24 Hours in NYC

First up, let’s talk Halloween! How was yours?  I’ve never been a huge Halloween person leading up to the day, but on the actual day of Halloween, I love it!  Those kids are just soooo stinkin’ cute in their costumes and some of them are seriously so creative! At our school a few of the standouts included Pac-Man and his ghosts, KFC Colonel, basket of laundry with washer/dryer, Slurpee, film strip, and the cutest little pilot inside his airplane!

Of course I have to give a shout out to my own kids- the sweetest ballerina you ever did see and a pretty cute Michael Jackson! James even won ‘best boy costume’ in his class!  He was beyond excited to win because he tries every year, but this was his first time!

toddler ballerina costume

boys Michael Jackson costume


For today’s post, I wanted to share our quick trip to NYC last month, and I woke up to the devastating news of the tragedy in the city yesterday.  With every horrifying event like this, I get so sad and my heart goes out to everyone involved.  I wish I had the words to even express the feelings inside, but I feel like nothing is adequate.  I know that God hears our hearts and I pour out my prayers to Him- prayers for healing and peace and wisdom to know what to do.  I’m thankful that we have our Faith to turn to in times when we need that inner assurance that He’s got this and we are all going to be okay. We are all going to be okay. ♥


You’re given 24 hours in New York City, what do you do??  With so many amazing options at your fingertips (visiting a museum, strolling through Central Park, paying respects at the 9/11 Memorial, taking in the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Empire State building, and of course shopping on 5th Avenue!) it’s hard to narrow it down, but two things made sense for us- Eat all the food! and See a Broadway Show!

We were in Brooklyn for the BH&G Stylemaker event and extended the trip for one more day because – when you make arrangements to go all the way from Houston to NY, you want to make the most of it!

What to do with 24 hours in NYC


My best girl Cassie and I were actually twinning that first night and didn’t even plan it!

Brooklyn Bridge at night

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We arrived late and the BH&G event was in Brooklyn, so after a quick check-in at the hotel, we took a walk around outside and happened upon Juliana’s Pizza and decided on a whim to pop in because we were starved and the restaurant we were headed to was further away.  Turns out, Juliana’s is one of the best pizza places in the country!  #luckyus

Juliana's Pizza Brooklyn NY

If West Elm were a hotel, it would be the 1 Hotel.  It’s full of natural elements, reclaimed wood, and industrial steel.  No detail is spared and almost everything is made from recycled materials.  We loved staying there and would highly recommend it!

One Hotel, Brooklyn NY 1

The rooms felt like a modern cabin with all the clean lines and wood and moss by the bathrooms. It’s a good thing we’re comfortable snuggling together, because Cass & I usually share one bed!

One hotel Brooklyn, NY

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This was our second time doing a Foods of NY Tour– but this time we opted for the Original Greenwich Village tour.  The awesome thing about these tours is that you get to pop in and out of several different restaurants and sample the food, while also getting a tour of the city and learn about the history and culture of the town.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn (2)

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There are also several sit-down breaks during the tour, but also tons of walking, so you want to dress comfortably and wear shoes that won’t kill your feet later.  These Slip On Sneakers  were absolutely perfect and my feet were so happy at the end of the day!  It’s also good to be hands-free for the food you’ll be sampling as you walk- so a crossbody bag is a good call.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn (1)

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NYC sightseeing outfit, jeans, striped top, jean jacket, slip on sneakers

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The tour was off to a great start, with the first stop being CHEESE!!  Murray’s Cheese Bar is full of every variety available, along with all the good things that go with it.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Murray's Cheese

And you can’t do a Greenwich Village food tour without stopping for pizza!  Joe’s Pizza serves an amazing cheese pizza with just three ingredients- cheese, sauce and dough. I’m still dreaming about it!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Joe's Pizza

We stopped at O & Co., an adorable shop that specializes in olive oil and also things like balsamic vinegar and truffle salt.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn O & Co.

