Mother’s Day Gift Idea // Spa Basket

I’m sure y’all know that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 11.  If there are any men reading this, I hope you are prepared (for the mother of your kids and for your own mom!).  For my mom, I put together a spa gift basket so she can pamper herself at home.  She isn’t one to enjoy going for a massage or spa day, much preferring to be home, so this will be perfect for her.  It was really easy to put together also.  I purchased everything at Target, with the exception of two specialty bar soaps I found on sale at World Market.  

The goodies I chose for the basket include all kinds of wonderful smelling ingredients for a spa day at home:

Sugar Body Scrub
Loofah Gloves
Terry Cloth Headband
Wet Brush- LOVE this!
Muscle Relief Mineral Soak
Pedicure Brush/Scrubber
Body Lotion
Facial Masks
Cosmetic Case
Nail Polish
Nail Art Stickers 
Polish Remover
Specialty Bar Soaps
Spa Towel
I simply arranged them in the basket on the spa towel in a pretty way- taller things at the top and sides, and shorter items up front.  I also tried to color coordinate the items to that they would look good together. 
I think it’s much better to choose the items yourself as opposed to buying a pre-made set.  It seems like those sets inevitably contain unnecessary items and it’s better to just get one or two quality things that the recipient will really use instead.  I made sure to smell everything, remembering the scents my mom is fond of or doesn’t like.  For my “basket”, I actually chose a white tin bucket because it was the perfect shape and size and I loved the crispness of it.   She’ll be able to use it later for another purpose.  
I put the nail polish, nail art stickers, and polish remover in the cosmetic case.  I found the Mother’s Day card at Paper Source over a month ago, but snatched it up, holding onto it for this occasion. 
And, I also included a note on this cool patterned scroll paper from World Market.
I know my mom will love this gift!  Of course, most moms just want to know that they are appreciated for everything they do (much of it being done behind-the-scenes), and to have their efforts acknowledged.  My mom gives to everyone, but rarely focuses on herself.  She is the best grandma around and really deserves a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I hope your day is special and that praises are heaped on you throughout the day for all you do.  
Did you ask for something special for Mother’s Day? I want to hear!  How do you normally celebrate the day?    

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  1. IT is a lovely idea, I am going to prepare some sweets by myself but this is a great idea tha tI am going to copy for a birthday of one of my friend!!!

  2. If only my mother liked spa like items, she has anything scented and has very sensitive skin. I may whip this up for a good friend of mine or even myself as a treat 🙂

    Thank for the awesome idea!

  3. We usually have a tea party for all the moms and daughters in the family, but won't be having it this year. I love your spa gift idea it would be perfect for my mom! As for me…I just want some fried chicken and new plants for the garden!

  4. That's a lovely idea! I did something similar. My mom will get shower gel, body lotion etc. + candles (which look like roses), something sweet to eat and a handmade book with photos. And of course I will organize some flowers on sunday.

  5. I've been trying to think of something really good to get my wife this year for Mother's Day. She's worked really hard this year and she deserves some time to relax. A spa gift basket might be just the thing for her. It would be exactly what she wants and it would give the impression that I put a lot of thought into her gift.

  6. I think it's so cool that you selected each of the items in the basket yourself! That definitely ensures that it's personalized to your mom's preferences. I'm looking to get a spa basket for my wife's birthday in a few weeks, but unlike you, I have no idea what her preferences are. I may end up getting one online. Hopefully I can find something good! Thanks for the post, Megan!

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