Typically on summer nights our dinners tend to be a little lighter, and lately we’ve been enjoying a simple BLT sandwich.  It’s absolutely delicious and so easy to prepare.  And cleanup is a breeze since you’re not really cooking, rather, assembling.

Y U M M Y!

For these sandwiches I used a fresh tomato slices, thick cut bacon and butter lettuce.  French bread lightly toasted with a spread of mayo brings it all together.

I could eat these everyday! What’s your go-to summer dinner lately?

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  1. Oh holy rusted metal batman that looks good! I'm a lover of BLT sandwiches and I'd have to agree–it's a summer staple.

    My go to summer side has been home made potato salad. It is sooo freaking good! It goes with everything and makes the perfect addition to any BBQ or summer meal.

  2. I love BLT's! Can't go wrong with bacon. I'm going to add bacon to my grocery list tomorrow and have it as a meal with a side. Excellent idea. I've always just had it for lunch but it would make an easy dinner.

  3. I LOVE a BLT. Your photos look scrumptious. I like to add avocado to mine for a BLAT!

  4. My newest obsession is a BALT (a BLT with avocado). Holy cow. It is life-changing. LIFE. CHANGING. The avocado gives it a moistness and some extra flavor that a regular BLT doesn't have. Let me know if you try it! YUM.

  5. Yummm!!! I started eating vegan a few years ago… but have to admit, if I ever cheat, it's usually with bacon!!! Your photos are fantastic!

  6. Since you don't like cooking much I bet feeding this to your hubby is heaven sent for you…poor guy!

  7. That looks delicious! The only thing I'd add is some Bel Gioioso fresh mozzarella cheese. I have to admit fresh avacado sounds great too. For summer, I love spinach salads with berries or apples with kiwi, some dried cranberries and then some toasted nuts (walnuts or almonds) with some fresh mozzarella sprinkled on top. Mmmmm… I do love mixing lettuces too…butter lettuce always makes for gorgeous looking salads.

  8. Megan, absolutely love you and your blog!!! And that BLT looks totally yum. I'm always curious as to how people cook their bacon…in the microwave, in a skillet or in the oven. I'm trying to find the easiest, least messy and tastiest way of preparing bacon because my kids are crazy for it and want it ALL the time! Yours looks wonderful, what is your preparation of choice?


  9. I have been hungry for a BLT – I think I just figured out tomorrow's lunch! I also love tomato, basil and mozz. cheese on a lightly toasted french bread with mayo. MMmmmm!

  10. Yum! I love BLT's (and BLTA's!!), and your bacon looks SOOOO GOOD! I think someone else asked — how do you cook your bacon? I tend to only orders these at food carts or restaurants, because when I cook bacon at home, it's either messy (if on the stove), stinks up my house (if in the oven), or isn't as crisp as I prefer (if in the microwave)… Le sigh. It's probably best I tend to not cook bacon at home, otherwise I'd want to eat it for every meal!!!
    Jen M.

  11. MMM! Anything with bacon I could eat everyday!! In the summer we do a lot of club sandwiches (Just add freshly sliced turkey!) and pasta salad. I have been making "baby" pasta salad for Liv which she loves! (Pasta, cubed cheese, cubed turkey, cucumbers and green peppers)

  12. Mmm this looks delicious! Have you ever tried avocado on your BLT? Sounds funny but I had it a few nights ago and that's the only way I like to eat BLT's anymore! It tastes terrific!


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