Fitness Challenge Recap, Your Feedback & What’s Next

♦ DAY 30 of the #HWHFitnessChallenge!  Log your exercise here by midnight tonight. ♦

I will announce the (3) $100 Nordstrom gift card winners on Friday!

Can you believe we’ve made it to the LAST DAY of our 30-day fitness challenge?!  That is worth celebrating with my friends! I’ve never done something like this on my blog before, so I’m honored that you joined me in this fitness challenge. We had participants from all over the world – and over 1,000 people logging their exercise! I love that it gave you all the fitness challenge ideas to workout every day!

I was so encouraged by your messages, comments, emails, and DMs along the way! My goal was to get us moving every day, increase our energy levels, and get us in better shape.  I definitely needed a kick in the pants to up my exercise.  There were lots of days where I didn’t FEEL like exercising, but I kept thinking of YOU and this challenge. It made me get off my butt and at least go for a walk.

My mom and I did this challenge together and both only missed one day of exercise in the 30 days!  My mom lost over 5 pounds!  I only lost 1 pound, but I can tell that I toned up in my arms, legs and even my abs.   I also meditated with my son almost every day.  That was one of my favorite parts of this challenge.

As with anything you set your mind to, going through the process always strengthens you and you learn about yourself.  I hope you learned that you are stronger than you thought!

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Here’s the recap of our challenge:

The food/drink rules are simple. No desserts. No alcohol. No fried food. And drink 64oz of water each day.

Exercise isn’t overwhelming. 20 minutes of activity

Wellness is necessary. You need to meditate, pray or write in a gratitude journal each day.

Each week, I shared a new workout that you can do at home without any equipment or with light weights (and I highly recommend jamming out to your favorite playlist while doing them!) along with a free printable.

HWH Fitness Challenge – Week 1

HWH Fitness Challenge – Week 2

HWH Fitness Challenge – Week 3

HWH Fitness Challenge – Week 4

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My workouts definitely suffer when I don’t listen to music.  Since the challenge was to exercise 20 minutes every day, I created a 20-minute playlist for myself so I knew I could push play and be done when the playlist ended.  The playlist is actually 23 minutes, to allow for a little rest time in there!

20 Minute Workout Playlist

What are your favorite workout songs?! 

I wear these wireless headphones when I run and I love the sound quality and how they don’t feel like anything on your ears.  They pair with my iPhone so I can use my Music app and go.  I’ve had mine for about two years now and they are still like new.  You charge them with a charger and the battery lasts a long time, so I only have to charge them every few weeks.

I’ve gotten lots of questions about my favorite running shoes and I like the Nike Flyknit.  They are really lightweight and flexible, and also breathable so your foot doesn’t get all dripping wet while you run.  I used to love to run in ASICS and still like that brand, but for the last couple of years, I’ve switched to the Nike Flyknit for running- especially because I do most of my running on the road.

fitness challenge ideas


I’d love to hear your feedback about this challenge and what you liked about it and what you didn’t.  Since this was the first time I’ve ever put something like this together, I’m sure we could tweak it to make it even better if we do it again.

I created a quick survey (only 15 questions) that would really help if you took the time to answer!  Most of the questions are easy multiple choice, but the last two questions allow you to elaborate on your answer.

Click here to give your feedback!

I’d definitely figure out a better way to log and track our exercise.  Initially, I started with a Google Doc so that we could all see each other’s names and exercise, but with too many hands in the document, it didn’t work out.  I know the document we ended up using wasn’t perfect because it wouldn’t show you what you had already logged.

Would you want me to start a Facebook Group where we can keep in touch and encourage each other? 


I’m going to keep up with exercising and try to get better at eating protein with each meal.  I feel like I’m on a roll now and have seen such improvement and have felt better so I want to keep going.  My struggle has definitely been not drinking enough water and not slowing down at mealtimes to make sure I’m really eating quality meals.

And I discovered Skinny Pop popcorn + truffle salt, but I need to lower that portion size!  I could eat a huge tub of it in one sitting!

Would you want to do another fitness challenge in the future?  I’d like to, maybe in the Fall?? (Update: You can keep up with the fall HWH Fitness Challenge here!)

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your enthusiasm during this challenge!  I appreciate you so much!

