Kitchen Updates & Hydrangea Love

Like many of you, our kitchen is grand central station.  It’s one of my favorite rooms in the house because it has so much great storage, lots of natural light, and pretty fixtures and counters.  I love to keep fresh flowers in the kitchen and hydrangeas are a beautiful treat.  Today I’m sharing this bunch of blue, green, and white hydrangeas to brighten your Monday.

I mentioned that our kitchen gets a lot of natural light.  Maybe too much.  We have blinds but they look kind of “unfinished” since our living room and breakfast room have drapes.  So, I finally decided to add roman shades to the kitchen windows and chose a fabric from Calico Corners that should arrive soon.  
I’m going to sew them myself, but make them fixed, so hopefully, they turn out.  I think the shades will soften the windows and add a bit of color to the room- I chose a blue and white Ikat.  I considered adding wooden shades, but after bringing some home to see in the space, decided against it.  I think the fabric will look better.  
And, inspired by Emily A. Clark, over the weekend I painted the inside of our open kitchen cabinets dark gray.  It looks so much better, I can’t believe I didn’t paint them sooner.  The shelves still need to be styled and I’ll be adding white ceramic pitchers, like the one below.  I found a couple at Homegoods for just $10, but I need a few more.  
Doesn’t the pitcher look pretty holding the hydrangeas?  I often forget that flowers don’t have to go in traditional vases- pitchers, mason jars, and cups make beautiful vessels for flowers.  Here, I had to use floral wire to hold the stems together more tightly so they stayed bunched up.  
I’ll be sharing the roman shades and kitchen cabinets with you soon.

* * * * * 

Also, I’m super excited to be taking James to hang out with my girl Cassie (Hi Sugarplum) and her kids in Galveston this week.  Cassie has become a wonderfully close friend and I really appreciate her so much.  She is the real deal.  Her kids are just awesome and they got along great with my son- don’t you just love when that happens?!  Her daughter is seriously adorable and kept picking up James and holding him like a baby doll- (he didn’t mind, in fact, he enjoyed it:)  Can you believe her son is almost as tall as me??!! He’s only 11! And when they left our house he said, “Thanks for having us over!” So sweet . . .

I chimed in on Cassie’s fun Marry, Make Out, and Muzzle series where I shared my fantasy men with y’all- so fun.  Go visit HERE
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and . . . 
Have a great day!
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  1. Wow- your kitchen looks beautiful! I can't wait to see what the new drapes and shades look like- I think adding a pattern will be a really nice addition to your already gorgeous space! Thanks for sharing those lovely hydrangeas!

  2. I am soooo jealous! Two of my favorite people together, and I missed it. I was in Texas, but a bit preoccupied. LOL Love the hydrangeas. One of my favorite things to put flowers in is my large white PB pitcher (that is all I use it for). Can't wait to see how the roman shades turn out. Been thinking about adding some myself. Ashli made some fixed ones for her bathroom, super easy. She has a how to on her blog. It has been so much fun seeing all of the blog kiddos grow up. Great pic of all of you!

  3. Beautiful kitchen, it looks magazine worth and I can imagine why all of you hang in there a lot! I love the shades, they're crisp and clean, I'm no good with drapes, or anything material in the kitchen, somehow, they get greasy sooner than later. You all look so beautiful, it's so nice to have friends with the same interests as you.. I did too when my girls were growing up and it's fun and we're still friends now that we're grannies. Enjoy your week.

  4. Oooh, I can't wait to see how your shade turns out! I'm in a tough spot with my twin girl's new room and I think my only solution for a window treatment is a roman shade. I did some online research over the weekend but I didn't know if it would work over the existing blinds. I will be on pins and needles to see how yours turns out!!!! Are you going to cover it yourself?

  5. Oh, so excited to see the drapes. I love the idea of fabric in there. And so so cute . . . you guys all look like you were having so much fun. I want to be there! 🙂

  6. Can't wait to see the kitchen updates! You all look so cute – how fun! Have a great time and take more photos!!

  7. love those flowers! my faves. love that you and Cassie have such a great friendship beyond the blog. makes meeting online friends so special.

  8. Pretty flowers, Megan! I can't wait to see the open shelving painted. I love seeing you and Cassie together…so fun:)

  9. Hi, what brand and style is your main kitchen sink faucet?? I have the same one but need to replace it!!

    Thank you!

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