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We are definitely not a carb-free family.  In fact, we have so much bread that it won’t fit into a typical bread bin.  I’ve tried putting the bread in a drawer (that didn’t last long) and in the pantry (but who wants to walk to the pantry to get a piece of bread to toast?).  So, the bread pretty much was just sitting out on the kitchen counter next to the toaster.

What is all that bread anyway? We’ve got Mom and son’s 100% whole wheat, thick cut brown sugar bread for French toast, Dad’s Oatnut bread, James’ raisin cinnamon bread, James’ Moon Pops (kinda like a rice cake), Hawaiian hot dog buns, and James’ mini blueberry muffins.  Whew! 

I have tried putting all the bread in a giant bowl, but it never seemed large enough.  Then, at Homegoods, I found a large, oval shaped basket (in a beautiful greyish color) that I knew could hold all this bread.
I lined the basket with three hand towels and figured I can switch them out or add decorative fabric in the future.  The muted colors work well in my mostly white kitchen, but a pop of color would really be fun here too.  Of course, you could even spray paint the basket.
This looks so much better than that miss-mash we had before!

How are you storing all of your bread?  Do you use those bread bins with the lid?  When I tried that, half the bread was still sitting outside the bin. 
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If you get a chance, I’d love to hear your mom’s best advice to you, and you can share it HERE.  I shared mine! 🙂

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  1. Love this idea. We have a lot of bread at our house too. The best thing for me, is to store it in the pantry on the top shelf. I dedicate a whole shelf to the bread products. This way I can always make sure it stays neat and organized and we have an idea of what we have. Great idea!

  2. Super cute!! Love the idea of switching out the hand towels too.
    We have one of those bread bins with the lid…and, yes, my bread is still outside the bin and all over the counter 🙂


  3. We keep ours in a basket (Room Essentials Plastic Lattice from Target), and in our pantry on the shelf with our cereal. We thought about a traditional bread box, but they don't hold much.

  4. We typically only have two loaves goin' at a time and we keep it in the fridge. We do have a bread bin on the counter, but we use it for kid snacks and treats. :o)

  5. We keep our bread in a drawer (designed for bread so it's fairly large), and it's right beneath where we have our toaster.

  6. Love the pretty basket with the hand towels-I like the idea of swapping them out plus they look quite charming. I also like that it looks casual and neat and not too stuffy or overdecorated.

    As for bread, I've been making my own for around 5 years now with my Zojirushi bread maker (it makes wonderful jams too-so simple and easy). There is so much junk in most breads today and I love knowing what ingredients is in my bread. Plus the smell of home made bread and the taste is amazing. I store it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator after it cools.

  7. Great idea! I have a basket I got at Hobby Lobby but it isn't big enough so all the different breads spill out into the cabinet or the buns get smoothed. Home Goods here I come 🙂

  8. looks great, unfortunately we live in the tropics so bread etc has to live in the freezer as I am not going to the shops every day to get a new one, it goes mouldy really fast if we leave it out..

  9. I need to do this exact same thing in my kitchen. I've tried different containers but none look as cute as that basket. I'll have to get one!

  10. I can't even tell you how long I've been looking for a solution for our bread collection!! We've eat a ton of bread around here too and it's always cluttering up the counter… I need to find a basket like this! It works perfectly and looks amazing!

  11. That looks great! I don't eat bread everyday so I tend to keep it in the freezer and hopefully remember to take it out before I need it! Keeping it in the fridge tends to dry bread out and I love "fresh" bread.

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