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Wardrobe Wednesday has been temporarily moved to make room for the weekly One Room Challenge updates that go live on that day.  Did you see the design plan for my office yesterday?! Ohh la la, it’s gonna be good!! And for those of you interested in getting a tiny sneak peek, stay with me until the  bottom of this post. 😉

style crush | bags

In the unfortunate event that someone held a gun to my head and gave me the choice of giving them either 1) all my shoes OR 2) all of my handbags, I might just freeze under the pressure.  It’d be a difficult decision for sure.  Remember in SATC when Carrie got held up on the street and was forced to give up her Manolos?!  In my faux fashion robbery scenario, I think bags would win out because they always fit and never hurt your feet.  Sorry shoes, you lose. 


A friend of mine once commented, “How many handbags does one need?” #allofthem!
But, I don’t like to play favorites with my bags. I’m fearful they’ll get jealous and really, what’s the point of having a variety of cute bags in your closet if you don’t rotate them out frequently?  Think of your bag as an the final accessory to your outfit.  It can add another layer of color, pattern or thoughtfulness to what you’re already wearing.  AND, it’s functional.  #winwin
I know it can be a pain to transfer things from bag to bag, especially if you carry a lot of stuff around, so sometimes I’ll just transfer my wallet and lip gloss or whatever I’ll need while I’m out that day.  I don’t keep the kitchen sink in my bag, so it’s pretty easy to make the switch frequently.  My mom, on the other hand, or friend Maggie . . .  you pick up their bag and think you’re at the gym with a set of 50 weights. 
Today, I’m sharing my favorite types of bags and the one my mom unknowingly chose for her (early!) Mother’s Day gift this year. p.s. Mother’s Day is a little over 3 weeks away on Sunday, May 8 (but you knew that)!
crossbody bag
First up, let’s talk crossbody bags!  When my son was first born, I fell in love with the crossbody because it was functional for going hands free and I could just sling that bag across my body and go. Mine was a Michael Kors, kind of like this one and the outside pocket and divided inside was really handy.
They continue to be go-to, and the styles are cuter than ever now.  The Kianna crossbody bag below is a recent favorite with its pretty perforated design.  Such a perfect design for Spring.  It’s also a bit bigger than some crossbody bags out there, so you can hold more things in it.   With a crossbody bag, you just want to make sure it doesn’t compete with your necklace and that it’s comfortable with whatever top you’re wearing.  
jeans (2P) | lace up heels (similar on sale) | tunic top (size Small) crossbody bag

tie neck top size XS jeans | heels  (on sale) crossbody bag | watch  (on sale)
The crossbody bag below is similar to the super popular (and super duper expensive!) Chloe bag, but at a budget price ($18 in black). 

So many cute styles out right now, many under $50! . . . 
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

A good handbag should be in every girl’s rotation.  It’s like the girlfriend you can always count on because they typically come with compartments (great for keeping organized) and aren’t so deep that you lose your phone or keys in the abyss.  I’m sure we can all relate to that annoying fishing for things in our bag . . . 

My Kate Spade bag above is easy to carry, very good quality, and comes in the prettiest bright pink and yellow now too, as well as black.
Even though totes don’t typically have compartments, they are great for their bigger size when you need more room.  If I want to carry a notepad or book or my iPad, I’ll reach for my tote since I know it can easily carry the load.  
They’re also easy to wear because you can comfortably wear them on your shoulder.  My mint/tan faux leather reversible tote has served me well and I used it so often that I finally bought a second one in the navy/taupe color.  It doesn’t have compartments, but comes with a detachable zipper pocket that’s good for makeup, keys, gum, etc. 
As you can see below, I really love my reversible tote . . . 

similar jeans | similar tee (on sale 40% off) | similar wedges 
similar jean shorts (just got these and LOVE!) | similar tank 

Striped top (XS, runs big) 3 colors | jeans (2P) | lace up heels (similar on sale) | necklace | reversible tote | watch | sunglasses
But, my favorite tote lately is the Rebecca Minkoff Anytime Tote because the stripes and colors are so fun and bold.  It’s really lightweight and very well made too. 

Here are a few more (under $75!) totes for ya . . .
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 

mother’s day bag
Which brings me to the very special bag I got for the most special woman in my life, my mom. She’s the opposite of me and doesn’t change bags with every outfit, but does have a small rotation she’ll change out every once in awhile.  And she’s got that whole kitchen sink thing happening, so I think this bag will be perfect for her.  It’s super roomy inside.
To find out which bag she’d like, I told her I was working on a blog post about bags (true!) and asked her to browse Nordstrom’s site to find the top 10 bags she liked so I could include them in the post (fib!).  Then, I dug down to find out which one was her absolute fave.  She said this Rebecca Minkoff Bryn Hobo bag.  Um, good taste, Mom! It’s the same brand as my striped tote.  I know she’d never buy this bag for herself, and she’ll even tell me it’s too much for her, but a million designer handbags could never show her how much she means to me and how much we need her in our lives.  
Rebecca Minkoff Bryn Hobo bag

It’s the thought that counts of course and the message that we love her so very much!  What do you like to get your mom for Mother’s Day?

And, One Room Challenge followers, there’s that little peek I mentioned above! 😉 
keep in touch! 

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  1. I have the same black and white Kate Spade handbag – it's my favorite for summer! But my white stripes aren't so white anymore =( I've tried baby wipes to clean it up (because baby wipes are great for SO many things!)but it still looks dingy. I even went so far as to put it in a mesh laundry bag and wash it in the washing machine at a super gentle cycle. Nada. How do you keep yours clean??

    1. Mine hasn't gotten that dirty, I think because I normally wear it on my shoulder. 😉 I'd google how to clean nylon- I think that's the material.

    2. I have the same striped Kate Spade bag too, mine got dirty on the handles and bottom, I carried that all last summer. I prayed with Shout on the dirty areas and threw in my washing machine (and held my breath, I was scared it would shrink). It came out clean and looked new again.

  2. The first Mother's Day after I graduated college and was working, I treated my mom to a Burberry bag. Same thing, I knew she'd never buy it herself and I wanted to spoil her 🙂

  3. I think I would hand over the shoes too, ha! I have too many bags to mention, and I can't seem to get enough. I put myself on a spending freeze yesterday but remembered a couple I saw at Nordstroms that I want to get before they are gone, so after today spending freeze!

    I love the navy/red/purple stripe bag in your picture. Its one I lust after everytime I see that picture.

    I have all of the crossbodys you posted except one (oy!). #7 I have in black and really wish they would restock it in brown, but I think I waited too long! Its the one I am carrying right now.

    The grey studded crossbody I have in the blush it is really a pretty color but I want the grey too 🙂 And I have cream crossbody #1 but have not carried it yet.

    I used to buy more expensive bags but my just turned 13 daughter is starting to get into girly things and I have switched to the bags that are less expensive because she will likely lose or destroy them and its less of a loss. She mentioned a few days ago that "we" have a great selection of purses in my closet and she likes that I am building her a nice selection to choose from. haha.

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