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How’s your week going friends?  I hopped on the struggle bus yesterday with a sudden eye infection #really?! #now?! and then Jordan was running a fever.  Those always make me worry because I know they can turn bad quickly.   We’re watching her closely and she’s still in feisty spirits, so I think we’re good for now.

We’re making progress on the gift front and even started wrapping yesterday!  I gave Jordan some wrapping paper and strips of washi tape so she could “help” in her own way.  It was really cool to hear how excited she is to GIVE these presents to her cousins! I kept thinking she’d be begging me to play with them, but she was more, “Violet’s going to love this toy!”  Isn’t that sweet?!


I found several quality gifts from a place you might have overlooked during your Christmas shopping.  I haven’t been to REI Co-op since our Spring Break ski trip, but it’s the first place we go when we need quality, cold weather clothing.  They always have a wide selection, competitive prices, and a knowledgeable, helpful staff.  All those ski bunnies and cyclists work there!  Even when gearing up for a summer trip, this a great place to shop.

As it gets closer to Christmas and you still haven’t found that perfect something for someone in your life, scrolling over to a specialty store like REI Co-op can help. I found gifts for him, her and even the kids there with my detailed selections below.  I love that most of these gifts encourage us to get outside and move! Nothing better than getting some fresh air later in the day on Christmas!

Gifts for Him

REI Co-op is definitely a man’s playground and you’re sure to find something he’ll enjoy there!  You’re welcome hubbys, dads, grandpas and brothers!

Water bottle : Not only will this flask hold a quick squirt of water for your man on the go, but his phone will stay in one place and be protected from the elements. There’s a hand strap to keep it from flying away and more pockets for small items!

Patagonia Fleece Vest : A fleece vest is a great addition to any closet. It will keep outdoor adventurers cozy and warm without overheating, but office dwellers will also benefit from the additional layer.

Patagonia Logo Cap : I don’t know a man that would turn down another logo cap. The bold logo says, “I like to do outdoorsy stuff” and it’s adjustable for a great fit.

Sorel Mens Slippers : These slippers aren’t just for lazy days INSIDE, these are tough enough to go outside to walk the dog, grab the paper or plug in the Christmas lights!

Sunglasses : These polarized glasses are a classic style with lightweight, easy-going frames. They come with a “Forever Warranty” too – which means they must be good.

Joggers : I live in joggers and recommend them to all my female friends. There’s no reason to keep them from the men! These come in 3 colors, have lots of pocket space and the coveted elastic waistband. #weekendpants

Yeti Rambler : Most men either have or really want one of those awesome Yeti Coolers, but this water bottle is a little more affordable! It keeps the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff super hot. Great to use as a thermos or to drink straight out of.

Gifts for HER

If your friend, Mom, sister, or bestie is the fitness type, I’m sure she’d be happy to unwrap any of these gifts.


Brooks Fiona Sports Bra : My favorite sports bra of all time can be found at REI Co-op. Unfortunately, I totally forgot to include it in this collage! #mombrain Y’all have heard me raving about this sports bra for years!  It’s extremely supportive (no more doubling up sports bras to run) with comfortable, adjustable velcro shoulder straps.  It’s TTS and fits according to your bra size with hook and eye closures.

Criss Cross Sweatshirt : I’m all about the criss-cross hem! I have this super soft pullover and I can tell you, you’ll probably never want to take it off! It’s fitted, but still a little loose – leaving you room to layer underneath.

Smartwool Socks : If you have a runner on your list, these are top of the line, high-quality socks. These are wool, but vented and stretchy in the right places. It’s a little narrower profile and a fitted heel-pocket to stay on your foot properly.  A friend gifted them to me in law school and they were probably the best running socks I’ve ever owned.  Now that I’m seeing them again here, I want to scoop some up for myself!

Merrell Sneakers : Comfort is the name of the game with these slip-on sneakers. They will take you inside, outside, all day long. They’re also really good for a ski trip when you are getting out of your ski gear and going somewhere else. I had a red pair that I wore for years!

Garmin Watch & Heart Rate Monitor : When you really get into training and working out, knowing and hitting your target hear rate is incredibly important. I have this one, that goes around your chest, but when gifting I know this watch version is much more popular! This one will tell you how far you’ve gone (or how far you have left to go) and can track all your daily activity and send alerts!  I always like to run with a heart rate monitor because sometimes I need to see that I’m overexercising!

Yeti Mug : I don’t think you can go wrong with a coffee mug as a gift. But THIS one has all those special Yeti qualities that will keep your coffee hot forever, or at least for a very long time. It also includes a lid to keep spilling to a minimum!  And isn’t the red pretty?!

Yoga Mat : Whether you’re working out at home or taking yourself to a studio class, a good yoga mat goes a long way! Your sweat won’t seep through the mat and you won’t be slipping everywhere either! I think my favorite part might be the stripe down the middle to help your alignment. AND it’s cushioned so your savasana pose might just turn into a nap! 😉


Gifts for KIDS

Of course, REI Co-op also has things like bikes and outdoor toys, and what kid doesn’t squeal with excitement when they wake up to find that Santa left a new bike under the Christmas tree?!

Kids’ Water Bottle : This water bottle can live in a backpack for school or out in the wilderness. It keeps drinks cold and the lid/straw combo doesn’t allow for leaks! It comes in fun colors as well.

Sleeping Bag : What kid doesn’t need a sleeping bag?! I love that this can be used at home, in a tent, or at a friends’ house! If you’re taking your kids out for some roughing it, this will allow them to stay warm and dry at night!

Fuzzy Gloves : All I can picture when I see these gloves is James and Jordan pretending they’re bear paws and it makes me giggle a little bit. They’re made for kids so they’re extra durable and there’s a pull tab for easy on and off!

Backpack : Of course kids need backpack for school, but the pockets in this one allow for travel and of course it’s great for hiking! There’s outer pockets for water bottles and storing other must-haves.

Lightweight Sweatshirt : This sweatshirt is an easy layer for kids who spend a lot of time outside. It’s soft and loose fitting as well.

Bike : I think Jordan is getting a bike for Christmas this year! Shhhhhh, don’t tell! She’s the one last person on my list! I really like this one because the child can grow into it and BONUS, there are stickers to decorate it with.

Native Shoes : This classic shoe is popular for being easy to slip on and off and easy to clean.  They are so comfortable too!!\ The little perforations look stylish, but also allow your kids’ feet to breathe a little. I think we definitely need these for our Houston weather.


I hope this post helped give you some ideas for your shopping!  Are you already done?  I’m still looking for something special for my Mom and a couple other favorite people on my list.  And I still have some last minute things to pick up for the school party next week.  I can’t believe Christmas is in a week and a half! 

Have a great day friends!


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