Where did you get your cabinets?

You might be surprised to learn that two of the most-often asked questions I receive are: 1) Where did you get your kitchen/bathroom/media cabinets? and 2) How do you like your carrara marble counters?  I plan to answer the counter question in detail next week (short answer: yes, I like them, but they’ve gotten pretty beat up in 5 years), but for now, let’s talk cabinets.

When we were building our home five years ago (we bought an old tear-down home and built new), I didn’t know much about cabinetry, but I had a vague idea of the the look I liked and I knew that I wanted lots of cabinet storage space to keep things organized.  We met with our builder to discuss the features we wanted in our home and he drew up the plans and then had our cabinets built on-site as part of the house build.  If you look at each room, you’ll notice the same craftsman style cabinets and drawers throughout our home.  We’ve got brushed nickel cup pulls on all the drawers, and knobs on the doors.  You can see more examples from our kitchen, bathroom, and living room.  In the kitchen, half-bath, and wet bar, the cabinets are the same, but instead of being painted white, they are stained dark brown to coordinate with the floors to break up all the white.  Below, you can see the how the cabinetry is the same in both our kitchen and media cabinet.

Because our cabinets were all built-in by the same contractors who framed our home, I’ve never been able to recommend any particular brand of cabinetry, but I  recently discovered MasterBrand Cabinets, which offers kitchen and bathroom cabinets with a range of customizable styles and finishes.  MasterBrand has many different product lines with pricing and styles to match all budgets- perfect for either remodeling or building new.  
Once I dug into the website, I found so many gorgeous photos and realized it’s a very useful tool.  It can help you find your style, design your room, plan your project, install your cabinets, and finally, love your space. Although I’m happy with the design and cabinets we have now, I wish I had known about MasterBrand when we were building because I see so many features that would’ve been nice to incorporate into our home and I would’ve liked to have been more knowledge about cabinet design and construction, choosing a wood, etc.

The website has a “design your room” feature that is so helpful, and includes a budget calculator that can help you determine the cost of your project and give you a breakdown of your budget, showing you how much of the money would be allotted to cabinets, flooring, counters, appliances, lighting, wall covering, labor, etc.

To get some ideas flowing, you can browse the design gallery and see what piques your interest. Here are some dreamy kitchens I found on the site. 

Kemper Distinctive Cabinetry – Modern Off White Kitchen Cabinets
Schrock Cabinetry – Off White with Dark Grey Accents
Decora Cabinetry – Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets
Dynasty by Omega – Kitchen with Cherry Wood Cabinets
I especially love seeing the before and afters from real homeowners.  This kitchen redesign was one of my favorites.  It doesn’t even look like the same house! That wall of cabinets on the right hides two pantries and the desk area.  You can see more renovation success stories here.
These days, there is nothing your cabinets/drawers can’t do for you in terms of organization and making your daily life run smoother.  From drawer pantry storage to creative ways to store your spices or organize your pots/pans and dishes/silverware, even hide your dishwasher, your cabinetry can help you do that. 
I’m also smitten with the cabinetry for the bath and home office.  The bath below is so glamorous! And it’s interesting that they put a small counter ledge behind the pedestal sinks- that’s my only complaint with those- they don’t provide any counter room. 
Cabinetry by Decora – Bathroom Painted Irish Creme
Schrock Cabinetry – Contemporary Black Bathroom Cabinets
If you are interested in learning more or contacting a dealer in your area you can go here and enter your zip code.  You can also check out my Pinterest board “Dreamy Kitchens” for more gorgeous kitchen ideas.  Is there a feature your kitchen is lacking or that you’d love to renovate? I think the pot/pan storage drawer would be super convenient.  
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*I’m proud to collaborate with MasterBrand Cabinets on this post.  Of course, all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love all of the cabinet options today. I priced some new cabinets for my laundry room a few months ago and just for three cabinets (custom width of 15 inches though) it was nearly $1000 so I had to scrap that design, lol. Currently, I have white kitchen cabinets with dark granite countertops and bronze hardware. It's very pretty however I am not a fan of dark countertops since you can't see if they are dirty or wet although they do look beautiful especially when I polish them with the granite polish. In my dreams, I'd love those high end granite countertops with the beautiful graining/streaks (not sure how to describe it) or just white cabinets with the marble countertops and polished nickel fixtures. My townhome was flipped so everything is brand new so I won't be changing it anytime soon; although I didn't select any of the options, overall, I love the selections they made. My bathroom is gorgeous with the travertine tile on the shower walls/floor/sink/countertops with a darker curved vanity.

    Your kitchen is very pretty…looking forward to hear your comments on the marble countertops.

    1. I remember you saying your home was new and you enjoyed it. I tried to see if you posted pics of your kitchen on your blog, and didn't see any. But I did see your new wheelchair van. I bet that makes life so much easier. You take such good care of your son, I really admire all you do to research what is best for him and work to implement that. Wishing y'all the best.

    2. Thanks, Megan. I don't post much anymore but will probably post them sometime over the weekend. Life is very busy. Take care. Your home is lovely.

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