Our Breakfast Bar

With two working parents and a baby to get to school, we need to be ready to roll in the morning.  For me, that means coffee STAT!  I like to have it already brewing while I’m still waking up and getting out of bed:)  (Our machine has a setting where we can set it to brew before bed- love that!)  I’ve been making an effort to get up earlier, and always start my day with a big cup of coffee.  We are Starbuck’s espresso roast folks over here, and I add glug of Coffeemate caramel vanilla to it.

Our breakfast bar is set up so that everything we need is at our fingertips.  Our ground coffee, coffee scoop, and packets of Splenda are at the ready since my husband likes to sweeten his coffee pretty well.  
And we both usually eat oatmeal in the morning, so our glass canisters are stocked with rolled oats, raisins, and sliced almonds.  I add cinnamon too, so I keep it nearby also. 
Shelli from House of Smiths was sweet enough to send me the vinyl decals for our glass jars.  I got my jars at Pier One, but I’ve also seen them at Hobby Lobby.  I like them because they have rubber inside the lid to keep them air tight. 
I don’t normally keep flowers near the coffee maker, but moved them from the breakfast table for this shot:)  Also, our Cuisinart coffee maker has survived about 5 years, but we just bought a new one this weekend, the same model, just the newer version, because our plastic lid got burned and started leaking coffee when pouring.   I took these pics before we replaced it.  The new one looks a little nicer, as far as coffee makers go. 
You may remember my post about keeping things corralled on trays, and the tray below I especially like because it’s got a great woven texture and is really large.  I found it at West Elm.  
Making our coffee ahead of time and having the oatmeal jars out on the counter help make our morning routine run smoother.  The weekday mornings can be hectic if we both have to get out the door early, but I so enjoy the weekend mornings when I get a chance to linger a little longer with my coffee and some magazines I’ve been waiting to read!
How’s your morning routine?  I’m always curious if you drink coffee in the morning like me, or prefer tea or some other caffeinated beverage, or nothing at all??  It’s those little things that make me feel like I know you better:)  

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  1. I like to drink coffee or hot water with some lemon in it! Mmmm…
    I'm an oatmeal girl too! It's just perfect to wake up with a warm bowl of oatmeal…
    Great pictures, as always 🙂

  2. Love your breakfast bar! What a great idea!!!!! It's like you're vacationing in your own home; minus the whole "I've got to go to work" deal. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. i need to learn to be better about planning for my morning rituals, which cofee is a MUST! right now, i am sitting here wanting it desperately but the babe is sleeping soundly in her swing and if that coffee machine makes the noise, there goes all my "free time". thanks for the post friend–this is def inspiring me to plan better!

  4. I cannot physically start my day without a cup of coffee. I usually do fat free vanilla creamer and a scoop of sugar in my freshly brewed cup from my Keurig (seriously, I LOVE that thing!).

  5. Just this weekend I was thinking I needed to do the coffee-on-a-tray thing in the kitchen. I never did before, because I really like to keep everything off the counter. . . but that doesn't work when I MUST have my coffee first thing every morning! 🙂

  6. I have to have my coffee in the morning as well! Where did you get the containers that hold the coffee and sugar packets? (the tall ones)

  7. I love the crisp and clean look of this area in your kitchen. And, I love that you have the coffee maker on a tray. Never thought about that, but I will definitely consider it now. 🙂


  8. Oh, coffee every morning! And I love your breakfast area! I may just have to use it as inspiration for our new kitchen when we move. I love the jars!

  9. I love your little coffee bar! It may sound silly – but I really really look forward to my "coffee/blog time" every morning. The days I get to drink coffee and actually wake up are the best. I am also loving your granola set out and ready to go – the display looks really nice Megan!

  10. We have a coffee station too, however we have a Breville Keurig as everyone likes something different in our house! I love that it is all in one spot. Love the idea of adding the oatmeal to the station as well!!

  11. We have a little "coffee station," too – although not as cute as yours. 😉 I like dark, bold roasts and coffemate creme brulee creamer (liquid) is our all-time favorite!

  12. Coffee!! I drink a cup in the morning and bring a mug with me to sip on in the car on my way to work. Do you like having your microwave down low? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look, but am trying to convince my hubby (who need more than just a "it looks cute" to be convinced!)

  13. I am so in love with your kitchen.

    Our coffee maker can be set up to start automatically too, but we rarely remember. Lucky for me, the hubs gets up first and gets it going. :o)

  14. Your breakfast area looks great. Love the tray from West Elm. As for morning drinks, it would be green smoothies. I am not a coffee drinker but the green smoothies fill me up and give me energy for the day. P.S. Just got the House Beautiful Mag yesterday in the mail and love it.

  15. I start my morning with a protien shake and will always follow an hour or two later with a Diet Coke. I love your beautiful breakfast area. Such a great organized space. I can't say enough how much I love trays!

  16. What a great coffee station. Im a tea girl-Whittard Loose Leaf tea with Vanilla Latte creamer. I have one mug in the morning and one in the afternoon. And like you I prefer the weekends when I can actually enjoy each sip.

  17. Very pretty! We just replaced our counters & I'm making everything pretty! The coffee area is something I've been working on. I wasn't a coffee drinker until about 6 months ago. I loved hot tea & SB chai tea lattes. Now, I'm in love with SB's blonde roast!

  18. My husband and I are definitely coffee drinkers too! Couldn't start the morning w/o it. 🙂 I love vanilla caramel coffee creamer and haven't been able to find a close second. I love your breakfast bar area- so pretty and convenient. I recently gave our pantry an overhaul and started to include large canisters for holding snacks and stuff. I love that you can see how much is left! 🙂 What a fun post!

