Happy Monday!

Good Monday morning, friends!  If last week was the ultimate back-to-school productivity week, then Sunday was the super lazy, watch Flipping Out marathon for hours and get nothing done day. We had friends over on Saturday night, which was so fun and really convenient for us since we could just put Jordan to bed and still party with our friends.  I’m surprised she slept through 7 rowdy kids playing in the nearby playroom, but she did.  I just turned up the sound machine app and she was all good!
But, needless to say, this mama isn’t used to drinking wine and it totally kicked my butt the next day! So, I’m waking up today with a to-do list a mile long and a strong cup of coffee nearby!  
AND, did I mention I’m sitting here with brunette hair?!?!  WTF.  I went in on Friday for a change, but I got more than I bargained for and since then I’ve been wanting to like it, but it doesn’t feel like me.  Soooooo, I’m trying to wash it out and get it to fade (which is why she did it so dark in the first place- because she said it would fade quickly) so I can ultimately get it to what I really want, which is something like this picture below, with less concentrated ends.  I was thinking that would be less maintenance than my current ultra blonde that I get foil hi-lighted every 5-6 weeks.  If you didn’t see on snapchat (@honeywerehome), I’ll share some pictures here soon! 
via Olaplex
Wishing y’all a happy, productive Monday and a good hair day! 
keep in touch! 

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  1. I have the opposite hair story- Brunette and went for blonde highlights that turned out way too light for me. It was too inconvenient to get back to the salon, so I bought a box of dark dye. I washed everyday (as well as my white towels so they wouldn't stain!) and it did fade after a week or 2. And I liked the end color b/c the original highlights came back thru (a little) and gave the dark some dimension. Good luck!

    1. That's how I feel, too inconvenient to go back and I don't want to do anything more damaging to my hair, so I'm just washing and waiting it out. Our hair can be such a nightmare and then I feel silly for worrying so much about it! Ug!

  2. Believe me your hair will fade quickly! My hair is similar in color to yours, however in the summer it gets almost white and was just too light. So I thought I would ask for a golden color, I showed a picture of Miranda Lambert. It was still very blonde but more golden instead of the cool tones they usually do on me. After she was done with my color it didn't look anything like the picture I thought. But sure enough within a week it had faded quite a bit and then by the next few weeks it was back to where I was originally, so I wasn't really disappointed as it was just a quick change of color. I am that girl that usually says, same cut same color every time! It did feel weird to have much darker hair, still blonde but it almost seemed brown to me. You know when you are a blonde and you look at a color wheel of some blondes and you say, that's not blonde, that's brown and the stylist says, not its still in the blonde family…..yeah, no I don't think it is:) haha. Don't worry give it a week and it will tone down, sit in the sun one day and it will totally lighten back up!

    1. I totally understand what you are saying. Part of the weird thing with mine is she just did a partial dark lowlight, so I still have all this light blonde underneath- looks like two different hair colors! I'll show you soon!

  3. Megan,
    I'm SURE you still look GORGEOUS! But I wanna seeeee! Hey you could be me having to go deal with the gray re-growth every four weeks, and I could really go every three! SEE there is a bright side! Haha

  4. It will fade depending on what type of product she used. I agree with the above comment, it takes someone with a lot of experience to do what you are asking correctly, balayage. Especially on hair that is already processed.

  5. My friend was very blonde for many years but the damage was so bad that our stylist refused to color her hair blonde so they went brunette instead. It took me a while to process her color change because the look was so drastic and she said it didn't feel like her, but a couple years forward and she is totally dark brunette and as gorgeous as ever! Her hair is very healthy now too. I am brunette (have never colored my hair) so am a bit biased 😉

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