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Happy Wednesday y’all!  Today is a super special day because my son turns 5 today!  Wasn’t he just 2?!?!  Is it just me or does 5 suddenly feel very big-boy?  I’m a sappy mess, but flooded with love and pride for how special and wonderful our son is.  When I asked him if he wanted to stay 4 so he could always be my little baby, he said no, he wants to turn 5, but “I’ll always be your little baby even when I get big.”  Oh, yes, my son, truer words were never spoken!  And I plan to stay healthy and fit so I can keep up with this boy for many, many years to come.  
Today, I teamed up with one of my favorite retailers, Nordstrom, to share some of my favorite women’s running clothes.  Y’all know I love to workout, and I have discovered that good workout clothes make exercising that much better!  We’re fortunate to have an awesome running trail not too far from our house that I visit often for a 3-mile jog.  I’ll choose getting outside and running in the fresh air over being inside on the treadmill any day.  If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I’ll go twice around the loop, which makes 6 miles, but that isn’t too often because I run slow! 
The first crucial piece of workout wear for running is a good, supportive sports bra.  If you’ve ever run without one, you know why!  This Zella Heartbeat bra is perfectly supportive and great for running.  I was surprised that it has a removable pad in the bust like a bikini top, but you can remove it or keep it if you want a fuller look.  The medium fit me perfectly. 
This bra went on sale for 40% off since I purchased it, so I requested and received a price adjustment from Nordstrom.  I love that they do that! 

Another prefect sports bra for running is the New Balance Shockingly Unshocking.  It’s fit by bra sizing to make sure you get the right fit for your body and is so comfortable, even the straps.  I’ve run in this type of bra for years and it’s great. 
I’ve linked below the sports bras with the highest customer ratings so you can check out the one that’s best for you.  Running in a good bra will change your life- I promise! 

Under Armour Racerback Hoodie – love this top!
My everyday workout sports bra is by Under Armour.  They come in solid colors too.  I can jog in these, but I’ll usually double up this one if I’m going to be running. 
And let’s talk about these Nike Legend capris.  I’ve searched high and low to find a perfect pair and this might just be it.  I ordered them hoping the 200+ positive reviews were correct, and they were. I love the weight of the fabric and that the waist doesn’t pinch and create “muffin top” and how they keep you all snug inside.  I’m wearing size XS, but with Nike I sometimes size up.  I also love the stitching on the rear-  I think it helps make the booty look more lifted. My trainer was just remarking yesterday that, in the past, women didn’t want a round butt.  Now, everyone tells him they want that J-Lo rear. And if you’ve got it or some ‘extra’ back there, I hope you’re embracing it! 
If you like a long pant, try the Nike Legend Leggings or Zella Perfect Run Tights– I’ve heard good things about them.
If it’s chilly where you are, a good sports jacket is a must.  They breathe so you will be more comfortable during your run.  
Zella jacket similar here & here 
I prefer short shorts since I’m a shorty, and I love these Nike Pro Dri-FIT for running and biking.  The secret pop of yellow is so cute. Go for the Nike Pro Swift Dri-Fit if you want more leg coverage.  
Unless it’s the dead of summer and I’m sweating my butt off, I always wear a tank over my sports bra.  I have several of these Nike Pro Dri-Fit tanks, and they are so comfortable and they wick the sweat away from your skin.  This tank went on sale recently too. 
And don’t forget your feet.  I’m a big fan of Zella socks.  Even though I have other brands, I’m always reaching for these.
I’m wearing my Nike sneakers in the photos, but my favorite running shoe is ASICS.  Over the years, I’ve found they fit my foot the best (my foot is wide) and they last a long time.  The cushioning and arch support is just right too.
One more thing to definitely add to your running wardrobe is the Zella Z5 tee.  You will love the style, fit and rushing on this top. I’m wearing XS.

I have a hard time running without music.  Whenever I find myself with a dead iPod battery, I cringe inside.  Something about upbeat music just makes gives me energy and gets me going.  It’s so much easier to run “just till the end of this song” or “two more songs”.  Is that true for you too? 
I put together some of the songs on my iPod, a mix of hip hop, Christian pop, and rock.  My current favorite songs that I listen to over and over are: Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars), Mirrors (Justin Timberlake), Bang Bang (Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj), All About That Bass (Meghan Trainor), Turn Down for What (DJ Snake & Lil Jon), and Counting Stars (OneRepublic).

See more of my favorite workout wear & workout clothes that will take you beyond the gym.
UPDATE:  As of May 2015, I’m training for my 2nd NPC Bikini Competition.  You can follow along on my recent posts here:
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Ashley Brooks Photography 
Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post and letting me share my love of good running clothes! 

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  1. Great post. Love the songs, I nodded to myself after so many! I have been very fit in the past and got in a slump the past year or so. But now I am back at it and feeling inspired. Thanks!

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