  19. I don't leave enough time in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee at home. Both my husband and I get dressed and run out the door, so I don't enjoy a cup of coffee until I get to work. If I did make coffee at home, I'm the only one that would drink it, so I've been thinking about getting a Keurig one cup coffee maker so that I can make myself a cup instead of a whole pot. Love your breakfast station!!!

  20. I switch back and forth between coffee, iced coffee, hot tea, and iced green tea depending on my mood! I couldn't agree with you more that having it all corralled in a station makes life a lot simpler.

  21. I'm a water girl- I get up 2 hours before the kids to exercise and have some alone time before starting the day, so water works best. But I do enjoy a cup of tea before or after breakfast.

  22. Coffee is a morning must around here too. And I really like the idea of having a station set-up on a tray! I've been a Keurig girl for years, which I LOVE, but there's this weird tiny little splash zone around it and a tray might be just the thing to hide those coffee droplets on a busy morning.

  23. I totally love your "breakfast bar". Very orginized, you have it all at hand and your glass jars are so perfect. I love it! I have everything very close for breakfast now too, not as perfect as yours as we don't go out to work anymore…but I've always liked everything organized, so when we were young, with school children, I was ready too! Hugs,

  24. I used to drink coffee every morning, but I am now on a tea kick so I drink hot green tea most mornings. I think it has boosted my metabolism and I don't seem to get sick as often. I am a total oatmeal girl too and love mine with honey and cinnamon. Love your neat and pretty breakfast bar! We have the same coffee maker!

  25. I am obsessed with my Nespresso machine! I usually let the three kids yell at each other and make a disaster out of the kitchen while I sneak off to have 2 shots with my milk. I only dream about being so organized in the morning!!

  26. hey m-

    trays really make everything look more polished. i need that for my coffee area…

    try soaking your oats and almonds the night before. it makes for less bloating. and add coconut oil to keep you fuller…yum…

    coconut oil is my secret to maintaining my college weight. 🙂 and it's been over a decade since i've graduated…

    i have a recipe on my site here:
    blueberry muffin oatmeal

    hope you are well!

  27. Love it! We do the same thing around here!!! It just makes perfect sense! I love that you contained it all on a tray, very smart!! I'm stealing that idea! 🙂 Too late it's happened, Stolen! 🙂
    Lots of Love

  28. Megan–

    I just finished adding a coffee bar to my master bedroom so that I can brew a cup while I'm upstairs with the children and they are getting ready for school! I refashioned the bottom of a built-in bookcase and added a tiny fridge and a granite remnant for a countertop. Now I have cold waters, wine and coffee all at my fingertips in my room.

    Love your ideas —


  29. Cute bar! Ever since purchasing a milk frother I can only drink coffee with steamed milk and froth! I have a mini Keurig, so by the time the coffee is done brewing, the milk is finished frothing as well. I don't do this during the week unless I'm a zombie. I generally drink coffee on the weekends.


  30. I love that your microwave is so low. I use a wheelchair and have mine on the counter, using precious space. Love this idea of putting it in a cabinet at my level. I'll be saving this idea for our new house. Love the whole breakfast bar idea. Nice.

  31. Love your coffee station! I think I noticed some very unobtrusive cabinet baby-proofing in one photo. I have fully inset cabinets and simply cannot find anything to baby-proof behind the cabinet door. My knob-locks are hideous looking tan plastic. Would you share some stylish and safe baby-proofing ideas? Or just your source for those? A million thanks!

  32. I have an unrelated question…well sort of. How do you like your undercounter microwave? I am liking the idea but really can't seem to convince the hubby. So… what is everyone's take on the undercounter microwave?

  33. Kerri- the "baby proofing" you see in that picture is just a hair rubber band! Very high-tech! 🙂

    Regarding the placement of our microwave- yes, I like it. But it's only that low because I'm so short (5'1) and if it were at cabinet height (where it was originally slated to go, it would've been too high for me). James loves to play with it, but our microwave has a lock function. I've found sunglasses, balls, etc inside when I've forgotten to lock it.

    I've loved hearing about YOUR morning routines. It actually fascinates me!

  34. Anon- My oatmeal is very basic. 1/2 cup of oats, water, cinnamon, raisins and sliced almonds. I microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes, then add some skim milk.

    Or I'll eat Greek yogurt with granola.

  35. I am in love with your breakfast bar! So pretty and organized. I am a Starbucks coffee girl and oatmeal or yogurt with berries every morning. I am kind of a creature of habit. Your kitchen is beautiful Megan.

  36. Hi Megan!! I'm wondering if you have any tips on organizing bathroom stuff? Like facewash, make-up, towels, etc. Thanks! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  37. I have just stopped by your blog, and I am loving what I am reading so far. You have inspired me. In answer to your query I LOVE MY COFFEE!! If I could have an IV of Coffee in my arm I would do it. LOL. I love getting up in the morning smelling the brew of my very own Starbucks coffee, then sitting down and checking out all the latest happenings on my blog reader. Its a wonderful way to wake up.

  38. ooo! I just love this! I usually hate having things cluttered on the counter, but you make it look so good! I love the idea of using the tray, I'm so doing this!

  39. I am a sucker for a good tray!:-) I love this breakfast/coffee bar. I may try to incorporate something like this into one of my client's kitchen. I even pinned it!

    Happy Mother's Day! Our boys are getting so big…

  40. Love this post too! Thank you…I'm going to look for those canisters at Hobby Lobby! I've been trying to find some for our counter! The decals are cute also. And I love coffee in the morning too. Coffee doesn't really do anything for me as far as waking up, but I love the feel of a hot drink to start the morning while I play with my baby!

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