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Thank you again for participating in this month’s 30-day fitness challenge. I’m already coming up with fitness challenge ideas for the next round!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July friends!! 

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  1. I did it! I logged every day! It really helped to be accountable. I did awesome on the exercise, water, and meditation. I ate healthy food but maybe too much and I did have some treats. I too, am motivated to keep up the healthy habits. Thanks for you challenge and encouragement.

  2. I loved this challenge! I have been an avid exerciser for years, but can easily let myself slack. This challenge made me push myself harder and go the “extra mile” that I often times leave behind. I did not work out every day because I have always allowed Sunday as a rest day, but Monday-Saturday, its game on!! More importantly for me, I have been MUCH better about my food choices, and I’m incorporating intermittent fasting into my diet.
    Thanks for hosting this, and all the encouragement along the way! I will gladly do another one anytime!!

  3. It was a fun 30 days. I am hoping I remembered to log all the days, because I didn’t miss one. With the kids at home for summer, I try to stay off the computer and phone a couple days a week. Maybe a printable version of the calendar would work to help us X off days, check off water servings, and log minutes. Then we could log online when we can.
    Thanks for the motivation. I’m 5 lbs down, and my legs are feeling toned. Your blog is one I come back to consistently because you’re so relatable and kind.

  4. LOVED the challenge. I only lost a couple pounds (I have about 20 to go) but it really got me moving and I feel more toned especially in my legs. Logging my meals/snacks helped me focus on my macros and calories, just being aware helps you make better choices. I also loved the new workout ideas. I don’t have a gym membership, so it’s fun to mix it up at home.
    Thanks, Megan for organizing this!

  5. I’m in the market for new shoes…do you use your Flyknit shoes in the gym too? I need something for cross training days. Love reading your blog! 🙂

    1. You can wear them at the gym, but since I have several pairs of sneakers, I usually wear my Flyknits specifically for running.

  6. Yes to another challenge! I only made it for 3 of the 4 weeks, as I got sick and couldn’t do anything for nearly a week. That said, I’ve lost 3 lbs. and begun to incorporate most of all of the challenge habits. The accountability and your positive presence are so helpful!

  7. I truly enjoyed this. Had you not offered this I would have not started back up exercising. After having worked out with a trainer and at the gym both I might add for over two years I got burnt out and quit exercising altoghter. It was hard on me getting back to lifting and just walking or moving my body ached. Now I am feeling great and motivated.

  8. I did it! And I am pretty sure I logged everyday. I am sure with a different tracker where we could see if we logged already it would make it easier to remember and log correctly but otherwise I really enjoyed it and would do it again!

  9. I really enjoyed this challenge! I work out 5-6 days a week normally so this pushed me to do every day and though I didn’t loose any weight I def. see my body more toned which was my goal! I would love to do another challenge in the fall, maybe something that you can print out and mark off as you go. I’m pretty sure I logged in every day! Thanks for the extra push!

    1. I’m with you! Definitely toned up more and feel so much better! I’m definitely thinking about doing another one this fall! And I like the printable idea!

  10. Thank you so much for doing this challenge! I would not have been able to stay on track if I did not have the accountability. I appreciate your time and effort in doing this!

  11. Really enjoyed this – thank you so much for doing it! I did well on the exercising every day (trying to form a new habit) and on the water, but need to do much better on the healthy eating… Ah well, I’m a work in progress 🙂 Planning to try cutting out chocolate for July, since I don’t really do alcohol or fried food normally – it’s my sweet tooth that gets me! I would be very, very interested in a Facebook Group – could be a lot of fun as well as much needed (in my case anyway) motivation.

  12. Please do another one in the fall! When the temperatures start getting cooler, that’s when I want all the comfort foods and sweets so being held accountable would help tremendously!

  13. I loved having somebody push me to work out, I used to run every day even did 2 half marathons and since I moved to Texas, I stopped running. It’s not easy to run by myself and in this humidity. Anyway, I loved doing this and I will keep exercising at least 20 to 30 minutes everyday. Hope I didn’t forget to log in daily, I’m a teacher and usually don’t look at the number of day when I’m on summer brake. ??

  14. I didn’t take part in this challenge since my trip home to Texas fell right in the middle of it (and when flying in from Europe I pretty much eat Tex Mex every day!), but I would be interested in a fall challenge.

