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When my friend Lauren recently asked where I shop for clothes, I realized: (1) that I haven’t shopped for clothes in a long, long time (due to being pregnant and then trying to lose the baby weight and because “I’ve traded fashion for furniture!”); and (2) that when I do shop for clothes, I mostly go to 5 stores.  Here goes: Nordstrom Also known as Mecca.  If I only have time to find something fast, I head to Nordstrom.  They have everything there and their customer service is always top notch.  I’m particularly fond of my “shoe guy.”  I find that now that I’m older, I’m willing to spend more for quality pieces that I know I’ll keep and wear for a long time and save on things like tank tops that I can stock up on at Target or Old Navy.   I still want the best value for my money, and I feel like Nordstrom delivers.  I like their selection and even shop their junior department for fun finds at lower prices.  I also shop online because their website is really user friendly with good quality pictures.  Granted, I shopped for clothes much more when I was a working girl.  My law firm was pretty casual as far as law firms go, and I loved wearing dresses because it’s just one piece that you can easily accessorize.   I’ve also found a couple of dresses to wear to weddings there.   I’m seeing some nice fall/winter clothes there now too. image Accessory heaven.  I love to just browse their jewelry, even if I don’t end up buying anything.  Again, online is great for this.  They have a huge variety and many pieces under $50.  A few key pieces are all you really need to add some wow to your daily look.   image Their shoe department is first rate.  image I got hooked on MAC eye shadow, eye liner, and brow pencil years ago and am a creature of habit.  image Ann Taylor Loft   I always found suits at Ann Taylor Loft and they have petite sizes, so I never had to alter anything.  My most comfy capris (mommy uniform) are from Loft.  Also, everything goes on sale there and they have coupons galore.  image  Banana Republic Banana is another place where I always have a coupon and everything goes on sale.  I head straight to the sale rack.  They are known for carrying nice, lightweight sweaters and cardigans, which you can tell I love if you’ve seen my closet.   Their accessories, including belts, are really great too.  image  Express My “go-to” place for button up shirts (long, short, and sleeveless in the summer-it’s HOT in Houston!)was Express.  They are fitted, which is nice, and I would buy them in lots of different colors, patterns and styles for work.  97_977_8001_700 97_850_7665_948 97_850_7881_944 97_854_7942_045 97_854_7943_041 97_854_7946_034 97_854_8132_037 97_977_7745_776 97_977_7978_721 Target No matter what’s on my “list” when I head to Target, I always see something sooooo cute in their clothing department.  And let’s face it, how easy is it to just pick up a cute top at Target when we’re there every other week anyway?  I live in their tank tops and flip flops in the spring and summer.  Because they are fairly inexpensive, I don’t feel that bad if they only last one or two seasons.  And almost all of my maternity clothes were from Target. Occasionally, if I want something more edgy, I’ll pop into Arden B or Bebe.   Macy’s “Inc.” and Michael Kors departments are nice too.  Other clothing stores I like, but don’t shop at much, are Anthropology and J Crew.   So, fill me in.  Where am I missing?  What’s your favorite place to shop?  What about online?   P.S. I’m guest posting over at Stilletos and Diaper bags today.  Congratulations on your new baby Lisa!!  We can’t wait to meet your baby girl:)

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  1. Definitely Forever 21, and the Loft when I worked or when I need something "really" nice. 🙂 The loft fits me perfectly! Speaking of the Loft, I just tried on an old pair of slacks (from S&H and B&R days) yesterday and I still love them. So they are about 5 years old now. Sheesh. AND they are size 4 and still fit! And ever since we moved out to the "country" I never go to the galleria anymore and I do miss me some Nordstrom's. 🙁

  2. So funny – I was a total mall shopper until I became a Mom. Now I buy an item of clothing every time I go to Target which is at least 3 times a month. However, now that Reid is 8 months I am itching to update my wardrobe. Nordstrom will most definitely be my first stop when I finally hit the mall. 🙂 🙂

  3. I would offer additional suggestions but we shop at all of the exact same places (go figure)!! Actually, I haven't been in Express for a while, but I may have to check it out after your review.

    And I think it's cruel that the clothes at Target are right by the entrance — it's nearly impossible to deny taking a stroll through there.

  4. Love to talk shopping! Anthro {great sales}, Nordies, Ann Taylor Loft, and Target. Wish I could add somewhere new to your list but no such luck. Just picked up a coat for $35 at Target today. That place is evil.

  5. I am so glad you did this post! It's fun to see where everyone is shopping and finding deals. I too shop a lot of the same stores. We just hit the big sale at Nordstrom last weekend. I haven't worked in years, so my wardrobe has suffered…became the "mommy" wardrobe for far too long. I keep telling my hubby, "our house is better dressed than we are!" (he hates shopping) Hmmm…I am thinking that needs to change this year!

  6. I think you covered it, that is all the places I shop plus Anthro. I have a Nordstrom Visa and love how I get gift certificates in the mail every month to go splurge on something just for me. I use that card for big purchases just for that reason. I used to love Old Navy for their comfy clothes and the fact that their sizes ran big, so I always wanted to wear the size tag on the outside LOL.

  7. Norstrom–our favorite store! I agree with everything you said about Nordy's. Love there shoe department. I just got a new pair from there and adore them. They're Report. Such good customer service and great clothes, too. Half Yearly sale is going on now!! (:

  8. I must admit I don't have a go to spot for anything, rather I seem to go with what catches my eye. However, I don't go to the mall a lot, so that typically means if I see something online etc. But all those stores you mentioned are also favs of mine, especially Nordstrom, I have a ton of dresses from there!

