Dining Room Vintage Botanical Calendar Wall Art

This post has been a long time coming.  A while back, my sweet, sweet friend Stephanie {Cre8ive Designs, Inc.), knowing I’m a big fan of botanical art, mailed me a vintage calendar (from 1965!) that she wasn’t using and was thoughtful enough to reach out to me and ask if I’d be interested in it.  When I said, “of course!” she mailed it to me from California!  I was beyond thrilled and so excited to receive it and see the gorgeous images inside that look like beautiful watercolored paintings.

I knew I wanted to hang a grouping of them, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on frames, so I went with my $5 WalMart frames without a mat.

I hung them immediately in my dining room, but did a terrible job- they were totally uneven and I grouped all 8 together on a larger wall opposite the window.  They hung that way for months until my husband was kind enough to rehang them perfectly straight for me onto two walls.  He is so good at hanging pictures, curtain rods, etc., but HATES doing it, complains constantly the whole time, and chides me for not being able to do it myself.  I don’t mind, because in the end, it looks like this: 

See how unique and pretty the images are?!
And I kept the calendar part exposed because I thought it added great character to the art.
So I have to give a big ole hug to my friend Stephanie.  I’m so glad I am finally getting to share with you how the calendar looks framed and hanging in our dining room.  And I am so touched that she thought of me and cared enough to consider what would look nice in my home.  I really do take the suggestions of readers to heart and often find myself incorporating your opinions into my design process at home.  
And you know how I “met” Stephanie?  When I found her Pantry Makeover, and then, being so impressed with her fabric lined walls, emailed her to ask about how she did it.  She wrote me right back and we quickly started exchanging emails and checking in on each others’ blogs.  I actually ended up lining the back of our sitting room shelves with fabric too.  
If you aren’t familiar with Stephanie’s story or her work, I encourage you to check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.  This girl has major talent and, as you now know, a huge heart.

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  1. Your pictures look great – how kind of Stephanie! I had to laugh when you were describing your husband – that is how mine is to a tee! He is so good at all of the same things, but man alive that boy whines when he's doing it, lol. I just sit and listen because like you, I know the end result will be fabulous!

  2. So sweet. I love the way they look in there. Really beautiful. That room has really come together. What a nice place to entertain.

  3. This looks FAB!! Love that they're truly vintage and they add a great element of character to your dining room!

  4. How sweet of her! They look beautiful in your dining room. Your hubby did an excellent job of hanging them! Your drapes are gorgeous, Megan, as is your whole dining room. I also love your rug in your entry way.

  5. They look perfect in your dining room and those drapes are gorgeous!! I had to laugh because I am at my husbands mercy when I want something hung straight…he complains the whole time too.

  6. Oh YAHOO! I finally get to see them hung. They look just as I imagined them when I first saw the calendar at the estate sale. I am so glad that you were able to use them, they were too pretty to be sitting in a closet at my house! Thanks for the kind words Megan, it was more my pleasure to give them to you than for you to receive them, they look awesome in the room.

  7. Wow, these look great! This is inspiring me to frame some antique botanical prints that have been sitting around my house for a year and hang them on the walls instead of leaving them in a folder(a novel idea, I know!) Your house was beautiful right from the start, but all the touches you have been adding have elevated it to something really special.

  8. That room is really coming together! I love these prints… really the perfect thing to add some vintage fun to the wall (and highlights your drapes so well like everyone says!).

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