New End Tables

I’m so excited- my husband picked up the new end tables I ordered last week for our living room!  They are the Claremont tables from Crate & Barrel.  The top part is glass and the bottom is mirrored.

I haven’t had a chance to photograph them in our room yet, but here’s where they go- the smaller/taller one closest to the chaise lounge part of the sofa.  I’m still deciding if I should have gotten two of the larger tables instead of one of each.
And since the above photo was taken, we have new lamps to put on the tables:
I like the way the new tables lighten up the room because the old tables were very heavy and dark.  We still have the leather ottoman as a coffee table for safety reasons for James.
My other favorite Crate & Barrel table is the Jules– I’m trying to figure out where I can use these!

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  1. Love both – looking forward to seeing the ones you purchased in your living room!

  2. Love these tables! I would go with the two larger tables. They're going to look great in your living room!

  3. So pretty! I love the half-circle Claremont table they have too! I actually have been obsessing over it and then saw it in the latest House Beautiful… love it! 🙂

  4. Super cute! I love that they are mirrored on the bottom half. Also, what are you doing with your old end tables?? Oh, and love the new lamps! Hope you and James are well! 🙂

  5. Ooo I love those end tables! They're going to look great in your family room! I need to find something similar for our sectional…it really does help lighten up the room!

  6. You're such an enabler…linking those gorgeous tables! 🙂 Great choices.

    and I loved your target shorts! def going to look at those too!

  7. I'm sure those look great in your space! We have both the Claremont and the Jules in our living room!

  8. Those are adorable. Love how light and airy they feel. {and we have matching Target shorts!} Of course!

  9. So…out of curiosity, now that you have lived in your house, is there any thing that you would change or do differently in the plans? We bought a house that we LOVED on paper, but now living in it, I have determined that it wouldn't be my forever home if that makes sense!

  10. Love thew new tables. I have the Jules and love them as well except for the fact that my five year old niece took my lab for a walk then somehow tied her leash around one of my tables and the glass broke. Glad we have a good glass maker in town 🙂

  11. Gorgeous! Just be prepared to have the windex and papertowels out everyday with the little man. We are impatiantly awaiting to find something we love to get rid of our glass tables because of the kiddos. To each their own, but they are beautiful!

  12. I love those tables! And I think the two different sizes are a great idea since the smaller one will be walked by all the time. 🙂

  13. You mentioned you have new lamps – what did you do with the ones in this picture!? I'll buy them from you! :0) Need something for my hubby's side of the bed and I LOVE these. I saw one at TJMaxx a while back – I may have to drag the girls there to see if it's still there (probably not). and I'll also be visiting HomeGoods today! It's new lamp time. if I showed you my old ones (ahem that my husband bought when LNT was going Out of business – one is crooked another is chipped!) you'd shake your head in shame. I just can't commit to new ones so I stick with the awful old ones. I also hate to hurt his feelings but…it's time.

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