Bliss Plush Throw 30% off

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - Ugg Melrose Shoes

UGG Melrose Bootie was $149, now $99


Tons of great basics at super affordable prices

Amazon Prime Day 2019





50% off your purchase & FREE shipping  Code : MOREPLEASE

2020 TopAmazon JeansLeopard Booties 



Sweatshirt • Jeans











Up to 75% off sitewide

SweaterJeansStar Necklace

SweaterJeansStar Necklace • Scarf

SweaterJeansStar Necklace

SweaterJeansStar Necklace

Plaid Top • JeansStar Necklace

VestPlaid Top • JeansStar Necklace

SweaterJeansStar Necklace

JacketJeansStar Necklace

JacketJeansStar Necklace

JacketJeansStar Necklace


Up to 75% off sitewide, plus an extra 60% off markdowns, code :  MORE


VestPlaid TopJeansFlats

Sweatshirt • Jeans

That should get ya started!  As for me, I’m hittin’ the sheets!  I finished typing this at 9:30 p.m. and can barely keep my eyes open! Christmas is WONDERFUL, but so exhausting!! 🙂

Have a fantastic day friends!

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  1. Your skin looks great in the 2020 pic! Besides skincare, I’d love to learn about Botox, fillers, and facial laser removal. Signed, mid 40’s mom with 30’s friends!

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