Getting Organized for Back to School (Household Calendar)

As I sit down on Monday night to write this post, I’m relaxed from a long weekend and energized about a productive day earlier today.  James is clean and sleeping, the fridge is stocked with healthy food, the house is clean, laundry is folded and put away, the backpack and lunch are packed, and we await the “first day of school” tomorrow.  He’s got a new pair of tennis shoes and a few new shirts, but we’ll wait until it gets cooler to buy more clothes.

James goes to a wonderful preschool part-time.  I had a hard time calling it “school” since he’s so young (2 1/2), but when I realized how much he’s learning each day, I got over it.  This year, I volunteered to be one of the homeroom moms and am happy to share the responsibility with another mother/friend I met last year.


In any household, there are appointments, parties to attend, chores to do, sporting practices/games, and a host of endless activities and events to keep track of- especially if there are multiple kids.  I couldn’t keep up without jotting down all those commitments in our household calendar.  The calendar used to hang on our chalk wall (before it was a chalk wall), but I recently relocated it to front and center in our kitchen so that I can reference it easier.  There’s not too much on it yet, but things have a way of popping up.


I like it here so much better!  I guess I could input all the data into the calendar on my iphone or computer, but I’m old school and like the paper calendar version.  I even have a paper calendar for my blog posts and projects:)

The calendar simply hangs from the backslash on a Command hook.  I’ve used this hook before and it didn’t damage the backsplash at all when I removed it.

Our calendar is from Paper Source, the 17-month Watercolor Calendar (Aug 2012 – Dec 2013).  I like the pop of color in the month, and that it’s bright white for writing notes.  I try to write neatly in it, but don’t stress over it.  It’s more important to just get the information on the right date:)  If you wanted to step it up, you could color code recurring appointments or, if you have more than one child, each kid’s appointment could get its own color.

You can go HERE to see all of the Paper Source calendars, they have a great selection.

Do y’all use a calendar like this for keeping track of important dates?  Another system?

*** Oh my gosh! I had finished writing this post and was catching up on one of my favorite blogs, which prompted me to another blog, where I read THIS post.  So funny and real and funny!!  I had to come back and update this post since it deals with the household calendar!***

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  1. Just updated our calendar this weekend with school activities, park distrcit activities, sports, dr. appointments, haircuts, weekend things, and family gatherings. WHEW! Just writing it all down made me exhausted, you know the feeling. I use the Sandra Boynton calendar. Not only is it cute, but it is divided up by person and comes with stickers to mark certain occasions. My kids love helping me put the stickers on. My favorite feature by far, though, is it is divided up by person. So each person has a place for each day. For our family of five it s perfect. My crazy organized person comes out and loves how organized it is.

  2. I have 2 paper calendars – one is my Organizher binder and the other is on my pantry door with all other kid/school important papers. Cant function without either of these. I like the monthly calendars that I can customize and throw away at the end of each month.

  3. We have ALWAYS kept a paper calendar! In recent years we (either one of the girls or I) have created them for Christmas presents using Shutterfly and photos from the previous year. I love being able to look back at some of the good times we had the year before, especially now that the girls are not here all the time.

  4. Love my paper calendar from Paper Source! I have the "great big" one and it is awesome!Something about writing it down and seeing the week/month in its entirety makes is work for us. I also LOVE Momastery and her posts are so great for making you feel loved and worthy.

  5. That's so exciting for his first day of school. As a mother, I feel great when I know my home is in order and all of the laundry is done:)

    As for the calendar, I keep a paper calendar as well however I keep mine in my Home Manual. I write everything on the calendar and keep a daily routine sheet (I printed up things I do every day in a particular order and make copies and put it in my Home Manual.) that I update every evening for the next day. I look at my calendar and write anything that is coming up the next day so I always know.

  6. Hello Megan, I am new to following your blog and it is fantastic! Thank you for sharing such amazing tips. Your home is stunning.

    Could you PLEASE tell me where you got that adorable chevron cutting board?? I am in love!

  7. I like old school too, my husband makes fun of me becuase he is all into the technology uses his google calendar than syncs to his phone etc. Me I carry a planner in my purse and I have a refrigerator white board calendar where I write everything for the month. Specially now that my daughter is in school I need to keep up to date. Seeing it in front of the fridge helps me stay on track. Pluse it is much easier when it is color coded.

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