  9. Great list, when I have an event I got see what ideas a particular salesperson has at Nordstroms, but always look at JCrew as well. Interestingly, my go to fall outfit is a pair of jeans and top from Target! Mix and match…I'm thinking about how great your selections look in that fabulous closet of yours. You have me thinking about what my new project should be!!

  10. I shop at all the same places!…though this is reminding me that I haven't really been shopping in a while and I need to update a few pieces.

    For cheapie pieces, I also go to Francesca's Collections.

    Target is so evil because I do ALWAYS grab something…and I am there at least two times a week!

  11. I love Neiman Marcus online, they run great sales. Saks also runs good sales. Shopbop.com is my go to online shopping site, I love all the brands they carry. Sadly I still shop alot and spend alot of money on clothes, that I should put into our house! But I am a shopaholic I just love clothes. I agree with all your choices, I love target and nordstroms!

  12. I don't shop, can't stand it much! But when I do, I head straight for Nordstoms, Ann Taylor Loft, and … wait for it… Land's End. Seriously, the pants there are a no go, but for mommy wear, they have pretty decent sweaters, cardigans, and thicker tees, and they hold up after washing unlike my Ann Taylor Loft stuff. Just make sure to look for the Modern 1 fit which is slim fitting, not boxy. I do buy some stuff from Target, but find it to be a little thin and because I am …ahem… on the boobalicious side, thicker material is the way to go 😉

  13. Good post. I love Ann Taylor Loft – largely for work things. We do business casual here for the most part. I never really shop in Nordstrom. Will have to check it out.

    Only recently have I ventured into Target clothing section. My best friend shops there often for bits and pieces.

  14. Victoria Secrets has the cutest lounge wear…and velour track suits that I pair with a cute pair of white Puma's. Set to go, easy to run around, do errands, comfy, yet not TOO frumpy! lol

    I love Bebe, Le Chateau, Guess, to try and bring myself up a notch in the fashion world…

  15. Recently moved to a town with no Nordstrom's OR a Target…I know! It's painful! Luckily we won't be here long, whew : )

  16. One of my favorite tops came from Express. It was perfect, fitted, sleeveless, mock wrap shirt in hot pink. I had a love affair with this top, but alas all good things must come to an end. I had to give it away after I had the babies. I only wish I could find another like it.

  17. i am in love with JCPenney now. I used to like their juniors section before i had the kids now i like the careers section. they have sute tops, and their pants are so comfy and fit great!

  18. I don't know if you have the store Francesca's down in Texas, but they have anthro-like stuff for much cheaper.

    I am a fan of shopping the big stores for ideas…then hitting up the cheap circuit in Chicago: Loehmann's, TJs, Marshalls, etc.

    Although I am 31, I still shop Forever 21.

    Friday, I am taking the day off from mothering to SHOP!

    Great post.

  19. My go to stores:

    1. Nordstrom's! Great clearances, awesome shoe dept, great accessory dept. Their clothes endure!

    2. Target! Great for t's and trendy things.

    3. Ann Taylor Loft! Great clearances, great accessories and their clothes endure too!

    4. H&M! Fun trendy things for a low price!

    5. Marshall's! Name brands for less $$!

    We love a lot of the same places!

  20. Those are all of my usual haunts, too! I just started shopping at LOFT about 6 months ago and I am slightly obsessed now. I really love The Limited, too. Very cute stuff and great coupons!

  21. My list is pretty much the same…hard to deny the amazing coupons from Loft and BR. I go through JCrew stages as well, but only their sale stuff. I've also recently discovered I can wear the L and XL tops in the Target/Old Navy depts (upside to being built like 12-yr-old boy?!). A lot of times they have similar itmes as the women's, but smaller price.

    And of course, I do find an occasional golden ticket at F21…and their trendy accessories can't be beat!

  22. It's worth noting that Anne Taylor Loft and Banana Republic (and I think Express too but not sure) offer 15% off discounts to teachers. Not sure if homeschooling moms qualify, but it's worth checking out what kinds of discounts places offer because they're not going to offer up that info otherwise!

  23. I am an old navy girl! I love their clothes and I love http://www.downeastbasics.com/ online!

    of course target too but apparently thats a given these days! I dont spend a lot on clothes… i do not own anything from anthro or nordstroms! I walk in nordstroms and laugh at the prices of their shoes! I do buy my perfume from there though =)

  24. My list is the same for shopping. I will every so often check out the sale rack at JCrew. I am dreaming of a closet one day like yours!

  25. Target, T.J. Maxx and Marshall's – the holy trinity of shopping for me. Add in a dash of Old Navy and a bit of Forever 21 (times 2, since that's almost how much older I am), and that's pretty much the old closet. I have also been hitting up my local thrift stores A LOT lately and scoring some great pieces.


  26. As it stands now…Target. When I have a few dollars to burn and some time to make the 1 hr drive — BR Outlet. When I was working — BR, Express {before it got too trendy} & JCrew.

    But my BIG secret..Sears. Yep…you heard me. It blows so many people away when they ask me and I whispers…sears. Shhh!

    No Nordstorm here. Oh how I wish!!

    I can not wait to graduate!!!


  27. THese are my spots too, well, used to be. I don't shop much anymore with the kids.
    Have you ever gone online here? http://www.shopruche.com/
    They have really cute clothes and the prices are amazing! I think you would like it .
    have a great weekend!

  28. I'm absolutely with you on the quality issue- I get tired of my junior-y cheap-y clothes so quickly, but the quality pieces I've invested in I tend to love for much longer.

    As for additional shopping spots, I've recently started thrift store shopping to resell on Ebay. You would not believe some of the beautiful, practically new brand clothing I come home with. Last week I got some Boden shirts (love their stuff- so bright and happy!)

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