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I decided this year to include a picture of James in our Christmas card, so yesterday, we did a little photo shoot on our back patio.  I warn you that this may be a post that only a mother could love, as it contains nothing but pictures of my adorable baby.  It just cracks me up how many expressions this kid made in about 5 minutes!  So hard to decide which one to include in the card, but I’m thinking the last one might win out.  I love that it shows his big blue eyes, teeth and dimple- and the message on the pillow is showing:) 

image   James Nov 2010 Wreath 002 James Nov 2010 Wreath 003 James Nov 2010 Wreath 004 James Nov 2010 Wreath 005 James Nov 2010 Wreath 006 James Nov 2010 Wreath 007  James Nov 2010 Wreath 009 James Nov 2010 Wreath 010 James Nov 2010 Wreath 011 James Nov 2010 Wreath 012 James Nov 2010 Wreath 013 James Nov 2010 Wreath 014 James Nov 2010 Wreath 015 James Nov 2010 Wreath 016 James Nov 2010 Wreath 017 James Nov 2010 Wreath 018 James Nov 2010 Wreath 019 James Nov 2010 Wreath 020 James Nov 2010 Wreath 021 James Nov 2010 Wreath 022 James Nov 2010 Wreath 023 James Nov 2010 Wreath 024 James Nov 2010 Wreath 025 James Nov 2010 Wreath 026 James Nov 2010 Wreath 027
James Nov 2010 Wreath 028

And hoo-ray for the weekend!  I’ll be going on an Anniversary date (yay!), making wreaths for our front door, putting the final touches on our tree, and making a few adjustments to our stairs. What are you up to?  And do you send holiday cards?  I got mine this year from Target and Wal-Mart and will just insert the photo inside.

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  1. So funny.. I just pulled up your post right after I ordered my holiday cards.. and I picked that exact same card from Tiny Print!
    Your boy looks adorable in your pics!

  2. OMGoodness…I just want to pinch his cheeks! He is soooo stinkin' caute! It's a if he knew what the darn pillow said!!! Have fun on your date night girlfriend.

  3. Megan– he looks so grown up since the last time you posted a picture! I think it's the adorable hair cut (: I can appreciate this post, too…I just adore cute babies, and boy he sure is one! We got our holiday cards done by a local photographer. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get them (:

  4. I wish I could hold him and give him a little squeeze…baby James is adorable in his Christmas outfit and those blue eyes are going to melt some hearts! I know what you mean about the many expressions in 5 min. I did a little photo shoot today with my little and they crack me up! Our baby was the same age on her fisrt Christmas, what day was he born?

    We are one of the few people I know to still send a real Christmas card that you can open, I tape the pic inside.
    Have a great time on your date and happy Anniversary!

  5. What a beautiful boy! I do the same photo routine..and I agree..the last photo is really special. Although all of them are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Love your blog.

  6. I just decided on my Christmas cards today, finally! I kept changing the design and switching back & forth between photos. I cannot believe your little man's hair! Reid is finally getting some in but it is taking forever. 🙂 Great pics by the way!

  7. Oh my cuteness! He is such a doll! 🙂 I love the last one too, but there were some cute cheeky grins in the middle that were close seconds. 🙂

  8. He seriously has some of the best expressions I have ever seen! But I agree, that last one is a keeper for sure!

  9. my goodness that smile! he is so adorable. that last photo is perfect! we are doing photo cards with one of our wedding photos 🙂

  10. Look at how big he is getting!

    I definitely agree about using the last picture. It's perfect. x

  11. ughhhhhh! So adorable. He is rockin' the Christmas sweater vest like nobody's business. And I love the little socks. You can't go wrong with any of them. He is such a happy little boy . . . he knows he is loved. Excited for your fun giveaways. Thought of stuffing Christmas cards tonight, but reading blogs won out! Enjoy your date night!

  12. Hahahaha…these made me chuckle and reminded me how much I loved taking pictures of my little guy at this age…just gorgeous..all of them. I love the last one too..and the fifth one day is just so cheeky and cute..Im drawn to that one aswell. Gosh…any one of these that you choose is still going to make the recipients heart go flip flop. 🙂 x

  13. He is the cutest and those baby blues! Every one of those pictures is a keeper! What a happy little boy he is. That's going to be a dleightful Christmas card for your friends and family to receive. I still send out cards. I love doing it!

  14. Too cute!! It's so hard to pick just one. The last one is great though…I also like the one where he looks like he's cracking up laughing. 🙂

    I'm doing the same thing, need to get those x-mas cards printed so I'm not rushed in a few weeks.

  15. OMG so precious! My boys have those socks, love em!

    I'm emailing out a digital Christmas card for the 2nd year in a row. Trying to save time, money, and paper. But I just LOVE receiving them in the mail : )

    No big plans this weekend. Have fun on your date night!


  16. Photo number 5 is probably the most adorable thing I have EVER seen…I know you know this, but that is one cute kid!! Oh my goodness!!

  17. ADORABLE pictures!!! You really got some great ones and I love how you use the Christmas pillow as a prop. Makes me miss taking pictures of my little guy at that age. At 2 years old he's now sooo much harder to make sit still…or even in one general area! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend and happy anniversary!

  18. Great pictures! James seriously has the most beautiful blue eyes! I love the last picture! So funny I was writiting a post on our Christmas Cards for next week:) Have a fabulous date night!

  19. Hilarious! and…those eyes…he is going to be a heart breaker for sure and your Christmas cards will be quite possible the cutest cards ever 🙂

  20. ok… that was too hilarious! when you mentioned how many expressions he did I expected to see about 4 or 5! Love the argyle vest. Adorable photos.

  21. So sweet! I love the one you picked! I also love #5. What a hamm you have on your hands 🙂 Treasure this age, it flies by so fast.

  22. What a little man! I love that you posted these pictures, I can't get tired of looking at cute baby pics. My favorite is the last one and #13 🙂

  23. Megan, They're all SOOO CUTE!! I think I like the last one the best too though. I plan on doing my cards this weekend.

  24. so so so so cute! he's growing up, and I love his little haircut (he looks more like you!)

    def the last pic…it's perfect with the pillow.

    we do a Christmas card every year, it's fun to look back at the old ones and see how much the kids have changed in the previous year. have a great weekend!! you know I'll be crafting something! 🙂

  25. Megan-He is adorable and a jolly little guy for sure!;) We hope to get our tree up this weekend but I have a girls wine night tonight! woo hoo.
    We got a card from peartreegreetings that I love. I need to post it on my blog soon.

  26. Yes, yes! the last one for sure. He is very cute. And those eyes. My husband's dark brown won out over my blue all three times with our babies.

  27. How cute! Love the last photo too! I am a relatively new reader to your blog, and I love it! I borrowed your idea of using a Restoration Hardware kids hamper liner…I love it! I also have the Crate & Barrel hamper and it leaves marks on my wall. The liner really helps with that!

  28. Baby James is absolutely adorable! I loooove his cute little sweater vest! He is just the cutest!

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