The truffle salt on popcorn was so good that I bought a small jar to bring home.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn truffled popcorn

And Royce chocolate had my name written all over it with their specialty, Japanese style chocolates.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Royce Chocolate

Palma restaurant was one of my favorites, based on the charming feel and quaint quality.  The family lives upstairs!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Palma

How darling is the inside with the fresh plant wall and cozy seating?!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Palma inside

Next up, meatballs at Pesce, a restaurant that also has amazing seafood, but apparently fish doesn’t translate that well on a food tour.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn authentic Italian meatballs

Then it was time for sangria at Rafele, which also happens to be known for their amazing ricotta cheesecake.  It’s supposedly one of the best in the country!  Looking back, I’m kicking myself for not ordering a slice!  That was our cutie pie tour guide!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn sangria (1)

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn sangria

We were so lucky that the weather couldn’t have been better for being out and about.  Last year, it rained on our food tour, which prompted me to go home and immediately order rain boots!  You’ll be so thankful you have them when you need them!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn sangria (2)

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And for dessert, we popped into the sweet like Milk & Cookies bakery.  Those chocolate chip cookies were divine!

Foods of NY Tour, Milk and Cookies

We got to see where Friend’s was filmed, right here on this corner!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn Friend's House

And ended up back at the cute taqueria.

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn

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After the food tour, we took a load off at this sweet coffee shop, Dante, and relaxed with our cappuccinos while listening to live music.  Not a bad way to spend the afternoon!

Foods of NY Tour, Brooklyn cafe

Then it was back to Brooklyn for a little sightseeing and a rest before our night plans.

Brooklyn Bridge

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After an outfit change, we were off to see Dolly with Bette Midler in the lead role.  Instead of a dress, I opted for this bell sleeve black jumpsuit and felt amazing in it!  It’ll definitely be perfect for Fall parties and weddings when you don’t want to wear a dress.

Black jumpsuit

Jumpsuit 2P • Shoes • Similar Clutch 

Even though we were in the ‘cheap’ seats, I still loved seeing the show.  I will say that not every seat in the house is a good seat- I had to maneuver around the folks in front of me!

Broadway Theater Seating

But it’s not everyday I get so see a broadway show starring Bette Midler, so I was just thankful to be there!

Hello Dolly on Broadway

And of course, getting to experience it all with my fun girlfriend made it that much sweeter.

Hello Dolly on Broadway

Finally, it was back to the room to get cozy with late night room service, which was actually delicious.  That cheeseburger and fries really hit the spot!  And I put some of that truffle salt that I got at O & Co. on the fries! 😉

Room Service at One Hotel burger and fries

cozy pajamas and cardigan

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It’s never enough time, but I’m grateful for the hours we got to spend in the big city!  It reminds me that there’s a whole world out there!

Comfy travel outfit

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What would you do with 24 hours in NYC??

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  1. My heart is with the families of the victims from the New York incident…so heartbreaking and senseless. Thank you for sharing your trip details, I have never been to New York but it is high on my list! My husband goes often for work, and one of these days i am going to tag along! That hotel was amazing! Quite different from the family friendly chains we usually frequent! And that food tour is a genius idea!

    1. I still can’t really comprehend how people can act so evil, and how hard it must be for the loved ones involved. You definitely need to tag along on one of your hubby’s trips! You would love it and the food is so good!

  2. I read your blog all the time and I love it! I have never commented before but feel compelled to after reading about your walking tour in Greenwich as I did exactly the same tour in 2011. I was on a girls trip with 3 besties and we did this tour as well as a few others when we were in NYC for the first time. I have since gone back 3 more times and could go every year! It was like a walk down memory lane as I read your post!

    1. Thanks so much for reading Daisy! It’s great to know you’re out there! Aren’t those tours the best?! Those guides really know their stuff and it’s such a fun way to explore the city!

  3. I love that you post what you did in NYC! My son is on a work assignment 20 minutes outside of NYC and I let him know the food tour is a must before he comes back home to Missouri. I may just have to fly out there and do it with him 🙂 Your kiddos looked adorable for Halloween!

    1. You should! It’s such a fun thing to do together and there’s all kinds of people that do it from couples to girls to family. Thanks on the Halloween compliment! Just too cute!!

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