  15. Absolutely yes to another challenge! I exercised more in this month than I think I did the whole of the previous 5! I wasn’t great with the food and alcohol but I did drink loads of water so 2 out of 4 aint bad. If we did another one, I think I would concentrate on the food part more (since Ive got the exercise and water thing going on now). Even though this challenge has finished, I am continuing with exercising but I think I will give myself a Sunday off as I did find doing 7 days slightly too much. Thank you so much for organising and count me in if you do another one 🙂

  16. Megan I am so grateful to you for organizing this challenge! Over the past 4 years, my weight has slowly been creeping up, and while I try not to focus too much on the numbers I see on a scale, I wasn’t happy about the way things were trending. I had some health struggles last year that required me to stop doing any kind of exercise besides gentle hatha yoga. I am feeling so much better now, but my eating habits weren’t great and I was struggling to find a workout that I enjoyed and could do consistently. I was slowly getting my groove back, but this challenge gave me the motivation I needed to make my own health and fitness a priority and I feel like it really propelled me forward and took me farther than I would have gone on my own. I LOVED knowing I was part of a huge group of ladies following the same set of goals. I was going to suggest a facebook group if you do this again because it is so fun to connect with other people from all over the place and really feel like we are in it together! I was also thinking a print out that we could check off as we go would be great to help us keep track, but also because ticking off that box is sooooo satisfying! Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. One thing I loved about this particular challenge and hope you keep in mind for the next one was that it consisted of small achievable goals which is the key to success for me. Even on days when I was tired, I could always find the time and energy for a 20 minute walk, of course it helps that I have a dog who needs walking! I did allow myself more food cheats than was accepted, but I was so much more mindful than I normally would be, and i did say no to things that I would have eaten if not for the challenge. Huge kudos to you for inspiring so many of us. We love you!

  17. Thank you for organizing the challenge! I was sure to log every day but sometimes I forgot whether I did or not, so I may have logged twice in a day? As you stated another way or tracking would be nice. What about a private facebook group where we could all interact? Thanks again, would love to do another!

  18. One more thing— Maybe also share a recipe or meal of the day. I am always looking for yummy, healthy ideas. The garden vegetable lasagna you’ve shared is now on rotation in my house-yummm!

  19. I’m interested in another challenge too. I agree with the person who suggested a printable to be able to check things off as we do them. I also logged each day but don’t know if they all showed up so another method of logging data would be great. I saw your myfitnesspal app tips toward the end but will definitely use it next time. I also saw your playlist and wished I would have created one for different workout timeframes. Making it a group effort is so much more fun. I participated in a Whole30 group effort via IG once and it was good too. The next time the blogger created a Facebook group and it wasn’t as successful as the IG group. I don’t have a Facebook but if you decide to do the challenge that way, maybe I can still do it.

    1. I like those suggestions! That playlist really helped me! I could make more for different times. Someone said Spotify is a great way to share- maybe I need that!

  20. Hi Megan.. thank you for this challenge. My main reason for joining was to increase my exercises in my workouts.. I needed a reason.. and you ladies gave me a good reason. I started some good exercise habits I plan on continuing.!! My diet still needs help.. but there are all kinds of diets to choose from.. thanks for all the ideas you have us. I hope you will start another challenge and keep us up to date with what goes on with you ladies.. you are all super ladies. Thanks for welcoming me to your ladies group! Thanks again for everything.. I’m sorry it’s over. But the summer has just begun!! Take care… Jim

  21. Hi Megan.. saying hi.. good luck with your sale.. I hope you achieve your goals there. I’m still exercising every day.. I do more in my workouts some days.. today is a very good day.. it’s noon. And Ive worked out quite a bit.. you folks give us an update throughout the week.. I want to give you my update. You gals have a great Friday and a great weekend!! Take care… Jim.

    1. How sweet of you to check in! I’ve missed all my workouts this week! :(((((( I’m definitely going to go for a run tonight and workout through the weekend! Have a great one!

  22. I finished! Every day, I logged in! Being responsible was quite beneficial. I did fantastic with the water, meditation, and exercise. I especially loved the fresh exercise concepts. Since I don’t belong to a gym, it’s enjoyable to switch things up at home. The Fitness Challenge App is quite helpful. I feel amazing and inspired after reading this article. Thank you for sharing.

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