Honey We’re Home on Television

The other day I received a message from Sally MacDonald, a gorgeous local reporter in our town.  She hosts a segment on Fox 26 called “Sally’s Shabby Chic” that features home decor and DIY projects on Saturday mornings.  We ended up shooting two segments at my house that aired last weekend.

Although Sally and Raymond (the camera man) were absolutely wonderful to work with and helped me feel very comfortable, I still think I looked (and sounded like!) a dork on camera.  We only did one take per project and it’s so hard not to be critical of yourself.  I am proud of myself for just doing it though- I was beyond nervous.

You can click the links below to watch the segment- but be kind!

Paper Lined Tray

No Sew Bench Seat

Two of my Houston friends have also been featured on Sally’s Shabby Chic, Amanda Eck (Amanda Carol Interiors) and Cyndy (The Creativity Exchange).  They both did great and were also so sweet to email me after my segments with kind words, which I really appreciated.

Thank you Fox 26 Houston for the opportunity!

* * * * * 

Also, thank you for your support during the Pottery Barn Mystery Box Challenge.  Congratulations to all the bloggers who participated and to the winner, Shelley of How Does She?!

I’m off to meet up with Cassie, should definitely be a good day! 
 * * * * * 

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Meet Megan

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  1. Are you kidding?! I think you did great — I would have been a rambling mess, stumbling over my words! And such a great idea about the plexi-glass….just as soon as my tufted ottoman gets here, I'm definitely revamping a tray to add some color!

    Wish I would have seen this on TV!! Great job and congrats! 🙂

  2. I think you did GREAT! I would have been so nervous!!
    What I just realized, and it's a funny part of the blogging community, while we all share pictures, of course we don't know what your voice sounds like, or just how short you are!
    Two thumbs up 😉

  3. Congrats on the TV appearance! I think you look and sound great:) But I always hate seeing myself on camera too. My voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me! You look adorable!

  4. That was so fun to watch! Thank you for sharing those ideas. And you look so great, what an inspiration! Can you share some workout tips? What's your favorite workout to do? And when do you make time for working out?

  5. You did so good! (And, your nails looked really nice.) I would've been sweating bullets.

    Have fun today!

  6. That's amazing! Congratulations! You look drop dead gorgeous and my guess is they will be asking you to do another segment. I love watching all the opportunities come your way.

  7. You where sweet and a real natural..I would never of known you where nervous..good job..great projects..I actually did the same thing to my seat in my entryway. Cheers Frances

  8. You did awesome girl! You looked like a natural. And your arms are killer – dang girl – seriously – hot momma arms!

  9. Like I told you earlier- you look ah-mazing and did not sound or seem nervous at all! So glad you did it- doesnt it feel good to try something out of your comfort zone? Im sure they will be calling you back for more!

  10. Ahhh! You're famous. Megan, you did an awesome job. So calm, and relaxed. Really well done, friend. I LOVED seeing you on camera. Have a great day today with Cassie.

  11. Great job, Megan! You didn't look nervous at all. I've done a couple of T.V. spots, & we truly are our own worst critics.


  12. You seriously did an awesome job- no dorkiness at all! Absolutely loved the clips. I am very impressed : ) Someone may have a career as a TV show host one day!!

  13. I thought you did a really nice job. You seemed more relaxed in the "No Sew" segment but I think both turned out well. Congrats!

  14. Megan, you are a natural on camera! You are so poised and gracious and beautiful. I enjoyed both of the clips. So fun and congratulations to you! Enjoy your day with Cassie.

  15. Megan, I love reading your blogs and am so happy you shared these links with us! 🙂 You did great! I would have been a hot mess… somethin' about TV makes my insides go haywire! HA ha!!! Great job!!!

  16. I think you did a FABULOUS job. However, I was laughing at the goofy background music (which I know you had nothing to do with.) Congrats!

  17. You did a great job! I love that fabric you used!! What kind of blinds do you have in your dining room? I have been looking at different treatments but I have plantations in most rooms so am thinking blinds may be good to tie everything together. I have been on the fence about using blinds in my dining room but I think your looks very nice.

  18. Oh how fun to see and hear you in person (kinda). You looked so cute and comfortable in front of the camera. Such a natural

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